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Have you had to apologise for a parent?

March 30, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

I actually went to a football match, which is rarer than you might expect for someone who writes about the sport. The game in question was Dulwich vs Maidstone. Typically of me I missed the opening goal (3mins), a ‘wonder goal’ according to my friend, as I was in the turnstile. So technically I was in the ground, so with this in mind, when have you been in the ground and yet missed a goal? The bigger the goal, the better. You can contact me via the comments button.

Also at the game I was set next to a referee and a couple of wanna be refs. It was an interesting experience, as they watched the game differently to fans. They came to life, when a foul was committed to see how the ref dealt with it. This made me wonder, if other people in football do this, for example, do physios watch a game and think, “I wouldn’t have run on to the pitch like that”.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything in football, it was announced that Southend were letting their manager, Paul Sturrock, go but not content with that, they were going to bring him back for the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final, where not only would he lead the team out but would actually manage the team, as opposed to new manager Phil Brown. All this made me think, ‘only in football’, but maybe not, feel free to let me know, if you have been sacked by a company, only to return in a lesser capacity.

Since writing the above paragraph, it has been announced Paul Sturrock won’t be managing the side, he will now go to the game as a fan. Something makes me think, Phil Brown got his way.

Over at Arsenal, where Wojciech Szczesny’s dad, decided it was a good idea to slag off Arsene Wenger for ruining his son’s form. Wojciech then had to come out and apologise for his dad’s remarks.  So in honour of Wojciech, when have you had to apologise for a parent?

I see the Nevilles are slowly taking over at national level. Not content with Gary Neville coaching the England first team, Phil Neville will be working with the U-21s this summer. What next Neville Neville getting a role with the U-18s (or maybe not)

And Finally… I’m glad Mario Balotelli, is back scoring goals for club and country. I think he’s now getting at AC Milan what he didn’t at Man City and that is regular football. I also think it helps that he is back in Italy and a culture he’s used to. He however has put his good form down to Fanny, as he says,“Thanks to Fanny I have rediscovered the balance that I need in my work”. Before anyone complains, read this…

Til next time, stay safe!


One out, one in

March 19, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

It’s been quite a busy few days in the world of football.

I’m going to start with Rio Ferdinand who pulled out of the England squad, due to his ‘detailed medical programme’. I think we all know the reason he pulled out of the squad and he goes by the name of *** **** ********.  Anyway, with this in mind what is the lamest excuse you’ve given to get out of something? You can contact me via the comments button.

On to today and Michael Owen, who announced he will be retiring at the end of the season. It would be an easy joke to say I thought he’d retired 5 years ago, but I will resist this temptation. His career however is an odd one, it shone so brightly at the beginning with Liverpool and England and yet ended at Stoke, with him barely making the bench. I wonder if it hurts him that of all the clubs he’s played for he’s not a hero at any. He could have been at Liverpool but for the way he left. At Real Madrid he was just another player passing through. At Newcastle he was injured too often and seemed uninterested in playing for them. At Man Utd, he wasn’t really one of them and as he doesn’t possess a long throw he was never going to be fondly thought of at Stoke.

Also today Michael Appleton was sacked as the Blackburn manager after 15 games and 67 days and he was their third manager of the season. Blackburn get through their managers so quickly that even Roman Abramovich must be thinking their owners are trigger happy.

In happier news for young managers Lee Johnson has become the youngest league manager, when taking over at Oldham at the age 31. He’s 9 months younger than the previous youngest boss Karl Robinson. Which basically means that when Karl Robinson was being born at the very same time Lee Johnson was being conceived. Now there’s an image.

And Finally… Saturday wasn’t a good day for Man City fan Simon Brodkin better known as comedian Lee Nelson, who was arrested before the Everton v Man City game, for pretending to be a City player and taking part in the warm up. Considering the result, (Everton winning 2-0) maybe Man City could have done with him.

Til next time, stay safe!


Some are more interim than others

March 11, 2013

Hola. Hope you are well.

On the back of Everton‘s No 2 keeper, Jan Mucha, making his debut in the recent game against Reading a mere 3 years after moving to Everton, I’m going to start this blog post by talking about No 2 goalkeepers. I’m slightly fascinated by reserve goalkeepers, for starters, what do scouts look for in a back up keeper? They’ve obviously got to be good enough should they be required, yet not good enough to be the No 1.

Taking all things into account being a back up keeper must be one of the cushiest, if not the cushiest job in football after all you’re very rarely called upon to do your job. In many ways you’re a glorified fan, that gets paid and has access to all the players. With this in mind, feel free to let me know if you have a cushy job. You can contact me via the comments button.

Now on to Paulo Di Canio, who not only resigned as Swindon manager recently but if you believe reports snuck back into the ground to get some possessions from his office. This seems a very Di Canio thing to do, but it does beg the question have you ever had to sneak around at your work and why?

David Beckham has been back in the news as he has become the Ambassador for Chinese Football. Rightly so, because when I think of Chinese football, I think of David Beckham.

Aswell as Nani getting sent off, correctly if you are Roy Keane, incorrectly if you are most other people, Ronaldo happened to score a goal and refused to celebrate. This has now become a common thing for players who score against their former clubs (unless you are Adebayor and you score against Arsenal). This trend for not celebrating goals, makes me ask, who started it and secondly has this crossed over into the real world, so when have you had to suppress your joy and under what circumstances?

And Finally… Venezuela have appointed an interim President after the death of Hugo Chavez, it did make me think have the people of Venezuela not learnt from Chelsea. If you’re reading this in Venezuela, whatever you do, don’t call him an ‘interim’. In Chelsea’s defence, all their managers are interim, although some are more interim than others.

Til next time, stay safe!


Where’s good to eat in Hull?

March 2, 2013

rafa-outHola. Hope you are well.

On my last blog post I forgot to mention DJ Campbell, who during the transfer window was all set to sign for Hull until according to Hull manager, Steve Bruce, he left as he was “nipping out for a bite to eat” and ended up signing for Blackburn instead.Maybe just maybe DJ Campbell did intend to go for lunch but couldn’t find anywhere decent in Hull. So with this in mind where’s good to eat in Hull? Feel free to let me know via the comments button.

DJ Campbell’s situation did make me wonder, how have you tried to get out of an awkward situation and did it work? Even better if it didn’t.

On to Barcelona. Despite all their recent success and being lauded for their playing style, I wonder if after defeats against Real Madrid and AC Milan, there are disgruntled Barcelona fans out there. If you are a disgruntled Barcelona fan feel free to contact me. To be honest I can’t imagine any Barcelona fans read this blog. So with this in mind, if you are a Barcelona fan (disgruntled or not)  contact me anyway.

And Finally… on to a set of genuinely disgruntled fans. I am of course referring to Chelsea fans who continue to have a go at their ‘interim manager’ Rafa Benitez, who this week hit back. Not with a rant, but with a few home truth. I know it’s easy for people to call it a rant as ‘rant’ and ‘Rafa’ is an example of alliteration which seems to be a big thing in the media.

Anyway I digress, from what I can understand the Chelsea fans gripe against Rafa is that many years ago, as Liverpool manager he had a go at Chelsea and Chelsea fans for waving their ‘plastic fans’. Which to be fair to Rafa, those flags were cheap and uninspiring. The irony from my stand point is that the posters for their ‘Rafa Out’ campaign are also cheap and uninspiring. I suppose that’s Chelsea fans for you. I’m sure when I’m Chelsea manager, I will regret these words.

Til next time, stay safe!