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What would the Germans think?

December 13, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

It’s not been a great time in terms of  behaviour for football fans recently and I’m not even referring to foreign fans such as the Serbian and Lazio fans who racially abused England U-21 and Tottenham‘s black players respectively. I’m talking about fans in this country. I know it’s ‘the minority’ but it appears that not a week goes by without some unseemly incident taking place involving fans behaviour.

For example, what made the West Ham fans who mimicked the sound of gas and sung songs about Hitler towards Tottenham fans think that was ok? Not only was it tasteless but it also defies logic, what with one of the West Ham players, Yossi Benayoun and co-owner David Gold being Jewish (or from a Jewish background). Not that I’m saying it would be fine to do this, if this wasn’t the case.

Or why did 6 Millwall fans think it would be more than reasonable to unfurl a banner calling a black player a c***. His crime, reporting to the authorities that he’d previously been racially abused during a game at … erm Millwall. There can’t be that many areas of life where you would consider this a good way to defend yourself against such an accusation.

I’m sure these people don’t act like this in normal life. If the West Ham fans who hissed towards the Tottenham fans met a Jewish person during an average week I’d like to think they wouldn’t replicate this act. Nor, when I’m out and about in London do I have to constantly dodge people in the street doing monkey impressions in my direction. That’s because I believe most people in this country are tolerate and open-minded and I’m sure this is the same with the vast majority of people who go to football matches. Yet in the so-called anonymity of a crowd (there is CCTV you know) these people believe anything is fair game.

It does make me wonder how these incidents are viewed in other countries, after all when we see similar scenes abroad, we shake our heads, full of condemnation. I wonder for example, what people in Germany made of seeing fans in England singing songs about Hitler and making light of the gas chambers.

Til next week, stay safe!


Boo is the colour

December 1, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

With all that’s gone on, it seems weird to think Rafa Benitez took charge of his first Chelsea game less than a week ago. Such is the madness of football and the madness of Chelsea, bookies already have odds for him being sacked before the end of the season. Talking of his first game has there ever been such a negative welcome for a new manager in the history of football, if there has been I don’t know about it.

I can’t believe Chelsea fans genuinely have a problem with Rafa. Ok, he said some things against Chelsea in the past, but who hasn’t, get over it, that’s football. The problem Chelsea fans have is that the man they are really annoyed at, is also the man who bankrolled their success, so how can they turn on him. It’s easier to boo Rafa or clap for Di Matteo than have a go at Abramovich. Can you blame them??

I do think it’s interesting how the press have reacted to the appointment of Rafa. He’s obviously a top manager but for some reason the press don’t take to him. Compare the reaction of Rafa’s appointment at Chelsea with that of ‘Arry’s at QPR. It’s chalk and cheese, if you didn’t know better you’d think ‘Arry’ had won a couple of La Liga titles or a Champions League.

It was the same whilst Rafa was at Liverpool, large sections of the media tried to undermine him despite his achievements. The same could be said of Fabio Capello, during his time with England and is currently happening to Arsene Wenger and Roberto Mancini. (I’m not going to even mention AVB) It begs the question, what have these foreign managers got in common? My advice to these guys is do what their British counterparts do and become drinking buddies with the press guys, or take up golf and become part of their golfing scene, after all it’s harder to have a go at someone if you might have to play 18 holes with them some day soon.

And Finally… In honour of the Chelsea fans I’ve decided the next time we get a new member of staff at work, I’m going to boo them and hold up banners telling them they must go. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Til next time, stay safe!