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Why Roy Hodgson should be sacked

May 17, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

So has anything happened since I last blogged??? Only Kenny Dalglish being sacked by Liverpool, Roy Hodgson announcing his Euro 2012 squad and Man City winning the league in the most dramatic of circumstances.

Let’s start with Kenny’s departure from Liverpool. In hindsight the writing was probably on the wall as it’s not a good sign for a manager when they get summoned by their bosses, like a naughty school boy, in order to explain why they finished 8th in the league. To me Kenny is still a legend, he answered the call when the club needed him and won a trophy in the process. Liverpool are now in a novel position of currently having no Manager, no Director of Football, no Chief Executive and no Director of Communications (Head of PR to you and me). But one thing the sacking did mean is that Kenny Dalglish once again overshadowed Roy Hodgson.

Which brings me on to England’s Euro 2012 squad. To me the squad is a mixture of players who have consistently not performed in major tournaments (the Golden Generation) or players who in the past were deemed not good enough to go to World Cups and Euros, Parker and Defoe, for example. The fact that there was talk of Paul Scholes, a man who started the season retired, being in the squad shows exactly where England are.

As well as the 23 players picked to go to the Euros Hodgson also picked 5 back up players including Jordan Henderson for this act alone the FA should terminate his contract. And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse in terms of England, Gary Neville was brought into the coaching set up. At least this will mean he won’t be on Sky as a pundit, you might think, but oh no, he’s being allowed to do the two roles. Isn’t there a conflict of interest? After all he’s going to be commenting on players in and around the England squad. Do the FA not remember the Capello Index?

And Finally… on to the game that saw Man City clinch the league title. I had the pleasure of watching the game behind some idiot Everton fans, who during the game were singing for QPR, cheered and chanted Joey Barton’s name after he was sent off, shouted “go home” when Mancini came on the screen. And then after all that, when Aguero scored the winner, they cheered along with the rest of the pub. How odd!

One question that did cross my mind after Aguero scored and then swung his shirt above his head, was whether the ref booked him for removing his shirt. I can’t help thinking it would have been pretty funny, if after all the drama, emotion, and the celebrations, the ref had taken Aguero to one side and yellow carded him.

Til next time, stay safe!

Love me for a reason

March 2, 2011

Hola. Hope you are well.

I think I will start this blog post by looking back at Sunday’s Carling Cup Final and poor old Arsenal. Don’t get me wrong I quite like Arsenal but they are increasingly becoming more and more like the kid in school who does brilliant course work but complains because they can’t perform in exams. Having said that, Birmingham’s winning goal was funny.

I was going to say the most bizarre story in football since my last blog post was the fact Kenny Dalglish and Andy Carroll turned up at a Boyzone concert. I’m not sure out of the two of them who I’m more surprised to learn was at a Boyzone concert. Apparently Kenny is a friend of Ronan Keating as they are golf buddies. That’s Kenny Dalglish a legend and Ronan Keating, who isn’t. Under normal circumstances these two would never meet, this fact alone must give kudos to those would like to ban golf.

As I mentioned, the above story was going to be the most bizarre story until I learnt Ashley Cole had shot a work experience student at Chelsea’s training ground. That is a sentence I genuinely never thought I’d be writing. Often I try to defend footballers but on this one I’m struggling. For starters, what idiot thinks it is ok to take a gun into their place of work? Even if you were a soldier, you wouldn’t be bringing your gun from home. Unless Chelsea have introduced a ‘bring your gun to work day’ then Ashley Cole hasn’t got a leg to stand on, which is ironic as this was almost the case for the student.

What I don’t understand about the incident, is that in a small area that contained many highly paid footballers, including John Terry, how come fate decreed it would be the lad who isn’t getting paid to be there that would get shot.

And Finally…I happened to be listening to a report on the radio about the dire financial plight of Plymouth Argyle, when it mentioned Peter Risdale is their financial adviser. I thought surely not the same Peter Risdale who was involved when Leeds Utd crumbled financially, or the same Peter Risdale who was involved with Cardiff City when they faced closure due to money owed to HMRC, but it was the very same Peter Risdale. His ability to continue getting work with football clubs despite his previous failings is unbelievable. It’s on a par with Kerry Katona’s ability to get people to go out with her despite her being Kerry Katona.

Til next time, stay safe!