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Club vs Country

July 31, 2017

Congrats to England’s women who’ve got through to the semi-final of the Euros. If however someone could guarantee that they win the whole tournament but your club side would lose their opening 2 games of this upcoming season, would you take the deal?

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No offence to Take Me Out

June 2, 2017

I have a bone to pick with the FA.

If the FA Cup final had kicked off at 3pm I would have been able to watch it in peace as the other half and child had gone out for the day.

However with the kick off being 5:30pm, I ended up having to watch whilst making the baby’s dinner, feeding him, getting him out of his clothes for a bath and putting him to bed. This is not an ideal way to watch football.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the FA Cup final should ever have to compete for viewers with Take Me Out (no offence to Take Me Out).


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It’s Crystal clear (sort of)

February 16, 2017

I’m not a Crystal Palace fan.

I only mention this because a colleague is convinced I am, even though in the past I have pointed out I am not.

I now think I’ve gone past the point of no return. I even feel under pressure to know what is going on at Palace for when we talk football.

Like most things in my life, I’ve probably only got myself to blame. A while back, I read Simon Jordan‘s book, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ and mentioned this to my colleague who is a Palace fan. Naturally, my colleague assumed that the only people who would be interested in this book would be Palace fans and has stood by this view despite my efforts.

Ps. My immediate boss thinks I’m a Man City fan. I’m not. It’s comforting to know I’ve made such an impression at work.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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Jermaine on the big screen

April 1, 2016

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve always thought it’s hard to replicate the drama of sport on the big screen but this hasn’t stopped a number of football films supposedly in production.

These include a documentary about Steven Gerrard by Asif Kapadia, whose previous subjects include Amy Winehouse and Ayrton Senna who ******SPOILER ALERT****** are no longer with us. I hope Steven is looking after himself in LA.

There’s also talk of a film being made about Jamie Vardy. He’s obviously had a great season but is this enough to be turned into a film? Apparently so. Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing who will be cast to play the Oriental man he abused in the casino. The way Hollywood works, it’ll probably be a white guy.

And Finally… and this might be the hardest one to believe but it looks like there is going to be a film about Jermaine Pennant. I’m not questioning the film maker’s marketing team but is there really a clamour to see this film?

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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Rooney or lineker

June 22, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

After what was described as a positive meeting between the Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers and the owners, first team coach Mike Marsh was released assistant manager Colin Pascoe was sacked, whilst Rodgers remained. The latter decision must have been difficult for Rodgers who’d worked with Pascoe since their Swansea days and their families were interlinked with Brendan’s daughter going out with Colin’s son. I don’t know if they are still together but if so that will make for awkward family gatherings. Now I’m not saying this happened but when have you sacrificed a friend to save yourself? You can let me know via the comments button or on twitter @viewfromthetrev

In other news, Sol Campbell wants to be the Mayor of London and why wouldn’t he? I’m sure playing football most of your adult life is the perfect apprenticeship to running one of the world’s major cities. With this in mind, which ex footballer would you like to see running a major city? It also made me wonder how many Spurs fans would vote for Sol as mayor.

Jack Grealish was pictured enjoying himself on his downtime. If it was down to me Jack would have got away with this behaviour because despite being a football fan, I don’t think I’d recognise Jack Grealish if he were upright, nevermind lying flat on his back.

The Jessica Ennis-Hill stand at Sheffield Utd is being re-named the Redbrik Estate Agency. Naturally, we can’t stand in the way of commercial interests, so if Jessica is such a big fan of Sheffield Utd she should change her name to Redbrik Estate Agency Ennis-Hill.

And Finally… With Wayne Rooney and Gary Lineker now level on England goals scored, it begs the question, Rooney or Lineker?

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Are you an ostrich?

May 7, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

During the election campaign (remember that) David Cameron appeared to forget that he supports Aston Villa, seeming to suddenly favour West Ham (watch here). Aswell as being a bit cringe, it did make me wonder, and this is a long shot, if you’ve ever forgotten which football club you support. Let me know via the comments button or @viewfromthetrev

Another leader in the news was Nigel Pearson. I’ve got to admit that I quite like him. I like his intensity allied to that air of menace. I imagine if you ever met him, you wouldn’t know if he was about to kiss you or headbutt you (in reality probably neither).

Which other manager would ask a local journalist if they are ‘an ostrich’ and then follow that up by questioning that journalist’s suppleness to actually stick their head in the sand. Having said that I think “Are you an Ostrich?” would be a good opening question if you were on a first date. I’m not sure if there’d be any further dates but it would break the ice.

After apologising to the journalist, in his next press conference, it looked as if Pearson had sorted the situation. This was until the BBC’s Midlands Sports correspondent Pat Murphy got involved. He seemed to be playing a game of how many questions can I ask before Nigel Pearson’s head explodes (watch here).

To be fair to Pearson, he did everything within his powers not to react and for that he should be praised, and if nothing else it was more compelling a clash than Mayweather v Pacquiao.

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Bone picking with Simon Mignolet

March 9, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

I have a bone to pick with Simon Mignolet, a small one but nonetheless a bone.

Around Valentine’s day, Simon did an interview putting his return to form down to his fiancée after she pointed out he may have been ‘overthinking things’.

Admittedly it’s quite sweet that despite Liverpool employing a manager, many coaches, a goalkeeping coach and a sports psychologist, he puts his good form down to his missus.

What I don’t like is that he has given the green light to every partner to interfere in our jobs, pointing out areas we can improve. So for that Simon, thanks a lot.

Feel free to let me know when your other half involved themselves in your work and what was the outcome. The more negative the better. You can contact me via the Comments Button or on twitter @viewfromthetrev

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Where has the ‘Happy One’ gone?

February 28, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

I think it’s good that Premier League managers have realised they have to contribute to the entertainment of the ‘product’ especially when the TV companies have fought to throw even more money at it.

Firstly, we had Louis Van Gaal handing out sheets of stats to journalists so they could pass them on to Sam Allardyce. I think it’s cute that LVG sees journalists as some kind of personal courier service. I also liked the fact that he referred to Sam Allardyce as Big Sam.

Not to be out done, Big Sam claimed to be the most sophisticated manager left in the Premier League, when any picture of him would clearly show he’s not. It’s the kind of quote that may get repeated back to Sam, when things start to slide at West Ham but good on Big Sam for doing his own PR. It’s the way to get ahead in a crowded job market and he may need such job search strategies come the summer.

Someone who is arguably the master of self promotion is Jose Mourinho. He’d previously stopped talking to the press after the Costa stamp(s) incident(s) but last Sunday went on Goals on Sunday and spoke, almost uninterrupted for 27 mins. That takes some doing. I reckon for Mourinho, it was a bit like after an exam, when you’re giddy and can’t stop chatting because for the previous 2hrs you’ve been prevented from speaking. It’s why diets don’t work, because if you deprive yourself of say cake, all you want to do is eat cake and the next time you do eat cake, you’ll gorge on it.

This episode with Mourinho does make me question his state of mind. As I write this, Chelsea are top of the Premier League, in the final of the Capital One Cup and still in the Champions League, yet Mourinho doesn’t seem happy. When he first came back to Chelsea, he said we could call him the ‘Happy One’. Where has that Mourinho gone? Where is the happy Mourinho?

If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know via the comments button or on twitter @viewfromthetrev

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Is 3 too young to be a jinx?

February 1, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

Some people think the FA Cup has lost some of its magic. I’m not sure doing the draw part way through The One Show will reverse this perception. It did however make me wonder which other programmes the BBC could do the draw in. Maybe EastEnders, or University Challenge. Feel free to let me know of your suggestions, via the Comments button or on Twitter @viewfromthetrev

My other halve’s dad, a Man City fan and season ticket holder has started taking his 3 year old daughter to the games. So far she’s seen City draw 3-3 with Burnley and lose 2-0 to Arsenal. I’m starting to think she may be a jinx. Is 3 years of age too early to tell someone they can’t go to the football because they bring bad luck?

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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You Keane on knockin but you can’t come in

December 30, 2014

Hola. Hope you are well.

One of my favourite football stories of recent times was that of Roy Keane being seen outside Tom Cleverley’s house, ringing the doorbell for 15 mins before leaving without having spoken to Cleverley.

According to reports it was because Keane was angry about leaks to the media about supposed bust ups at Villa whilst Keane was assistant manager at the club.

I don’t know if Tom was at home when Keane was ringing his doorbell but even if I knew Roy Keane was coming to my house I’d pretend to be out. I quite like Roy Keane but if I ever had to meet him I think I would do it in a very public place.

Til next time, stay safe!


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