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Would you do this at home?

April 11, 2015

Hola. Hope you are well.

A campaign by Women In Football, ‘Shame On The Game’ was set up last month to help tackle sexist abuse in football. I watched a report about this on the BBC, where they flagged up sexist abuse the Chelsea doctor, Dr Eva Carneiro received when she entered the field to attend to an injured player. The BBC said the footage was too explicit to broadcast, which instantly made me go and find the clip.

Having watched it, I’m pretty sure the man shouting the abuse didn’t really want to see the doctor’s most intimate of parts but was probably trying to seek the approval of the people around him, even if he was old enough to know better. It did make me wonder how this man (or others who shout such abuse) would react if his own doctor was a woman. Would he walk into her office and start chanting for her to remove her clothes?

You may say people act differently in a crowd but if someone collapsed in the street and people gathered, on the arrival of a female paramedic you wouldn’t expect anyone to be chanting sexist nonsense. If you’re not going to do this in the above examples, then don’t do it at a football game because you think you are protected by the anonymity of a crowd.

Whilst we’re at it, if you were at work and the lift was fairly crowded and a black colleague wanted to get in you probably wouldn’t push him out and then sing songs about how racist you are.

As a football fan, I don’t like it when people try to lump us all in with bad behaviour. I appreciate that the vast majority of football fans don’t behave in this way but there is enough for it to be an issue. It’s therefore no surprise in this climate that footballers are reluctant to come out as gay. If people are being abused because of their gender and skin colour, two things they can’t hide it’s not too shocking that players are reluctant to disclose they are homosexual.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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