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Brilliant but bonkers

April 28, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

I know everyone who’s anyone and David Cameron have had their say about Luis Suarez. I’m just waiting to hear what Suarez thinks of Cameron’s tenure as Prime Minister.

For what it’s worth (probably not much) I reckon Luis Suarez is one of the most fascinating players currently playing the game. There’s not another player who could have had a half like the one he had against Chelsea. He created one goal with a perfectly weighted chipped pass, gave away a penalty, bit someone and scored a 96th min equaliser.If this had happened to a cartoon character in one half of football we would question its credibility. Yet that 45 mins (+ 6 mins of injury time) probably sums up Suarez, in that he’s brilliant but also bonkers.

I don’t know Luis Suarez, but whenever I see pictures of him either on the training ground or at home with team-mates and family he always seems in good spirits laughing and joking. Yet on the pitch he’s a different person. His will to win sometimes means he crosses the line of what is seen to be acceptable.

Yet I imagine if you asked Suarez today what possessed him to sink his teeth his into Ivanovic, he wouldn’t be able to explain it. If  this was a legal matter his lawyer would probably advise him to plead diminished responsibility and put it down to a moment of madness. Or a second moment of madness should you take into account when he did it as an Ajax player.

I’m not going to say what Suarez did was right but what bothers me more than the bite itself is people’s overreaction to it. I’ve heard people say Liverpool should get rid of him. Why would they do that? And if they did, are these people saying no one else would sign him? Let’s get this right – there are people in the game, on and off the pitch, whose actions would make what Suarez did seem inconsequential.

I’ve heard others say that his actions will encourage children to copy it in playgrounds up and down the country. Firstly, I think they are underestimating our children. Secondly, having seen the negative coverage his bite received even if they wanted to bite a fellow pupil, they would think again, so in many ways Suarez is the poster boy for not biting other humans. And thirdly, if the media were really bothered about how viewing this incident would affect those watching, why do they keep showing it. I reckon I’ve now seen the clip over 50 times. Each time it’s mentioned on the news, the clip is shown 3 times from different angles. Each time we’re being told how appalled we should be. Even when they don’t have the footage they’ve shown it via a series of photographs, so we can be appalled frame by frame.

The real reason why I can’t take the condemnation seriously is that I know given time the media focus will pass to someone else. It was only a couple of weeks ago, the football world was questioning whether a fascist should be allowed to manage a Premier League team. Two wins later and now Di Canio is a hero. The only problem Suarez has is that he’s usually only ever a few football incidents from being back in the media spotlight.

Til next time, stay safe!


Who punches a horse?

April 22, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

Since my last blog post I’ve been to a football network event (I’m still not a footballer). At the event I spoke to a number of journalists, one of which said he is a Tottenham fan but courtesy of working on the Arsenal website for a year, he now considers Arsenal his second team. I can’t imagine there’s  another Tottenham fan, who would claim Arsenal is their second team. Feel free to contact me should you be such a person or let me know if you have conflicting 1st and 2nd teams. You can contact me via the comments button.

Also at the network event I was told as a writer about football, I should watch more football. I’m not sure if my girlfriend will be happy if for example, I say I’m off to the pub to watch the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final. To be honest I’m not sure if I’d be happy if I had to go to the pub to watch the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. No offence to Crewe or Southend.

I thought it was touching that some Millwall fans took it upon themselves  to honour the passing of Mrs Thatcher by staging a bit of football violence, not quite 1980’s football hooliganism but football violence all the same. The most surprising thing about all this is that it was Millwall fans fighting other Millwall fans. Some people have put the incident down to the late kick off, which allowed the Millwall fans to enjoy one or two beers too many. It could on the other hand be that with Wigan travelling in such low numbers,  the Millwall fans didn’t think they would be much of a challenge. In light of what happened at the semi-final it would appear that not only does “no one like them’ they don’t appear to be that fond of each other.

To be fair to Millwall, they weren’t the only club to be involved in clashes that weekend, with Newcastle fans clashing with the police after their defeat against Sunderland. One fan even punched a police horse. Who punches a horse?? With this in mind what have you punched that wasn’t human? It could be a wall etc.. let me know of the circumstances and did you injure yourself?

And Finally… something I’m calling I didn’t know that but I’m quite impressed (catchy). Last week I learnt that Glen Johnson is doing a Maths degree. I work in a secondary school with pupils doing GCSE maths and that seems challenging enough and they don’t have to play right back for a Premier League, at least I don’t think they do.

Til next week, stay safe!


Do you know Tessa Jowell

April 10, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m going to start this blog post by looking at the appointment of Paulo Di Canio at Sunderland. I’m not going to spend too much time on it because everyone who’s anybody has had their say (and those that aren’t anybody). I do however think it is interesting that Di Canio seemed somewhat annoyed that people were asking him whether he was a fascist. I would say, if you don’t want people to ask you if you are a fascist, don’t describe yourself as a fascist. Secondly don’t be seen pictured on several occasions giving a straight armed salute, closely associated with the far right. Thirdly don’t have tattoos of fascist symbols and a portrait of Mussolini. Here ends my guide to not being questioned on whether you are a fascist.

I’m not a fortune-teller but one thing I can be sure of, is that whenever Di Canio and Sunderland part, there will be tears. Someone who can see into the future is Ray Wilkins. I know this because he blamed Rafa Benitez for Ashley Cole’s injury. According to Ray, Rafa was to blame because he rested Cole for the game before he pulled up with a hamstring injury and that Ashley needs to keep playing to be effective. Normally a manager gets blamed for over using a player but not in this case. This seems like a new low in the anti Rafa agenda, he’s now getting blamed for not foreseeing injuries. As for Ray Wilkins, if he can predict injuries he should be on Britain’s Got Talent.

Things haven’t been much quieter at Chelsea’s semi-final opponents, where Samir Nasri has come out and disagreed with Roberto Mancini, who had previously said Samir’s playing at 50%. This is a hard situation for Samir because if he agrees with his manager, he’s more or less saying he’s not been trying. If he disagrees with his manager, he’s saying although you think I’m a bit crap, I’m actually doing my best.

Samir’s team-mate Carlos Tevez had an interesting week having been ordered to do 250 hours of community service having been caught driving whilst disqualified and without insurance. Apparently when he was caught Carlos told the police officer he was only going up the road. I’m no solicitor, but I’m not sure that’s how it works Carlos. The reason Carlos got caught was because someone tipped the police off. I wonder which team that person supports. Answers on a postcard to ‘the snitch was a Man Utd fan competition’.

And Finally… On my previous blog post I mentioned how I missed the opening goal in the Dulwich v Maidstone game. Since then, I did what any right-minded adult would do and tweeted Tessa Jowell who is the MP for Dulwich and asked her if there is anything she could do about this situation. As of yet I’ve not heard back from her, so if you’re reading this and you know Tessa Jowell give her a nudge, thanks.

Til next time, stay safe!