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Why modern managers should suck it up

August 31, 2015

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Every year, about this time, you get the Premier League managers complaining that the transfer window is still open. Apparently, it should close when our season starts, even though Leagues around Europe/the world start at different times.

It’s said that the window can disrupt a squad as the manager may lose a player that he’s started the season with. Despite the complaining, these same managers seem happy enough to buy players for their clubs. It appears they only have a problem with the transfer window, if their star player is linked with a move away.

I’m old enough to remember when transfers went on til around Easter, so maybe these modern managers should just suck it up.

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Sepp down transformer

June 3, 2015

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I have to admit that I’ve got some sympathy for Sepp Blatter.  I know this isn’t a popular view, certainly not here in England.

Firstly, Sepp hasn’t been found guilty of any wrongdoing.

Secondly, the way Sepp is portrayed in this country, isn’t one that is held universally. Some Federations see FIFA and Sepp as a force for good, due to them funding grassroots football in their countries. I wonder if the new, transformed FIFA will have these nations interests at the core of their manifesto?

One of the main arguments against Sepp is that if wrongdoing has taken place within FIFA, then Sepp as President for the last 17 years is in someway culpable by virtue of being at the head of the organisation. Although I’m sure we’ve seen in the worlds of finance, newspapers and the police, that when adverse things happen, those right at the top don’t always go.

Once people were calling for FIFA’s sponsors to withdraw/threaten to withdraw their support Sepp should have known the writing was on the wall because when multi billion dollar global corporations are being put up as moral guardians, you’re screwed.

Whilst the corruption allegations drew all the headlines during last week’s FIFA delegation, what Sepp and the organisation should have been hammered for is the 1200 workers who’ve died building the stadiums for the Qatar World Cup. Unless we’re a society that prioritises money ahead of human life.

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Do I not like this

May 24, 2015

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I was interested by the reaction to a claim in a new book, Pitch Black, that as England manager Graham Taylor was told not to pick too many black players by two high-ranking FA members.

The initial response, probably naturally was to defend Graham Taylor, although I don’t think anyone was accusing him of instigating such a conversation, or acting upon it.

It was also pointed out that Graham Taylor was a manager with a record of playing black players for both club and country. In some ways this may support the claim, because if he were a manager who never played black players, a conversation wouldn’t need to be had.

For his part, Graham Taylor doesn’t remember having such a conversation, with any FA members.

Who knows what was said or wasn’t said, is it important? Graham Taylor was manager of England between 1990 -93, that’s over 20 years ago. We’re now in more enlightened times as a society, as football fans and within football administration, but I wonder if everyone would be sitting comfortably if the next England team contained no white players?

Having said all this, maybe someone within the England set up should have imposed a quota on how many Carlton Palmers, Graham was allowed to pick.

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A Strauss related problem

May 14, 2015

Hola. Hope all is well.

I think Andrew Strauss and the ECB should be embarrassed that the best excuse they could come up with to effectively end Kevin Pietersen‘s England career, was “trust issues”.

Trust issues are why marriages breakdown, not how you retire a player. If Kevin Pietersen were an athlete and he’d been caught taking performance enhancing drugs, after he’d served his ban he’d be able to resume his career. It would therefore appear Pietersen’s getting treated harsher than a drugs cheat.

What does it say about Andrew Strauss, brought into a managerial position and the first situation he has to manage (Kevin Pietersen), his solution was to manage it by not managing it. Alex Stewart for one, seems to be able to manage Pietersen, so why not Strauss?

What does it say about the standing of the incoming ECB chairman, Colin Graves who from what we are to be believed told Pietersen to find a county team and make runs. He subsequently signed for Surrey and just this week scored 355 Not Out. Does Andrew Strauss’ decision undermine Colin Graves? It also begs the question that if 335 runs were not enough for the selectors, how many runs would Pietersen have had to score before he couldn’t have been ignored, 400? 500? 750? 1000?

I think the oddest thing to come out from this situation is that after talking about a lack of trust, Strauss then went on to offer Pietersen a consultancy role for the One Day team. Bonkers! To go back to the relationship analogy at the top of the blog, it’s like splitting up with someone and then saying, ‘we can still be friends’.

And finally, away from Kevin Pietersen and towards Peter Moores, who lost the England head coach role for the second time, which is impressive in a non impressive way. This made me wonder, has anyone in the real world lost the same job twice? If that’s you, feel free to contact me via the comments button or on twitter @viewfromthetrev

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Are you an ostrich?

May 7, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

During the election campaign (remember that) David Cameron appeared to forget that he supports Aston Villa, seeming to suddenly favour West Ham (watch here). Aswell as being a bit cringe, it did make me wonder, and this is a long shot, if you’ve ever forgotten which football club you support. Let me know via the comments button or @viewfromthetrev

Another leader in the news was Nigel Pearson. I’ve got to admit that I quite like him. I like his intensity allied to that air of menace. I imagine if you ever met him, you wouldn’t know if he was about to kiss you or headbutt you (in reality probably neither).

Which other manager would ask a local journalist if they are ‘an ostrich’ and then follow that up by questioning that journalist’s suppleness to actually stick their head in the sand. Having said that I think “Are you an Ostrich?” would be a good opening question if you were on a first date. I’m not sure if there’d be any further dates but it would break the ice.

After apologising to the journalist, in his next press conference, it looked as if Pearson had sorted the situation. This was until the BBC’s Midlands Sports correspondent Pat Murphy got involved. He seemed to be playing a game of how many questions can I ask before Nigel Pearson’s head explodes (watch here).

To be fair to Pearson, he did everything within his powers not to react and for that he should be praised, and if nothing else it was more compelling a clash than Mayweather v Pacquiao.

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Would you do this at home?

April 11, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

A campaign by Women In Football, ‘Shame On The Game’ was set up last month to help tackle sexist abuse in football. I watched a report about this on the BBC, where they flagged up sexist abuse the Chelsea doctor, Dr Eva Carneiro received when she entered the field to attend to an injured player. The BBC said the footage was too explicit to broadcast, which instantly made me go and find the clip.

Having watched it, I’m pretty sure the man shouting the abuse didn’t really want to see the doctor’s most intimate of parts but was probably trying to seek the approval of the people around him, even if he was old enough to know better. It did make me wonder how this man (or others who shout such abuse) would react if his own doctor was a woman. Would he walk into her office and start chanting for her to remove her clothes?

You may say people act differently in a crowd but if someone collapsed in the street and people gathered, on the arrival of a female paramedic you wouldn’t expect anyone to be chanting sexist nonsense. If you’re not going to do this in the above examples, then don’t do it at a football game because you think you are protected by the anonymity of a crowd.

Whilst we’re at it, if you were at work and the lift was fairly crowded and a black colleague wanted to get in you probably wouldn’t push him out and then sing songs about how racist you are.

As a football fan, I don’t like it when people try to lump us all in with bad behaviour. I appreciate that the vast majority of football fans don’t behave in this way but there is enough for it to be an issue. It’s therefore no surprise in this climate that footballers are reluctant to come out as gay. If people are being abused because of their gender and skin colour, two things they can’t hide it’s not too shocking that players are reluctant to disclose they are homosexual.

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Is 3 too young to be a jinx?

February 1, 2015

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Some people think the FA Cup has lost some of its magic. I’m not sure doing the draw part way through The One Show will reverse this perception. It did however make me wonder which other programmes the BBC could do the draw in. Maybe EastEnders, or University Challenge. Feel free to let me know of your suggestions, via the Comments button or on Twitter @viewfromthetrev

My other halve’s dad, a Man City fan and season ticket holder has started taking his 3 year old daughter to the games. So far she’s seen City draw 3-3 with Burnley and lose 2-0 to Arsenal. I’m starting to think she may be a jinx. Is 3 years of age too early to tell someone they can’t go to the football because they bring bad luck?

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Why would Alan Pardew leave Newcastle?

January 10, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve heard pundits, journalists, experts asking why Alan Pardew would want to leave Newcastle. Do these people not remember that a couple of months ago a sizeable number of Newcastle fans made it clear that they wanted him gone. If we’re being honest he wasn’t that popular with the Geordies before then either. He was also the Premier League’s lowest paid manager (basic pay) whilst at Newcastle. Having said that, with Mike Ashley as your boss Pardew was lucky he wasn’t on a zero hour contract, just ask the employees at Sports Direct.

Talking of managers, it’s interesting how quickly fortunes change. Last season, Roberto Martinez was seen as a genius, bringing a brand of football to Everton that David Moyes could only dream of. This opinion was renforced  with Moyes struggling at Man Utd. At the time  of writing Martinez can’t buy a win (illegal) and people are questioning his credentials, whilst Moyes’ Real Sociedad just beat Barcelona.

And Finally…. This season there were FA Cup 3rd Round games on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I can’t help thinking that if the FA were braver they would put a tie on everyday until the Final itself.

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You Keane on knockin but you can’t come in

December 30, 2014

Hola. Hope you are well.

One of my favourite football stories of recent times was that of Roy Keane being seen outside Tom Cleverley’s house, ringing the doorbell for 15 mins before leaving without having spoken to Cleverley.

According to reports it was because Keane was angry about leaks to the media about supposed bust ups at Villa whilst Keane was assistant manager at the club.

I don’t know if Tom was at home when Keane was ringing his doorbell but even if I knew Roy Keane was coming to my house I’d pretend to be out. I quite like Roy Keane but if I ever had to meet him I think I would do it in a very public place.

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Ich bin ein Berliner

December 16, 2014

Hallo. Hoffen, dass Sie gut sind.

I happened to go to a Union Berlin game, a couple of weeks ago, it was a birthday present.

During the game in which Berlin lost 4-1 to Munich 1860, there was a tannoy announcement that a young boy was separated from his uncle. This announcement took place when Munich were 2-0 up, which made me wonder if at some point the uncle had to send a text to the parents saying, “We’re losing 2-0 and I seemed to have lost your son”.

I’ve not followed this story up and hope it ended with them being reunited, or I will look sick for bringing it up.

Anyway feel free to let me know if you’ve lost something that didn’t belong to you and how did the owners take it?

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Til next time, stay safe!

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