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I salute you Carlos

July 30, 2011

angelina and child

Hola. Hope you are well.

It seems to me that it has been a quiet summer transfer wise, there’s been a few big money transfers including Aguero to Man City and Downing to Liverpool and Young to Man Utd but nothing too exciting. The Aguero transfer should be big news but it isn’t as it seems Man City are replacing one good, squat Argentinian, with another good, squat Argentinian, that’s if you believe Carlos Tevez will be leaving City.

Tevez has said he wants to move because he wants to live in a place that his wife and young daughters can settle. I just wonder if in the future he will regret putting his family before his football career. After all give it a f,ew years and his daughters won’t appreciate that he made these sacrifices. When they are answering him back because they want to go to a house party and he won’t let them, then he might just think he should have stayed at City.  One thing that I am impressed with, is that despite being in this country for over 5 years he hardly speaks a word of English. I think that is quite an achievement, it must be pretty difficult to stay in a country that long and not pick up some of the language. For that I salute you Carlos.

One transfer that has happened was Jonathan Woodgate’s move to Stoke, he’s on a pay-as-you-play deal. With his recent injury record, I expect him to be signing on by December. I think that is a bona fide joke.

Last season when Steven Pienaar chose to join Spurs ahead of Chelsea, there were some people in the media who tried to use this as evidence that the shift of power had moved from Chelsea to Spurs. I’m not sure how these people view Luka Modric (arguably Spurs best player) wanting to move to Chelsea.

On my last blog post, I mentioned how Joey Barton met Morrissey, well he features again on this post (Barton not Morrissey) as he was unable to go on Newcastle’s tour of America as he wasn’t able to get a visa due to his previous troubles with the law. He said of this, “All I can do is continue to improve as a person” let’s face it, he was starting from a low base. I also think it’s typical of Newcastle to have part of their pre-season in a country where 3 of their players, including Barton and Nile Ranger couldn’t get into.

Also on my last blog, I mentioned I was going to be playing 11-a-side, well it proved to be quite eventful. I cleared one-off the line and won a penalty. I say won a penalty, some would say ‘dived’ and they’d probably be right. In my defence the referee gave it and who am I to disagree with the ref, also the other team were way ahead with only minutes left, and thirdly and most importantly the challenge was made by my mate, so that made it alright.

The oddest thing about the match was one player was wearing a Liverpool top,  nothing odd with that per se, but after the match we learnt that he is a Man Utd fan. I’ve never heard such a thing. Maybe it’s like guys that are so sure of their heterosexuality, that it allows them to have relations with men and still remain heterosexual. Anyway feel free to let me under what circumstances you’ve worn a rivals’ shirt.

And Finally… I was reading that one of Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt’s children is a Liverpool fan, after she was pictured with a Liverpool bag (see top of the blog). What struck me however, was how much Angelina looked like Michael Jackson in the  picture.

Til next time, stay safe!

Every loser wins

July 9, 2011

Hola. Hope you are well.

So much has happened since my last post, so I’m just  going to run through some of them.

On my last post, Alex McLeish was on the verge of becoming the new Aston Villa boss, well we obviously now know that it actually happened.  What I didn’t like was all these pundits, ex players and even Alex Ferguson telling Villa fans that they should give McLeish a chance. The way I see it, if Aston Villa fans are peeved about the appointment I think it’s well within their rights. Afterall I’ve never seen Mr Ferguson on  the Holte End. What does seem odd, is the fact that the Villa board chose not to appoint Steve McClaren because they were aware the fans were against it but instead chose the manager of their bitterest rivals, the manager who had just been relegated with their bitterest rivals, cos in no way would the Villa fans object to that.

Michael Owen’s horse Brown Panther won a race at Ascot (see here) and afterwards Michael shed a few tears on TV, ironically making him look like a loser. If the horse’s career should in any way follow Michael’s it will have a bright start, maybe become a national hero and then end up as a bit part in Alex Ferguson’s collection of horses.

Liverpool missed out on long-term target Sylvian Marveaux, who ended up moving to Newcastle on a free, after allegedly failing a medical at Liverpool. But Liverpool fans needn’t worry, the way things are going at Anfield I’m sure in 12 months time they will have secured his services for a cut price £30m.

England’s under 21’s crashed out of the Euro Championships, after a dire tournament, where they failed to get out of the group, or win a game, or have any coherent game plan. If Stuart Pearce’s job is to prepare the u-21 players for life in the full England team then he is doing a fantastic job. That must be why the FA were so happy to reward him with a new two-year contract.

I’ve never been to  Glastonbury and probably never will as I’m not sure all that camping and mud is my sort of thing but this year’s Glastonbury did lead to an unlikely meeting, that of Morrissey and Joey Barton. I asked my friend (and writer) HP Tinker, who knows more about these things, “What have they got in common?” He said, “They both love Morrissey”, which probably accurately sums up their relationship.

Apparently Barcelona are 450m Euros in debt, but they needn’t worry as their President Sandro Rosell has a solution. He’s basically going to scrap bodyguards and to only photocopy things in black and white and not colour. I’m no financial expert but that should do the trick. Having said that they are still linked with £30m plus moves for Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. I suspect that’s a lot of black and white photocopies.

I ended up playing 11-a-side football a couple of weeks ago. I can’t remember the previous time I played 11-a-side and afterwards I realised why I hadn’t played for so long, as it was hard work. I ended up feeling stiff for days after. It was my own fault as my cool down involved sitting around talking about how difficult it was before going to a pub for a pint. Normally when something is so difficult my natural instinct is to avoid doing that thing again. So it might surprise you, because it certainly surprises me, that I will be back playing 11-a-side later today.

And Finally… Emmanuel Adebayor is not happy about having to train with the Man City reserves. On his reported £175 000 a week wages, I’d be happy training with the refuge collectors. (No disrespect to the refuge collectors at Carrington).

Til next time, stay safe!

King Judas

June 16, 2011

doncaster rovers mascot

Hola. Hope you are well.

Here’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever be writing but Midlands football could be about to get interesting. Well it will be if Alex McLeish joins Aston Villa having resigned from Birmingham City. If this does happen Alex McLeish would be up there with the biggest Judases in football. Not only would he be joining Birmingham’s biggest rivals but he’d be doing this after he has he just overseen the relegation of Birmingham. The odd thing about this for me is that the Aston Villa board want McLeish, after all he has taken Birmingham down twice in his short tenure at the club. Of course I should add that he did win the Carling Cup this season but I’m not sure how much sway that currently has with the Birmingham fans.

The other weird thing about this whole scenario is the fact that we learnt that Alex McLeish resigned by e-mail. That strikes me as being an odd way for a football manager to quit, for a start how did he know the owner had seen it. For all he knew it could still have been sat in Carson Yeung’s inbox. In my last post I mentioned how Tony Fernandes, announced he’d bid for control of West Ham on Twitter and now this, it would appear that football has fully embraced modern communication methods. What next, players putting in transfer requests via audioboo?

Now on to Liverpool, and having paid over the odds for Andy Carroll in January, they’ve now gone and spent close to £20m on Jordan Henderson, yes that is TWENTY MILLION POUNDS. It would appear that Liverpool are on a one club mission to regenerate the North East.

Talking of that region and I was a little surprised that Kevin Nolan has left Newcastle for West Ham. Surely the lure of working with Sam Allardyce again isn’t sufficient enough for him to want to drop out of the Premiership. So it begs the question, why else would he make this move? Answer’s on a postcard .

And Finally… you can tell it’s the close season as there is not a lot of stories around, this can be emphasised by the fact that the following story made all the papers. Basically the Doncaster Rovers mascot was sacked for posing in a ‘raunchy’ photo shoot. The  most surprising thing about this story is that she is a woman. I thought running around in a stupid costume, for the amusement of others, was the preserve of men, but I suppose that just shows just how far women have come.

Til next time, stay safe!

Champions League, I’m having a laugh

June 4, 2011

barcelona fc

Hola. Hope you are well.

First things first, let me just say how much I enjoyed the Champions League Final. I just hope Barcelona aren’t too shy to send Man Utd an invoice for the football lesson.

Of course Man Utd fans will say they are the best side in this country by virtue of winning the league, so fans of other clubs can shut it with their glee. However I reckon it’s a bit like seeing your school bully getting beaten up by a harder child from a nearby school. The bully may still beat you up in the future but you’ll somehow never see that bully in the same light again. 

I did feel Berbatov was harshly treated, in that he didn’t even get a place on the bench for the final. His place going to part-time horse trainer, part-time footballer Michael Owen. Berbatov after all was Utd’s top scorer in the league last season. Mr Ferguson obviously likes Owen as he’s just given him a new 1 year contract. He also said Owen will see more time on the pitch next season, so that’s good news, for all those clubs chasing Man Utd.  

And the last thing to say about the final is that I almost didn’t get to watch the game as my girlfriend wanted to go and watch the film Casablanca on a big screen in a local park. She said it would be romantic. I’m not sure how it would have been romantic when one of us would have been trying to listen to the game on their Walkman. I think it’s immoral that people would put on an event like this, that clashes with a big football match. It’s irresponsible as it’s always going to lead to clashes between couples. Luckily for me my brother needed us to baby sit so I had a good excuse not to see the film, plus he has a lucky TV. So Barcalona can thank me, my brother, my nephew and the lucky tv for their victory.

In other news, Sam Allardyce has become the new West Ham manager, it would be easy at this stage to say there goes their footballing traditions, but I won’t. But I did find it interesting that there was take over talk on his first day at West Ham, with Tony Fernandes, the boss of F1 team Lotus announcing on his Twitter page that he had put in a bid for the club. I’ve never put in a bid to buy a football club so I’m not over qualified on the etiquette but is Twitter the best way to announce this? Is this seen as good business practice these days? It can’t have been good news for ‘Big Sam’ who’s traditionally not done well at the hands of new owners. He was sacked a few months after Mike Ashley took over at Newcastle and then he got sacked a few weeks after the Venkys took  over at Blackburn. If I was Sam (and I’m not) I’d probably rent  a property rather than buy, just to be safe!

And Finally…. There has been accusations of corruption at FIFA, who would have thought??? One of the allegations, is that delegates were bribed with money to vote for Qatar’s World Cup bid. Call me old-fashioned but I think bribery is such an ugly word. If any money did change hands and I’m not saying any did, I’d prefer to see it as oiling the wheels. To be honest, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t have to grease a few palms to get the World Cup. It is the World Cup after all.

Ps. Congrats to Sepp Blatter, who against all the odds won the vote to become FIFA’s President for another 4 years.

Til next time, stay safe!

Burn me as a witch!

May 28, 2011

ryan giggs

Hola. Hope you are well.

Since my blog post, Ryan Giggs has been outed in the Commons as the footballer linked with Imogen Thomas, who knew??? Well everyone on Twitter and anyone with the ability to put Imogen Thomas and Premiership footballer into a search engine. The only cautionary note, that the player is not Ryan Giggs is that the MP who unveiled his name is a Liberal Democrat and we’ve learnt over the past year to take what they say as a pinch of salt. I honestly don’t think football fans really care what players get up to in their personal life but when they start threatening to sue Twitter or Google (in Ashley Cole’s case) people start to think they are an idiot.

Talking of Twitter, I read that Ben Foster got caught breaking a club curfew, after staying out late til the early hours of the morning. He was found out because the wife of Colin Doyle, (the Birmingham City reserve goalkeeper) tweeted his whereabouts as she was unhappy with his behaviour.  This did make me wonder who is following the wife of the Birmingham City reserve goalkeeper on Twitter. Do these people not know there are other things on the internet? (Like football blogs from unknown comedians)

Talking of trouble on a club do brings me to West Ham’s end of season bash, I’m not sure why they left it til May, they surely could have had it back in January. Anyway at the party Demba Ba was abused (racially or not) by a fan who attended, which seems quite harsh as I thought he was one of their better players this season. Surely there were plenty more players this bloke could have attacked. But the most shocking thing about this, was that after the season West Ham have just had, tickets for this event were £275 per head, which just goes to show this man definitely had more money than sense.

West Ham may have been relegated but I was glad Wigan and Blackburn stayed up on the last day of the season. Wigan because Roberto Martinez seems like a good guy and Blackburn because if the went down people would point to Sam Allardyce’s sacking as the pivotal decision. I also think there is a perceived lack of respect for the Venkys. I think it stems largely from the fact that they are Indian and have made their money from chickens. People don’t seem to have the same problem with the billionaire owners who have made their money from oil (Man City) or however Abramovich has made his money. I would say however, that if you can make millions from chickens you are arguably a better business person than those making money from oil.

And Finally… At the start of the season I got my girlfriend to pull out of a ‘hat’ all the Premier league clubs and then out of another hat to pull out the place they would finish this season (see here). I’ve just looked at my predictions and checked them against the actual final standings and surprise surprise there were no exact matches. But it did throw some up some semi interesting quirks. Firstly, I predicted Blackpool would finish 15th, in fact Blackburn finished 15th, both teams start their names with BLACK. Secondly, I had Man City to finish 13th, as it happened Stoke finished 13th, they of course contested the FA Cup Final. Thirdly, I had Birmingham to finish 11th but in reality West Brom finished 11th, but as we know West Brom and Birmingham are geographically close. And finally I had Aston Villa to finish 10th, in the real world they actually finished 9th, making me one out. Burn me as a witch!

Til next time, stay safe!

You’re Fired

May 21, 2011

pippa middleton

Hola. Hope you are well.

For the last number of years I’ve heard football people on the radio and the tv and in newspapers talking about how we can get the magic of the FA Cup back. Now I’m no expert, and there are probably a number of reasons why the FA Cup isn’t as popular as it used to be, including the fact that  finishing fourth in the Premier League is seen as more important or that when I was growing up the FA Cup Final used to be one of the few games you could see live in a season, whereas these days you can watch football everyday of the week if you so wish (and your other half allows).

But it probably doesn’t help  to maintain the ‘romance of the cup’  if you schedule the Final on the same day as Premiership matches, but not just any Premiership matches but one that  will see Man Utd crowned as champions for a record-breaking  19th time, less than half an hour before the Kick Off at Wembley. There’s always a chance this will overshadow proceedings. It’s a bit like marrying a Prince and second in line to the crown and then your sister turns up and all the attention turns towards her ass.

Having said all that, I’m pretty sure at the end of the game Man City fans couldn’t care less what had happened prior to their game. To them it was all about ending 35 years without a trophy. And good luck to them, it’s always nice to see a club winning things when they’ve had to do it on a limited budget, albeit a budget limited to over £100m for the last two summers.

Onto West Ham and they got rid of their manager Avram Grant one hour after they were relegated this Sunday. It does beg the question why do it then and not leave it til the close season (one game away), it’s almost as if Gold, Sullivan and Karren Brady wanted to make a statement pointing out that the clubs failures had nothing to do with them and everything to do with the manager. It’s almost as if they think we will forget that they 1) hired him, 2) spent the rest of the time undermining him and 3) openly tried to replace him with Martin O’Neill. I wonder what Gianfranco Zola thinks of it all, it was him after all they sacked when him keeping them in the league wasn’t deemed good enough.

On to Robbie Savage and does anyone else think it’s weird how this quite average footballer has re-invented himself into  a semi-serious pundit and broadcaster. He even won a Sony award for rising star at the recent Sony’s. It’s odd how things turn out, he must have been in the same Leicester midfield as Neil Lennon (I’ve not checked if this is fact) and if at the time someone had said one of these guys is going to be a Sony award winner and one of is going to be the most hated man in football, I would have guessed Neil Lennon would be the award winner. Not because of his talents behind the mic,  but more to do with Robbie Savage’s natural ability to wind up opposing fans.

On my last blog post, I got a comment from a certain Sir Alex Ferguson, it was definitely him and in no way was it one of my friends playing silly buggers. He now joins the growing number of people who have contacted me. Barack Obama has previously contacted me on this blog and Colonel Gaddafi has contacted me on my personal blog (Inside the mind of an unknown comedian). I’m grateful for any famous persons endorsement  so at this point I will leave it to you the reader to decide if Mr Ferguson’s leadership style is more like Barack’s or Gaddafi’s.

And Finally… Good news for this blog, as this month (May) has seen the highest number of hits since I started this blog. So cheers to anyone who’s taken time out to read it.

Til next time, stay safe!

A grand gesture

April 28, 2011

imogen thomas

Hola. Hope you are well.

Following on from my last blog post, I must mention that I’ve not heard from any cheerleaders, them’s the breaks. Although I won’t fully rule it out.

Quite a lot has happened in the world of football since my last blog post, including Mario Balotelli fast becoming one of my favourite current players. Not only for his ability to simultaneously wind up both the Man Utd fans and players at the final whistle of the FA Cup Semi by firstly kissing his badge towards the Utd fans and then winking at Rio Ferdinand, but because he is a genuine character.

Ok, I’m not too keen on him throwing darts at youth team players but most of the stories that surround him are pretty much legendary and there’s a somewhat child like innocence to him. For example, he’s previously drove his car into an Italian women’s prison and when the policed rightly asked him, “why?”, he said, “because he wanted to see what it was like inside”. Or when he was stopped in his car by the police and they found £7500 on him, on being asked, “why have you got so much money on you”, he replied “because I’m rich”, which in many ways is the perfect answer.

Anyway, his latest reported incident, apparently came after he went to a casino and won £25000. On leaving, he saw a homeless man he recognised and gave him £1000 of his winnings. I’ve no idea what the homeless man did with the money, I can only assume he used it wisely, but it has made me think I should dig out my tattiest clothes and head up to Man City’s training ground.

Someone else in football who could be described as being a bit different (but more malicious) is Joey Barton. He came out in a French football magazine and claimed to be the best English midfielder in the country. He also claimed that Gareth Barry is a ‘teacher’s pet with a good agent’. I’m not sure what that makes Joey Barton, maybe the kid who’s constantly getting excluded and heading for a stay at Her majesty’s pleasure. The strange thing about this story is that it appeared in a French magazine. I can’t imagine Joey Barton is a big draw in France. I can’t imagine having Joey Barton in their magazine in any way boosted their sales, although I may be wrong. If you are French and a big Joey Barton fan feel free to let me know, cheers.

In other things that have happened since my last blog post, Spurs got knocked out of the Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid. They were effectively out after losing the first leg away 4-0. They weren’t helped by the fact Peter Crouch got sent off after 15mins for 2 bookable offenses and Aaron Lennon had to pull out of the game just before kick off, with what was originally described as a sore throat. Firstly, what striker gets sent off after 15mins for 2 tackles? Gary Lineker went a whole career without getting booked, yet Crouch couldn’t get  to 16 mins before picking up two yellows. And what kind of weak excuse is a sore throat for pulling out of such an important game, that wouldn’t have even got me out of PE back in the day, nevermind an away leg at the Bernabeu.

Over at Arsenal, Stan Kroenke wants to buy the club outright. I was reading about how the share buy-out would work. Apparently Arsenal have a few major share holders including Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith. Seeing this written down, did make me think, could she have the poshest sounding name in football? Feel free to let me know of equally posh sounding names in the game.

And Finally… the big story that’s currently making the news in general and in football in particularly is the story surrounding Imogen Thomas and an unnamed Premier League footballer. If you believe the papers it would appear that if you are a Premiership footballer and you’ve not at some point attempted to acquire a super injunction, you are letting down your profession. Shame on you, pull your finger!

Til next time, stay safe!

100 words and counting

April 6, 2011

the crystals

Hola. Hope you are well.

So Wayne Rooney eh, what a f*cking c*ck. In my opinion there’s never any excuse for swearing.  In all seriousness it’s a shame that he decided to use his time in the spotlight to scream obscenities to the watching world. Surely he could have used his opportunity more productively, maybe commenting on the situation in Libya, or which voting system he prefers AV orfirst past the post. Perhaps he’s holding back his thoughts on these matters for the next time he scores a hat-trick.

Since my last blog post, England beat the mighty Wales. One person who must have been pleased by that game must have been Frank Lampard. Mainly because before the match, there was A LOT of speculation that he would be dropped for the game. With Gerrard already out of the game through injury, newspapers were even printing the last England team sheet that contained neither Gerrard and Lampard. In the end, Lampard started the game and scored the first goal, so all that speculation was rendered pointless.

Prior to the Wales game Fabio Capello was getting a fair bit of stick, as per usual, this time for his handling of the England captaincy. Personally, I’m not fussed who the England captain is, it’s not as if  whoever it is, is going to have to worry about lifting any major trophies, but the media seemed slightly obsessed by the whole topic.

Some people blamed Fabio’s poor grasp of English for the communication problems. He then added fuel to those flames by saying he only knows 100 English words and that is enough. A lot of the Fabio haters jumped on this, but I’m with Fabio on this one. I think 100 words is more than plenty for him to communicate his thoughts to his players. After all what things does he need to say to his players. There’s tactical stuff like, ‘ball’, ‘goal’, ‘score’ and then there’s the code of conduct, things like, ‘Drink less’, ‘Don’t bring a gun to training’ and ‘Don’t screw other player’s girlfriends’. Feel free to let me know what other English phrases Fabio needs, you can comment via the comments button.

I also think the media are focussing on Fabio’s lack of communication because a lot of them won’t rest until Harry Redknapp is the England manager. In this modern football world, where players from all around the world play in the same team, I imagine there’s plenty of language barriers. I can’t imagine Kenny Dalglish and Luis Suarez have long, intricate conversations, but this didn’t stop the latter being Liverpool’s best player in March.

And Finally…The big football story here in London, if you believe the Metro newspaper, is that the Cheerleaders of Crystal Palace, ‘The Crystals’ have come in for stick, not for their communication skills, but for being a negative influence. Some people have suggested that their presence is distracting the players. I for one. can’t believe highly professional players would get distracted by young women, wearing next to nothing. One of the things I found interesting in the article, was that it said these girls didn’t get paid for their work. This did make me wonder why you would parade around in next to nothing on in front of 15000 football fans, if you weren’t getting paid. Feel free to contact me if you’re a cheerleader and don’t get paid.

Til next time, stay safe!

Love me for a reason

March 2, 2011

Hola. Hope you are well.

I think I will start this blog post by looking back at Sunday’s Carling Cup Final and poor old Arsenal. Don’t get me wrong I quite like Arsenal but they are increasingly becoming more and more like the kid in school who does brilliant course work but complains because they can’t perform in exams. Having said that, Birmingham’s winning goal was funny.

I was going to say the most bizarre story in football since my last blog post was the fact Kenny Dalglish and Andy Carroll turned up at a Boyzone concert. I’m not sure out of the two of them who I’m more surprised to learn was at a Boyzone concert. Apparently Kenny is a friend of Ronan Keating as they are golf buddies. That’s Kenny Dalglish a legend and Ronan Keating, who isn’t. Under normal circumstances these two would never meet, this fact alone must give kudos to those would like to ban golf.

As I mentioned, the above story was going to be the most bizarre story until I learnt Ashley Cole had shot a work experience student at Chelsea’s training ground. That is a sentence I genuinely never thought I’d be writing. Often I try to defend footballers but on this one I’m struggling. For starters, what idiot thinks it is ok to take a gun into their place of work? Even if you were a soldier, you wouldn’t be bringing your gun from home. Unless Chelsea have introduced a ‘bring your gun to work day’ then Ashley Cole hasn’t got a leg to stand on, which is ironic as this was almost the case for the student.

What I don’t understand about the incident, is that in a small area that contained many highly paid footballers, including John Terry, how come fate decreed it would be the lad who isn’t getting paid to be there that would get shot.

And Finally…I happened to be listening to a report on the radio about the dire financial plight of Plymouth Argyle, when it mentioned Peter Risdale is their financial adviser. I thought surely not the same Peter Risdale who was involved when Leeds Utd crumbled financially, or the same Peter Risdale who was involved with Cardiff City when they faced closure due to money owed to HMRC, but it was the very same Peter Risdale. His ability to continue getting work with football clubs despite his previous failings is unbelievable. It’s on a par with Kerry Katona’s ability to get people to go out with her despite her being Kerry Katona.

Til next time, stay safe!

Rooney and JFK

February 18, 2011

sally bercow on the evening standard

Hola. Hope you are well.

I thought I would start this blog post by talking about that ‘Rooney goal’, his overhead kick against Man City or the ‘shinner’ as I like to call it. I heard it described by Hawksbee & Jacobs, on Talksport, as our JFK moment, as in you know where you were when it happened. I know where I was, on a Virgin train from Manchester to London, the glamour.

On my last blog post, I mentioned the whole Andy Gray and Richard Keys furore. Well they are back in work, almost inevitably at Talksport. Their first show was on Valentines day, which maybe considered a little ironic considering it’s a day for women and more particularly when you consider the reason they are no longer employed by Sky. I suppose it could have been worse, they could have waited a month and launched the show during International Women’s week.

Also since the last blog post, Gary Neville announced his retirement from football with immediate effect. I’ve got to admit I’m not a massive fan of Gary Neville, in many ways I think he’s a twonk, (I’ve deliberately watered down my language). I started thinking about why I’ve never warmed to him and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s got nothing to with the club he’s played for. The reason I know this, is because I don’t mind the players who were his peers at Man Utd, Scholes, Giggs, Beckham etc.. I don’t even mind his brother Phil, or his sister Tracey or his dad Neville, although I have no views about his mum. Anyway I was vocalising my dislike of Gary Neville to my Man Utd friend (Adam), probably not the wisest of moves, and he didn’t seem to agree with my standpoint on Gary. That’s fair enough, I can understand Utd fans liking Gary Neville as he’s one of them (a twonk) but it has made me think do fans of clubs that aren’t Man Utd, like Gary Neville. So if you are a supporter of a club that isn’t Man Utd, feel free to use the comments button to share your views of Gary Neville.

As a footnote Robbie Savage also announced he would retire at the end of the season. I don’t require your thoughts on him, thanks.

And Finally… Since I’ve moved to London, I’ve noticed just how the London based media are so entrenched in everything London. An example of this was when the London Evening Standard put on their front cover a pic of the Speaker’s wife, Sally Bercow, wrapped in nothing but a bed sheet, yet left the troubles in Egypt to page 18. Anyway I digress, the reason I mention this, is because the big football issue here for the last few weeks, has been about who should move into the Olympic stadium, West Ham or Tottenham. Maybe it’s my Northern roots, but I do wonder if anyone outside of London cares about this, in fact does anyone outside of West Ham and Spurs fans (and maybe Leyton Orient fans) care about this. Feel free to let me know if this is just a London thing.

Til next time, stay safe!