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They think it’s all over… it is now

July 5, 2010


Hola. Hope you are all well. 

Apologies for not posting sooner. I was going to blog before the England/Germany game but I ended up going to London and getting caught up in London ways, including a private members club, a swimming pool and tequila. (read more here

So many things have happened at the World Cup since I last posted, I sincerely hope you’ve not been relying on me to keep you informed. If you have, all you really need to know is that England were knocked out 4-1 by Germany

I’d like to start this post by talking about the news that broke on Friday, that being Fabio Capello will be staying on as England manager despite England’s failings at the World Cup. I’ve heard and read pundits who’ve said that Fabio should have gone, I take a slightly different viewpoint. I not only think that Fabio should have remained as boss, I think he should have asked for a pay rise, maybe putting him on £8m a year. He should have gone into the FA and said, “I underestimated the level of pussies I had to work with, can you sort me out with more money”, or words to this effect. 

Maybe I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek but let’s face it what did people really expect from England at the World Cup? Admittedly it would have been nice if they’d looked as if they’d actually played football before, but we must remember that this bunch of players were the same bunch of players that failed to qualify for the Euros, just 2 years ago. 

There has been some clamour in the media that the way forward is to have an English, England manager. This view has been supported by cheeky chappy cockney manager Harry Redknapp, who also has said that if he was offered the job he would find it hard to turn down. Call me old-fashioned but it does seem like he might have a vested interest in saying this. It’d be like the head of BP saying, “I don’t think oil companies should be responsible for oil spillages, especially ones in the Gulf of Mexico”. 

But unless the mobile phone has properly scrambled my memory hasn’t this group of players (‘the Golden Generation’) worked under an English manager? In fact they’ve worked under all kinds of managers. If you go back to 2000 there was the passionate Englishman, in Kevin Keegan but he was deemed not good enough (by himself) and tactically naive (by everyone else). So in came Sven with his knowledge of European football, but the main criticism of Sven was he’d taken England as far as he could, 3 Quarter Finals. I can’t help wondering if in the near future we will look back on the Sven era as a glorious period in English football, up there with 1966 and 1990. Sven moved on and England were going to get Phil Scolari but he had a change of mind because he felt the British press would be too intrusive. I can’t believe that would have been the case. So then the FA had to choose between Steve McClaren, Alan Curbishley and Sam Allardyce, not what you would describe as rich pickings. In the end Steve McClaren got the nod, but he left after failing to take England to Euro 2008 and was nick-named ‘the wally with the brolly’ by the press. But he’s just won the Dutch league with FC Twente, so maybe just maybe he was as much let down by the players as he let them down. And now we have Fabio Capello, who after this tournament has been lambasted as someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Can this really be true of a man who has won 6 Serie A titles, 2 La ligas and a Champions League? (Harry Redknapp has 1 FA Cup to show for his 27yrs of management, if you’re interested).

It seems to me, the one consistent under all these managers is the players. I’m not Columbo but the evidence suggests they are not good enough. I know no one wants to admit to this but you can’t just ignore the evidence, unless you’re Jeremy Clarkson and the subject is Global Warming

Because England’s displays couldn’t just be due to them not being that good, journalists have reported that there had been factions and splits within the camp. It’s been alleged that John Terry resented the fact Steven Gerrard was captain and not him. If this was true, may I suggest it might have proved more productive if  John Terry had concentrated more on defending, then maybe Germany wouldn’t have scored straight from a goal kick. To be fair we will probably never know what went on in South Africa, well not until one of the players brings out an autobiography. I for one can’t wait to read the Steven Warnock story

Anyway, I didn’t want to end on too much of a downer, so I thought I’d look at the problems of another nation that was at the World Cup, because we all know no matter how bad you’re doing you can always take solace in the misery of others. So let’s look to Nigeria, where their President Goodluck Jonathan has banned their national team from playing International football for 2 years so things can be sorted after their poor showing at the World Cup. Can you imagine our government doing this? If they did, something tells David Cameron would leave the task of telling Fabio Capello, to his ‘deputy’ Nick Clegg

Til next time, stay safe!

Who’d be a manager? Probably Sven

March 31, 2010

diego maradona

Hola. I hope you are well. 

I thought I’d post a new blog a few days after the last one, mainly because the last one ‘It was the curse of times’ had even less football than my usual posts.  Today’s post is dominated by managers, I didn’t set out to theme it that way it’s just the way it worked out. Tis a bit like life. 

The first manager I would like to talk about is, Sven Goran Eriksson, who in the last few days has been named as the new Ivory Coast manager for the World Cup, earning a possible £2m if you believe the papers (I know I do). I reckon Sven is the 2nd luckiest man in football, mainly because he always seems to land on his feet. After England he went onto manage Man City when Thaksin Shinawatra took over the club and looked like he had money to spend. He managed Mexico briefly and then turned up at Notts County, when they suddenly seemed to have bags of money. When that money magically disappeared so did Sven. And now he turns up as manager of Ivory Coast. The only guy in football luckier than Sven is Tord Grip, who despite no one really knowing what he does, turns up where ever Sven does. (except maybe  Ulrika’s bedroom) 

The next manager I’d like to talk about is Tony Mowbray. I’ve got to say I feel a bit sorry for him. Afterall anyone can lose to St Mirren. Ok maybe not everyone can lose 4-0 to St Mirren, especially when you’re Celtic. However 7 months does seem a little soon to be sacked. I wonder if those Celtic fans who wanted Gordon Strachan out, now think they were a little hasty. 

Another manager I have sympathy for is Gianfranco Zola. It wasn’t that long ago that he and Steve Clarke were being tipped as a future Chelsea management team. Now he seems like a dead man walking. Does anyone reading this, think that he will be in the West Ham job after the season ends. I can’t imagine Zola thinks he’ll be in the job after the season ends. For a start co-owner David Sullivan has already come out and publicly blasted his players after they lost 3-0 to Wolves at home. To be fair to David Sullivan he probably had a point, they did lose 3-0 at home to Wolves. It could have been worse, it could have been 4-0 to St Mirren. Zola then retaliated by banning David Sullivan from speaking to the players, which is never a great thing to do to your boss. They’re basically acting like couples who are coming to the end of their relationship and up arguing at social gatherings because they can’t be arsed to keep up the pretence. 

Roy Keane is also under pressure at Ipswich with some rumours saying he’s close to getting sacked. I hope he doesn’t go, I enjoy his press conferences too much. He’s become an unlikely comedy genius. 

If it’s not chairmen and owners threatening managers it’s dogs. It has been reported that Diego Maradona was bit on his lip by his pet dog after he’d bent down to give it a kiss. In the dogs defence, your honour, I’m sure through its eyes, the squat Maradona bearing down on it probably looked like another dog  encroaching on its space. 

There was even a rumour that Martin O’Neill had walked out on Villa, although this proved to be made up by those naughty tweeters, which brings me onto why I don’t bet anymore. On Saturday morning I was thinking  about the Chelsea/Villa game. In my head I thought it would be a close game, maybe even a draw, especially as Villa are draw specialists. So you can imagine my surprise when I come in from a Green Festival to see Chelsea had battered Villa, 7-1. Should you need any tips for this weekend’s games feel free to contact me. 

Til next time, stay safe!