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Any other neutrals supporting man city?

May 17, 2019

I have a friend who’s a crystal palace fan. He said he’s going to support man city in the FA Cup final. One of his reasons is because Harry the Hornet (the watford mascot) once mimicked Wilfried Zaha diving. It strikes me as an out there reason. It also strikes me that there won’t be many other neutrals who’ll be supporting city, are you one?


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Is 3 too young to be a jinx?

February 1, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

Some people think the FA Cup has lost some of its magic. I’m not sure doing the draw part way through The One Show will reverse this perception. It did however make me wonder which other programmes the BBC could do the draw in. Maybe EastEnders, or University Challenge. Feel free to let me know of your suggestions, via the Comments button or on Twitter @viewfromthetrev

My other halve’s dad, a Man City fan and season ticket holder has started taking his 3 year old daughter to the games. So far she’s seen City draw 3-3 with Burnley and lose 2-0 to Arsenal. I’m starting to think she may be a jinx. Is 3 years of age too early to tell someone they can’t go to the football because they bring bad luck?

Til next time, be nice to each other.

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Football’s coming homophobic?

February 17, 2010

anyone like this man?

Hola. I hope you are all well.

It’s probably not the best admission for someone writing a football blog but I have missed a lot of football games recently. I didn’t watch the AC Milan vs Man Utd game, instead I stayed in and watched the Brits and had pancakes. I’d probably say the pancakes were better than the Brits. I also missed all the TV FA Cup games. Partly because they seemed to be on at random times. It was if someone pulled the ties out of one hat, the day the ties were to be played from another hat and the time they would be played from a third hat. It also didn’t help that the ties also fell on Valentine’s weekend. I know people talk about the romance of the cup, but Man City vs Stoke is no aphrodisiac. Even John Terry couldn’t be bothered to stick around for the FA cup so why should I? Not that I follow everything John Terry does.

There’s also been talk of having a play-off to see who should claim the fourth Champion League spot. If the authorities think they can tinker with the status quo, then I have a suggestion. That’s why I’m proposing Tottenham should not be allowe to enter the Champions League even if they finish in fourth spot at the end of this season. My reasoning being, no side that’s been beaten home and away by Wolves should be allowed to play in Europe’s top competition.

The question of whether football is homophobic cropped up last week, when a FA campaign to fight homophobia was scrapped before it started. I don’t think football is homophobic and I certainly hope it isn’t, I just think it’s a strange industry. It’s an industry where Greame Le Saux was viewed with suspicion because he read the Guardian. It’s also the only high profile industry that doesn’t employ an asian person at an high level. Even the police have black and asian members (albeit the highest ranking police officer did get sent to jail last week). But football isn’t homophobic and I can prove it, because after a goal has been scored, especially an important one, the players and the fans are openly hugging and kissing each other. And that is well gay.

And Finally… Isn’t Ashley Cole a wazzock and I choose those words carefully. Does anyone like Ashley Cole? Not think he’s a good player but actually like him. Don’t get me wrong I’m not overly fussed what he gets upto in his private life, it’s just the way he tries to wriggle out of it. For example, why does someone who earns around £100 000 a week need a pay-as-you-go phone? But then this is a guy who by his own admission said he almost crashed his car when Arsenal offered him £55 000 a week and not £60 000. He was also the guy who threatened to sue Google, who seriously takes on Google, except China. I maybe wrong (it has been known) so if you genuinely like Ashley Cole, feel free to let us know. Cheers

Til Next Time, Stay Safe!