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Reluctantly right

April 29, 2017

Before a ball was kicked David Moyes said Sunderland were in a relegation battle. He’s been proved more than right, with Sunderland being relegated today. Obviously he’ll take no joy from correctly predicting this. With this in mind, when have you been reluctantly right?

When I was 12 I tried to retire from the school cricket team, mainly by not telling them that I was a decent player. It didn’t work as they found out that I’d played for Manchester boys and wouldn’t let me retire. Retiring when you are 25 and have played for England is something else; yet this is what Zafar Ansari has done.

In the build up to the Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko fight there’s been no trash talk, no threats to put each other in a coma, no flying tables, no batman suits. Surely they’ve brought the boxing world into disrepute with their niceness. Fines should follow.


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