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What a season.

April 15, 2019

This season Chelsea fans have been involved in

1) Racist abuse…/chelsea-fans-banned-raheem-st…

2) Anti Semitic chanting…/chelsea-uefa-no-punishment-an…

3) Sexual assault…/police-chelsea-sexual-assault…

4) Islamophobic chanting…/chelsea-fans-barred-bomber-ch…

And there’s still over a month left of the season.


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49 million pounds Sterling

July 19, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

In terms of loyalty, Raheem Sterling makes Michael Owen look like Steven Gerrard. Although a significant difference between Michael Owen (who still divides opinion amongst Liverpool fans) and Raheem Sterling is that Owen contributed to Liverpool winning things, including the two goals that won Liverpool the FA Cup in 2001.

Raheem had his moments but nowhere near enough to be dictating matters to a club the size of Liverpool. The way he and his agent manufactured his departure from Anfield was poor, whether it was the unauthorised interview, the quote about not playing for the club for £900 000 a week, to not turning up for pre-season training due to illness.

There was talk that there had been a breakdown in relationships between Raheem and Brendan Rodgers. I wonder if this breakdown happened before or after the Liverpool manager allowed Raheem to go to Jamaica for 2 weeks, mid-season?

Winning trophies was also given as Sterling’s motivation for moving to Man City. It could be argued that if Sterling really wanted to win medals he should have done something in last season’s FA Cup semi-final against Aston Villa.

What you’ve done at a club and how you leave, normally dictates how you will be received by those supporters, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes before Liverpool fans will be able to say anything positive about Raheem. I’m going to start the bidding at never.

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Til next time, be nice to each other.

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