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Harry the Hornet

January 26, 2017

My favourite football story of the festive period was Sam Allardyce falling out with Harry the Hornet (Watford’s mascot). Harry’s crime was mimicking a dive by Wilfried Zaha. Big Sam was so upset by this that he wanted the FA to charge Harry the Hornet.

Imagine if the FA had taken Sam at his word and charged Harry and then Harry the Hornet wanted a personal hearing. Would Harry the Hornet have to turn up in his mascot’s outfit? Does Harry the Hornet even speak? With so many questions like these going unanswered it’s probably best the FA decided Harry the Hornet didn’t have a case to answer.

All this on Sam Allardyce’s first game in charge of Crystal Palace. Feel free to let me know who you argued with on the first day of a new job. You can contact me via the comments button.


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Dreams can come true

January 4, 2017

A few people out there that have questioned why Oscar, in the prime of his powers aged 25 moved from Chelsea of the Premier League to Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) of the Chinese Super League. The more cynical of these people have pointed to the reported £400 000 a week wages as a reason for the move. As a romantic, I like to think that as a boy growing up in Brazil, Oscar would spend most of his days dreaming of playing in China and now that dream has been fulfilled.

Ps. If China have an equally lucrative 5-a-side league, I want it known that I could still do a job.


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