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Managing Expectation

May 24, 2016

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Could the Premier League manager be the most endangered species on the planet?

Firstly, there’s LVG who despite winning the FA Cup finds himself surplus to requirements at Old Trafford. He is set to be replaced by Jose Mourinho who in turn was sacked by Chelsea in December. Another manager who might feel hard done by is Quique Sanchez Flores, who not only led Watford to a 13th place finish but also to the FA Cup semi final. This was not deemed good enough for the Watford owners, who replaced him with Walter Mazzarri on a 3 year deal (good luck with seeing that out).

In the meantime, Chelsea have had a caretaker manager Guus Hiddink and in April announced Antonio Conte is to be their permanent manager next season. Man City also took this approach of letting everyone know who their next manager would be whilst expecting Pellegrini to continue to do his job as normal.

Near the end of the season, some Arsenal fans staged protests against Arsene Wenger, although this was before they finished in the dizzy heights of second, so maybe all is ok again in Arsenal world. Everton also had a fan protest, which resulted in Roberto Martinez being sacked, although this might have had more to do with their 11th placed finish, than the protests.

Ronald Koeman is one of several managers linked with the Everton job, which makes him a rare breed of Premier League manager, one that is rumoured to be leaving their club to better themselves rather than the being sacked. (although can Southampton to Everton be seen as a step up?)

At Swansea, it looked for a long time that the man brought in to replace Garry Monk, earlier in the season Francesco Guidolin would also lose his job, with Brendan Rodgers looking like he was going to return. However Guidolin recently signed a 2 year contract at the Liberty Stadium, whilst Rodgers has now become Celtic manager on a 1 year rolling contract.

Mauricio Pochettino was another manager putting pen to paper, on a 5 year deal at Spurs. Although prior to signing his contract he was linked with a move to Man Utd. (would that be a step up, sideways or backwards?) Having dinner with Alex Ferguson didn’t do much to diminish those particular rumours.

As if to prepare for life in the Premier League, Middlesbrough‘s manager Aitor Karanka recently walked out on the club after a training ground bust up.

All this leads me to think this would be the perfect time for Claudio Ranieri to leave Leicester before the tide turns.

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It had nothing to do with Fellaini

September 28, 2014

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It would appear that the demise of Manchester United under David Moyes was down to chips or the lack of them.

According to Rio Ferdinand, in his book #2Sides, Moyes stopped the utd players from having healthy chips on a Friday before a game. This annoyed the players so much that when Giggs was appointed as temporary manager the first thing they asked him was, ‘can we have our chips back?’ He reinstated the chips and Utd promptly beat Norwich 4-0 in Giggs’ first game in charge.

Although how much that had to do with the chips and how much was down to the fact that they were playing Norwich at home, is something we may never find out.

Feel free to let me know when your (new) boss introduced a rule and it turned the staff against them. Contact me via the comments button or on twitter @viewfromthetrevor

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Who will finish higher?

August 15, 2014

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I know this is a pointless question and I generally steer clear of predictions because only Russell Grant knows what will happen in the future BUT who will finish higher in the Premier League, Liverpool or Man Utd? (alphabetical order)

It goes without saying that Man Utd had a horrible last season, finishing 7th. However, I think Van Gaal will be good for them. He’s the kind of no-nonsense (some say nutter) manager the players will be used to. Having said that, the manager alone will only make a certain amount of difference and so far their summer signings have included an expensive left back and Herrera to play the No 10 role, when they have a number of players who could play that position.

Liverpool on the other hand over achieved last season finishing 2nd. However they have lost their star man, Suarez and gone about replacing him with anyone with a surname beginning with ‘L’ at Southampton. Liverpool may miss the goals of Suarez but if they decide that defending is part of the game he may not be missed as much as some may think.

So with this in mind (and your own thoughts) who will finish higher this season Liverpool or Man Utd? You can let me know via the comments button or on twitter @viewfromthetrev

Ps. Remember: It’s meant to be a bit of fun

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Has London made me soft?

April 24, 2014

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New Man Utd managers are like London Buses, you wait ages for one and then 2 come along in short succession.

I’m not a Man Utd fan, nor am I an apologist for David Moyes but by the end of his time at Old Trafford I felt sorry for him. Maybe I’ve gone soft after living in London for the last few years, or perhaps I’ve learnt I don’t like watching a man out of his depth.

Moyes appeared to be living a classic anxiety dream, where nothing he did, changed his situation for the better, not even signing Marouane Fellaini.

Even things out of his control went against him, mainly Everton playing free-flowing football and challenging for a top four finish in his absence.

With Ryan Giggs coming in as an interim manager, there are some football romantics who would like to see him get the job full-time. I would counter this by suggesting that the one thing Man Utd don’t need in the situation they find themselves is a novice manager.

The madness of the Premier League does however mean that Giggs’s first game as a manager vs Norwich puts him up against a manager with a mighty 2 games of experience.

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Ball boys and banners

April 8, 2014

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I’m not here to say if the Man Utd fans who organised the plane protest against David Moyes were right or wrong, although if my work wasn’t up to scratch I wouldn’t would my boss to fly a banner above me saying as much.

Apparently the plane cost the fans £850 to hire, which was less than I expected. It’s still a sizeable amount, in fact it’s how much my rent is a month. This got me thinking, maybe I could hire a plane, fly it over the area my landlady lives, with a banner saying ‘I can’t pay this months rent as I’m a little skint’. I’ll let you know how it goes. Feel free to let me know if you’ve ever put a message on one of these planes. You can contact me via the comments button or on Twitter @viewfromthetrev.

Talking of price, it was announced that England’s replica World Cup shirt will cost £90, which does seem a little steep for a shirt we will only see 3, possibly 4 times this summer.

In January 2013, I went to New York for a few days, whilst I was out there Eden Hazard kicked a Swansea ball boy. The next time I left the country was a couple of weeks ago and whilst away Mourinho had a run in with a Crystal Palace ball boy. So for all the ball boys reading this, I’m next out of the country in July so it may be best to avoid anyone associated with Chelsea.

And finally… West Brom sacked Nicolas Anelka for a gesture, so it will be interesting to see how they handle the supposed punch on Berahino by a fellow player.

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Wayne Rooney

February 25, 2014

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I’m not one to say footballers shouldn’t earn vast amounts of money but I do think it’s a shame that Wayne Rooney is the first Premier league player to reach a wage of £300 000 a week.

I  say it’s a shame because this a player that twice wanted to leave Man Utd. Also whilst at the club he’s twice been eclipsed by a team-mate, Ronaldo and RVP in his first season.

On current standing Rooney’s not the best striker in the Northwest, with Suarez ahead of him, nor is he the best striker in Manchester, with City having Aguero.

Internationally, he’s not done it in a major tournament since he burst on the scene at Euro 2004.

I’m not saying he’s not a good player, I just don’t think he should be the poster boy for £300 000 a week footballers.

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Jobs for the Moyes

January 5, 2014

Hola. Hope you are well.

You didn’t have to be a genius to think that David Moyes would struggle after taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson, which can be proven by some of things I said about the appointment in a blog post back in May 2013.

Below are extracts from the blog post in May 2013, titled My Tribute to Sir Alex

I think the biggest honour Man Utd could have bestowed upon him (Alex Ferguson), would have been to retire the position of manager. Although some (not me of course) may suggest appointing David Moyes as his successor goes some way towards this.

It appears from the outside that Moyes got the job because “He’s cut from the same cloth”, which basically means he’s Glaswegian.

The appointment of Moyes does seem slightly odd, especially when you consider the Wigan manager has won more major trophies than the new Man Utd manager. It’s also odd in light of the fact, that Alex Ferguson knew he was leaving at Christmas, a time when Pep Guardiola was still on the market. To many Pep would have been closer to the calibre of manager expected to walk through the doors at Old Trafford. By appointing David Moyes, it’s almost as if the Glazers have gone for a cheaper option, one that is used to working within the confines of a budget. I’m sure this wouldn’t have crossed the minds of the Glazers.

I’m sure if Moyes were a foreign manager, who’d won no major trophies and had no pedigree in Europe, the press would have ridiculed his appointment, but for some reason, these minor details have been pretty much ignored.

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To absent friends

October 6, 2013

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Does anyone think that Sir Alex Ferguson is in some small way secretly happy about Man Utd’s poor start to the season. He left them as champions and now they’ve already lost 3 league games including a home defeat by West Brom.

If the period after his departure had gone smoothly and Utd continued to brush teams aside, it may have somewhat diminished Fergie’s achievements as people could use it as evidence that any top manager and David Moyes could do what he did with the players and resources at his disposal. But now due to their early season struggles it makes Fergie look even more brilliant.

I’m not saying Alex Ferguson doesn’t want Utd to have success but no one wants to think their contribution is negligible, so with this in mind, when did your absence go unnoticed? It could be in a sporting situation or at work, or life in general. Let me know via the comments button.

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Standing up for Ashley Young

September 22, 2013

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My last blog post was all about Man Utd as is this one (not that I’m obsessed by them).

Firstly, if the Man Utd commercial department have anything about them, they will have replicas of the Rooney headband in the club shop by their next home game. If they do them in the club colours and emblazon them with the club crest, they will make the £4m extra they paid for Fellaini in no time.

I’d also like to stick up for Ashley Young. The way he is able to deliberately make his foot collide with opposition defenders whilst running at speed in order to win penalties is pretty impressive. This isn’t something that you do instinctively, this is something you can only achieve by putting in the hours on the training ground.

Yet pundits, journalists and his own manager have been critical of him but what they are failing to say is how much joy you get from winning a penalty when it wasn’t. It’s a double whammy. Two of my favourite football moments as a player have come from winning penalties, once against a dirty side and once playing against my mate (Prong2 from the radio show I do). In my defence of the latter penalty he did dive in and didn’t get the ball. The fact he didn’t make contact with me either was incidental.

I’m currently offering an amnesty for anyone out there who would like to admit they’ve enjoyed it when they’ve got away with a piece of ‘sportsmanship’ (cheating). Feel free to contact me via the comments button, I won’t judge you, honest.

Til next time, stay safe!



Act now, pay in January

September 12, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

A lot has been made of the lack of transfer activity at Man Utd during the summer (remember the summer). With Alex Ferguson and David Gill having left the club Damien Comolli believes they should employ a director of football. He’s probably too modest to throw his own hat into the ring but should anyone high up at Man Utd be reading this, I can fully endorse a move for him. If they move quickly, they could have Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing in their squad in January for a mere £50m plus .

With me not being there I don’t know what went on with the Herrera deal, but one story is that 3 imposters went to Athletic Bilbao and negotiated a fee but with no actual authority they couldn’t secure the deal. This of course could be nonsense but if it is anywhere near the truth then I can only salute these 3 people. Feel free to let me know of any football blags you’ve been involved in. You can contact me via the comments button.

And Finally… Some good news for Man Utd as Nani has signed a new 5 yr contract. 5 yrs does seem somewhat extravagant especially as it looked like he was heading out of the club. I wonder if he will have 2 good games back to back over the period of his contract?

Til next time, stay safe!