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Any other neutrals supporting man city?

May 17, 2019

I have a friend who’s a crystal palace fan. He said he’s going to support man city in the FA Cup final. One of his reasons is because Harry the Hornet (the watford mascot) once mimicked Wilfried Zaha diving. It strikes me as an out there reason. It also strikes me that there won’t be many other neutrals who’ll be supporting city, are you one?


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No offence to Take Me Out

June 2, 2017

I have a bone to pick with the FA.

If the FA Cup final had kicked off at 3pm I would have been able to watch it in peace as the other half and child had gone out for the day.

However with the kick off being 5:30pm, I ended up having to watch whilst making the baby’s dinner, feeding him, getting him out of his clothes for a bath and putting him to bed. This is not an ideal way to watch football.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the FA Cup final should ever have to compete for viewers with Take Me Out (no offence to Take Me Out).


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Back to the Future

May 21, 2010

paul ince

Hola. I hope you are all well. 

So much seems to have happened since the last time I posted, so I’ll just run through some of the things that caught my eye. 

Firstly, the inevitable happened at West Ham, Gianfranco Zola got the sack as manager. He took it with his usual good grace. It does appear that Zola is universally liked. If anyone wants to oppose this view and wants to slag him off, feel free to via the comments box. At the time of writing West Ham have yet to announce a new manager (although the world and its wife knows it’s going to be Avram Grant). What I would do if I was advising Paul Ince, is to tell him to go to Upton Park and pose with a West Ham shirt, prior to a new manager being appointed. I’m sure the West Ham fans would get the irony and laugh about it for years to come. 

Also since my last post, Fabio Capello announced his 30 man England squad. Jamie Carragher is back in the fold, having retired from International football in 2007. I wonder what persuaded him to come out of his self-imposed retirement, just before the World Cup. Paul Scholes on the other hand decided he’d stay retired despite being asked to come back. Instead he’ll be training children in America. I’ve got to be honest, I respect that kind of stubbornness, but on the downside, expect to see in a couple of years, American players, who can shoot, pass and score goals but are p*ss poor at tackling. At the time of writing there is no rumour that Capello tried to talk Bobby Charlton out of retirement. 

There was however strong speculation that Owen Hargreaves was going to be in the 30 man squad, that was until Mr Ferguson had a word with Fabio Capello, to put him right. I’m not surprised Mr Ferguson had a word. I’ve played as much Premiership football as Owen Hargreaves in the last year. (dunno if this is factually correct, I couldn’t be bothered to check Owen Hargreaves’ appearance record) 

Chelsea went on to complete the double, beating Portsmouth in the FA Cup Final. Like most right-minded people I was supporting Portsmouth, but if your two best players are ‘Cross Bar’ and ‘Post’ you’re probably going to struggle to win. 

Lord Triesman had to step down from his role at the FA, after he was recorded saying controversial things during a conversation with someone he believed to be a friend. I’ve got some sympathy for him, because if someone recorded some of the conversations I have with my friends, not only would I have to step down from the FA, I’d probably be facing legal action. That is why if I meet up with friends I insist that we are naked, this way I know they are not wired. It’s worked well so far, although we do get the odd strange look in pubs. 

And Finally… on my previous post ‘Sexy Football’ I mentioned how thinking about Emile Heskey during love-making, can keep guys going longer than they otherwise would. After reading it a friend emailed me and said,          Rory Delap does it for him, which I thought was a good use of call back to a previous subject I’d been talking about. 

That’s all from me. Til next time, stay safe!