Sacked in the morning

Hola. Hope you are well.

So what has Roberto Di Matteo ever done for Chelsea? Only over see them win the Champions League and FA Cup in May. A mere 6 months later and he is sacked, at 4am if you believe the reports. Like Russell Brand’s relationship with  Geri Halliwell, we knew it was going to end at some point, the surprise was the speed of it. After all Chelsea have only really had one bad month, November, and Di Matteo’s paid for it with his job.

Maybe the mistake wasn’t sacking Di Matteo but appointing him manager in the first place. He was after all, only brought back to  Chelsea as an assistant manager and prior to this he was sacked by West Brom, not necessarily the credentials to become the Chelsea manager.

It was also clear that he wasn’t the owners man, which never bodes well, especially if that owner is Roman Abramovich. To be fair to him, if he’s going to pump billions of pounds into the club he can change managers when ever he wants or put a chimpanzee in charge if he so desires.

Which brings us on to Rafa Benitez (he’s not a chimpanzee). Even for Chelsea, it does seem odd that they would go from such a popular choice of manager in Di Matteo, a Chelsea man, to Rafa Benitez, who could hardly be described as a Chelsea man. Rafa has to contend with the fact that he’s not even the most popular Chelsea manager this week, nevermind in their recent history. I’m in a good position to gauge the opinion of Chelsea fans as for my sins I work with a lot of them. The first thing one of them said to me on Thursday morning was, “so we’ve got the fat spanish [an expletive that would suggest Rafa pleasure’s himself]”.

There’s no way Rafa will be accepted by the Chelsea supporters. If I were him I’d take the money and run. To be honest if I were him I’d have signed on than join Chelsea. Or I’d be constantly calling up Abramovich pointing out my mistakes and making up a few for good measure, just so I could get hold of the severance pay sooner rather than later. This maybe an insight as to why I’m not a top football manager.

I would argue that if Abramovich had real bottle he would appoint a new manager every week, in the same way Have I Got News For You do with their hosts. Either that, or he should just give the job to Angus Deayton.

Til next week, stay safe!



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