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How long do you give him?

July 6, 2019

How long do you give Frank Lampard as Chelsea manager?

a) Less than a season
b) A season
c) More than a season but less than the 3 yr contract
d) Or he will see out his contract.

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What a season.

April 15, 2019

This season Chelsea fans have been involved in

1) Racist abuse…/chelsea-fans-banned-raheem-st…

2) Anti Semitic chanting…/chelsea-uefa-no-punishment-an…

3) Sexual assault…/police-chelsea-sexual-assault…

4) Islamophobic chanting…/chelsea-fans-barred-bomber-ch…

And there’s still over a month left of the season.


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Managing Expectation

May 24, 2016

Hola. Hope you are well.

Could the Premier League manager be the most endangered species on the planet?

Firstly, there’s LVG who despite winning the FA Cup finds himself surplus to requirements at Old Trafford. He is set to be replaced by Jose Mourinho who in turn was sacked by Chelsea in December. Another manager who might feel hard done by is Quique Sanchez Flores, who not only led Watford to a 13th place finish but also to the FA Cup semi final. This was not deemed good enough for the Watford owners, who replaced him with Walter Mazzarri on a 3 year deal (good luck with seeing that out).

In the meantime, Chelsea have had a caretaker manager Guus Hiddink and in April announced Antonio Conte is to be their permanent manager next season. Man City also took this approach of letting everyone know who their next manager would be whilst expecting Pellegrini to continue to do his job as normal.

Near the end of the season, some Arsenal fans staged protests against Arsene Wenger, although this was before they finished in the dizzy heights of second, so maybe all is ok again in Arsenal world. Everton also had a fan protest, which resulted in Roberto Martinez being sacked, although this might have had more to do with their 11th placed finish, than the protests.

Ronald Koeman is one of several managers linked with the Everton job, which makes him a rare breed of Premier League manager, one that is rumoured to be leaving their club to better themselves rather than the being sacked. (although can Southampton to Everton be seen as a step up?)

At Swansea, it looked for a long time that the man brought in to replace Garry Monk, earlier in the season Francesco Guidolin would also lose his job, with Brendan Rodgers looking like he was going to return. However Guidolin recently signed a 2 year contract at the Liberty Stadium, whilst Rodgers has now become Celtic manager on a 1 year rolling contract.

Mauricio Pochettino was another manager putting pen to paper, on a 5 year deal at Spurs. Although prior to signing his contract he was linked with a move to Man Utd. (would that be a step up, sideways or backwards?) Having dinner with Alex Ferguson didn’t do much to diminish those particular rumours.

As if to prepare for life in the Premier League, Middlesbrough‘s manager Aitor Karanka recently walked out on the club after a training ground bust up.

All this leads me to think this would be the perfect time for Claudio Ranieri to leave Leicester before the tide turns.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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Sacked in the morning

November 25, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

So what has Roberto Di Matteo ever done for Chelsea? Only over see them win the Champions League and FA Cup in May. A mere 6 months later and he is sacked, at 4am if you believe the reports. Like Russell Brand’s relationship with  Geri Halliwell, we knew it was going to end at some point, the surprise was the speed of it. After all Chelsea have only really had one bad month, November, and Di Matteo’s paid for it with his job.

Maybe the mistake wasn’t sacking Di Matteo but appointing him manager in the first place. He was after all, only brought back to  Chelsea as an assistant manager and prior to this he was sacked by West Brom, not necessarily the credentials to become the Chelsea manager.

It was also clear that he wasn’t the owners man, which never bodes well, especially if that owner is Roman Abramovich. To be fair to him, if he’s going to pump billions of pounds into the club he can change managers when ever he wants or put a chimpanzee in charge if he so desires.

Which brings us on to Rafa Benitez (he’s not a chimpanzee). Even for Chelsea, it does seem odd that they would go from such a popular choice of manager in Di Matteo, a Chelsea man, to Rafa Benitez, who could hardly be described as a Chelsea man. Rafa has to contend with the fact that he’s not even the most popular Chelsea manager this week, nevermind in their recent history. I’m in a good position to gauge the opinion of Chelsea fans as for my sins I work with a lot of them. The first thing one of them said to me on Thursday morning was, “so we’ve got the fat spanish [an expletive that would suggest Rafa pleasure’s himself]”.

There’s no way Rafa will be accepted by the Chelsea supporters. If I were him I’d take the money and run. To be honest if I were him I’d have signed on than join Chelsea. Or I’d be constantly calling up Abramovich pointing out my mistakes and making up a few for good measure, just so I could get hold of the severance pay sooner rather than later. This maybe an insight as to why I’m not a top football manager.

I would argue that if Abramovich had real bottle he would appoint a new manager every week, in the same way Have I Got News For You do with their hosts. Either that, or he should just give the job to Angus Deayton.

Til next week, stay safe!


Sexy Football

May 7, 2010

emile heskey

Hola, hope you are all well.

There seems to be a real love-in between the media and cheeky chappy cockney manager Harry Redknapp especially now that Spurs have secured 4th spot in the Premiership. I was hoping Man City would have pipped Spurs, but it wasn’t to be. Something tells me City’s failure to get the 4th spot won’t affect their finances. I do think it would be funny if after all this fuss about who would finish 4th, Spurs got knocked out at the qualifying stages. That might be the ‘bitter me’ coming out.

The race for the Premiership title is still up for grabs, between Chelsea and Man Utd. (I won’t say I can’t see how Chelsea can lose it from here, for fear of jinxing it). Talking of Chelsea I watched their match against Liverpool. Which was a bit odd. Watching your own side and not wanting them to win goes against every natural instincts of a football fan. The only way I can describe it, is to suggest it’s like losing your wife’s ‘honour’  in a card game to someone you know. And with it being Chelsea, that would be someone you don’t even like. Then you have to watch, not in private but with the Sky TV cameras there. And just when you question whether they are going to go through with the deed, Steven Gerrard gives them a helping hand. The analogy may have got a little mixed up, but you get my point. Let me know if you’ve been put in a similar position, football wise, or if you’ve lost your wife in a card game.  There is some good news for Liverpool fans as Sky Sports News announced Martin Skrtel has resumed full training. This might turn the season around, which consists of a game away to Hull.

Since my last post Barcelona have crashed out of the Champions League at the hands of Inter Milan. I can’t help thinking if Barcelona had Rory Delap in their team, they would have gone through. Don’t forget you can still vote on who you think is more influential to their team, Rory Delap or Lionel Messi. scroll down to poll.

And Finally… I saw an article that claimed that thinking about Emile Heskey during sex can prolong the process (see here) This offers up more questions than it answers, for example, who actually uses this method? Or, has anyone asked you for the purposes of a survey how you prolong ejaculating? Or, does Emile Heskey use this method (feel free to let us know if you’re reading this, Emile)? So next time you feel you’re about to finish before satisfying your other half, start chanting Emile Heskey’s name. It probably won’t prolong things but you’ll have fun answering awkward questions afterwards. 

Til next time, stay safe!