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In solidarity with Frank.

September 11, 2017

I have a fair amount of sympathy for Frank de Boer, not only has he been sacked by Crystal Palace after 4 games, he’s likely to be replaced by Roy Hodgson. No one wants that on their CV.

I don’t know if Frank is married but if he is I hope his wife didn’t give up her job to join him in London or he might have had an awkward conversation earlier today.

In solidarity with Frank, when have you moved country for a job only for it to rapidly unravel? You can contact me via the comments button or @viewfromthetrev

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Are you less racist than Roy Hodgson?

October 24, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

My favourite part of the Roy Hodgson and the ‘feed the monkey’ comment was the aftermath.

Firstly there was a debate as to whether it was racist? Was Roy guilty of racism. Then came the denials, from Roy himself, Andros Townsend and senior England players, such as Wayne Rooney.

Then came ridicule, with people trying to dismiss the idea that directing the phrase, ‘feed the monkey’ towards a black person could in any way be considered offensive.  People started to ask whether they were still allowed to say brass monkey or listen to the Artic Monkeys. Others asked if it was racist when Man City fans used to sing ‘feed the goat’ to Shaun Goater. Should anyone wish to know the answers to these questions, they are, Yes, Yes and as the City fans were referring to his name and not the colour of his skin, this was also ok.

Ridicule was replaced by blame and speculation as to which player was the mole and how leaking the story was the real crime. One player we know wasn’t responsible for the leak was Ashley Cole, mainly because he tweeted it wasn’t him. He even made up his own hashtag #BlameAsh. I have to give respect to any man who makes up their own hashtag.

Roy Hodgson also attempted to calm the situation by saying, “You would have to go a long way to find somebody who is less racist than me”. So with this in mind, are you less racist than Roy Hodgson? You can contact me via the comments button.

For what it’s worth, here are my thoughts, 1) It wasn’t a very good joke, 2) The monkey was actually the intelligent one, and finally 3) If Roy Hodgson works harder on his material he could be the comedy turn at the PFA Awards. I’m sure he’d be less controversial than Reginald D Hunter.

Til next time, stay safe!



Space travel and monkeys

October 17, 2013

Hola, Hope you are well.

I’ve never been in a professional dressing room at half-time but previously I thought it was a 15 min window where the manager and coaching staff can get their tactical wisdom across. Thanks to Roy Hodgson, I now know that this short window of opportunity is best served by telling a long-winded joke about space travel and monkeys.

The punchline, ‘feed the monkeys’ has forced Roy Hodgson to apologise mainly because the point he was making is that the players should keep getting the ball to Andros Townsend as he was causing Poland problems every time he ran at them. In no way do I think Roy Hodgson was making a racist remark or trying to put anyone down due to the colour of their skin, but it’s unfortunate that the person he was referring to in the team is mixed race (with a black dad). And although people might not want to admit it the word ‘monkey’ does have connotations with racism.

Of course context is also important in these scenarios, if Roy Hodgson had been telling this joke, whilst doing monkey actions and throwing bananas at the black players in the squad he may have something to answer.

My advice to Roy, would be to keep his half-time instructions as simple as possible. For everyone concerned, I think it would be best if next time Roy just says, ‘keep getting the ball to Andros’.

Til next time, stay safe!




I applaud you Steve Kean

May 9, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

I have to start by stating my admiration for Steve Kean. Even now after overseeing Blackburn’s relegation he’s still saying he wants to stay on as manager and guide them back up next season. For that level of stubbornness and bloody mindedness I applaud you Steve Kean.

The Blackburn fans’ anger has always been directed towards Steve Kean and Venky’s. With the biggest accusation against the latter is that they don’t know anything about running a football club, nor did they have the finances to make a success of running a Premiership club. So my argument is why aren’t the Blackburn fans not more annoyed at the people who sold their club to the Venky’s, after all they were footballing people.

Now on to the new England manager. When the Liverpool fans sung “Hodgson for England”, I assumed they were being sarcastic but now I’m thinking they might be psychic. I’m not going to go on about Roy Hodgson being the England manager because it would appear everyone involved in football has got there before me, but when your rallying cry on your first day in charge is “Give me a chance”, you probably know you’re facing an uphill battle.

The question now is who is going to take over from Roy Hodgson at West Brom. I think it should be Alex McLeish. In the spirit of fairness he should be allowed to sprinkle his ‘magic’ over as many Midlands clubs as possible. In years to come I would like Midlanders to associate destruction with Alex McLeish. Maybe in the future youngster will be scared into doing chores by parents with the threat that if they don’t this Alex McLeish figure will come and get them and maybe make them watch, dull, defensive, uninspiring football for a season or two.

And Finally… I recently watched a video and thought it was pretty amazing. It’s of a Belgium footballer, Anthony Van Loo, who due to a heart condition plays with a defibrillator built into his heart. In the clip, you see him collapse to the ground after having a cardiac arrest and then as the defibrillator kicks in, you see his body jolt and then soon after he’s sat upright. To view the clip, click here. It’s amazing to see what modern medicine can do.

Til next time, stay safe!

Hodgson for England

January 14, 2011


Hola. Hope you are well. As this is my first post of the year I feel I should wish you all a Happy New Year! Despite it being the 14th of Jan, that’s how on the ball I am.

The last blog post featured a lot of talk about managers and I’m going to continue this theme in this post, as a lot of things have happened to managers since my last post.

Firstly Darren Ferguson got sacked by bottom club in the championship, Preston. His dad Mr Ferguson took exception to this decision by taking back 3 players on loan to Preston from Man Utd. In no way would I suggest Mr Ferguson is petty, as he may stop doing interviews with me, but his actions do look a little like,“It’s my ball, so I’m going to take it home”. Stoke also recalled 2 players, so I don’t know if Mr Ferguson also runs Stoke.

Roy Hodgson finally left Liverpool, if you can say that about a man who was only in the job for 6 months. By the end I did feel a bit sorry for him as he looked like a beaten man. Having said that, the job was quite clearly too big for him and he’d also lost the supporters. A poll a couple of weeks before his departure claimed 90% of Liverpool fans wanted him out, which did make me wonder why the other 10% of Liverpool fans questioned were allowed out in public.

My girlfriend said, people shouldn’t be too hard on Hodgson as he was offered the job and therefore had the right to be in it. She compared it to the situation with Wagner in X-Factor (see pic above) in that he was picked to sing in the Live Finals and got through each week, yet came in for a whole heap of stick.(mainly because he couldn’t sing.

The only thing I would say to counter this argument, is that if Wagner had been manager of Liverpool, I’d like to think he wouldn’t have slagged off some of the players, blamed the fans after disappointing results and I would like to think he wouldn’t have paid nearly £10m for the combined talents of Paul Konchesky and Christian Poulsen.

Another manager under pressure is Carlo Ancelotti after Chelsea’s slump in form. This slump seems to have coincided with Ray Wilkins departure, which has done his reputation no harm, in fact it’s increasing by the second. When Ray was dismissed, I heard one pundit describe Ray’s coaching style as merely Balls, Bibs and Cones (BBC). But now people are talking about Ray as being the missing link Chelsea need between Ancelotti and the players and the one in the dug-out Ancelotti could previously discuss tactics with. Becoming more sought after when doing nothing is a good skill to have, I’ve been looking to obtain it for years. I know Roy is a Chelsea boy through and through and wouldn’t want to see them struggling but I wonder if he’s feeling a little bit of pleasure that this has happened. It’s like when you split up with your partner, although you don’t want them to become a wreck, neither do you want them to go on to bigger and better things. Or maybe that is just me.

And Finally…. I’d like to turn my attention to an incident in the FA cup last weekend, when El Hadji Diouf stood over QPR player Jamie Mackie and told and gestured him to get up, despite Mackie having sustained a double break of the leg. After the game QPR manager Neil Warnock, compared Diouf unfavourably to a sewer rat, which is never a good sign if someone describes you in such a way. Of course it’s not the first time Diouf has been involved in controversy. I think it’s also fair to say he’s quite a unlikeable character. This lead me to think, does anyone actually like El Hadji Diouf. So if you like him, feel free to let me know. You can contact me via the comments button, I expect to be bombarded with comments.

Til next time, stay safe!