Space travel and monkeys

Hola, Hope you are well.

I’ve never been in a professional dressing room at half-time but previously I thought it was a 15 min window where the manager and coaching staff can get their tactical wisdom across. Thanks to Roy Hodgson, I now know that this short window of opportunity is best served by telling a long-winded joke about space travel and monkeys.

The punchline, ‘feed the monkeys’ has forced Roy Hodgson to apologise mainly because the point he was making is that the players should keep getting the ball to Andros Townsend as he was causing Poland problems every time he ran at them. In no way do I think Roy Hodgson was making a racist remark or trying to put anyone down due to the colour of their skin, but it’s unfortunate that the person he was referring to in the team is mixed race (with a black dad). And although people might not want to admit it the word ‘monkey’ does have connotations with racism.

Of course context is also important in these scenarios, if Roy Hodgson had been telling this joke, whilst doing monkey actions and throwing bananas at the black players in the squad he may have something to answer.

My advice to Roy, would be to keep his half-time instructions as simple as possible. For everyone concerned, I think it would be best if next time Roy just says, ‘keep getting the ball to Andros’.

Til next time, stay safe!




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