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Fergie left red faced

October 21, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

It does seem odd in a week when the black players in the England U-21 squad were subjected to racist abuse in Serbia, that by the end of it the focus should turn to Rio Ferdinand not wearing a T-shirt. Ironically a ‘Kick It Out’ T-shirt.

It also seems slightly bizarre that the black players who didn’t wear the T-shirts are in some quarters seen as being the bad guys. Almost as if they are holding back the eradication of racism in football. I don’t think people should get bogged down by T-shirts, the protest was highlighting whether  the Kick It Out campaign is effective or merely a token gesture.

The not wearing of the T-shirts has been made into a bigger deal, because Alex Ferguson has promised, in slightly sinister tones to “Deal with him [Rio Ferdinand]”. It seems Mr Ferguson’s annoyance, stems from the fact that Rio’s actions embarrassed him, as the previous day he’d said that all the Man Utd squad would be wearing the T-shirts.

There was some talk in today’s papers that Rio would be fined but surely causing embarrassment isn’t an offence you can be fined for. If it were, parents up and down the country would be fined every week by their teenage children. It would also seem ridiculous that a black man could get fined for not wearing an anti-racism T-shirt.

After the flack the Liverpool players got for wearing the Luis Suarez T-shirts and now this, perhaps we should ban T-shirts from football. I’m off now to print up some ‘Kick T-shirts Out’, T-shirts.

Til next time, stay safe!


Read the small print

October 11, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

Just when things seem to be levelling out at Newcastle they do something that gets them noticed. Normally it’s sacking their manager but on this occasion it’s agreeing a sponsorship deal with, the money lending company with ridiculously high interest  repayments. (There are other ridiculously high interest repayment lending companies available)

I’m sure the Newcastle board must have known this decision would prove unpopular in many quarters but must have felt that the money on offer was too good to turn down. Wonga also added a sweetener by saying they will forgo their right to have their name attached to the stadium, instead they will allow the stadium to revert back to St James’ Park. I would suggest no Newcastle fan calls it the ‘Sports Direct Arena’ so wouldn’t be calling it the ‘ stadium’ (or whatever the marketing men had in mind).

There will be those that say, this is just business and that people should get on with it, plus Wonga already sponsor Blackpool and Hearts, so what does it matter if they sponsor Newcastle as well. You could counter this by saying that Newcastle are bigger than the other two clubs mentioned (no offence Blackpool and Hearts) and so their association legitimises what Wonga do.

Others may ask, is what Wonga do any worse than companies that produce alcohol or gambling firms, who are already shirt sponsors of other Premiership clubs. I would say that although people have had their lives destroyed and their families through being unable to control their drinking or gambling, for the vast majority of people it is a good way to relax/escape the stresses of life. Whereas if you are contacting Wonga, you’re not doing it for a bit of fun on a Saturday night, you’re doing it because more than likely you are in a desperate situation and what’s more they know this.

However before we lay all the blame at Newcastle’s door, the question must be asked, why do Governments allow companies like these to exist in the first place?

Til next week, stay safe (and read all small print)


The pen is mightier than twitter

October 7, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

Today’s blog is all about the delightful Ashley Cole and his latest indiscretion. On this occasion, he took to Twitter and effectively called his bosses at the FA a ‘bunch of twats’.

What had they done to deserve this abuse? They, via an Independent Panel looking into the John Terry race case reported his involvement accurately, i.e pointing out that in his initial statement he didn’t mention the word ‘black’ only to later to change his statement to include the word ‘black’. So you can understand why Ashley was so upset (I’m being sarcastic by the way)

It begs the question, why would he so openly criticise The FA? Did he think no one would notice? He does after all have over 400 000 followers on Twitter. Many of whom would be more than happy to retweet comments that would get him in trouble.

It does seem as if every week a sportsperson is in trouble for something they’ve said on Twitter (or their other-half has said) so you’d think by now they’d all be aware that they need to be careful as to what they say on it, especially when they are angry about something.

If this had happened before Twitter, I’m sure Ashley would have shown his annoyance by moaning to the people around him, or texting a few of his closest friends (or almost crashing his car). What he probably wouldn’t have done, is rung The FA and told them they were a ‘bunch of twats’ and then take out a full-page advert in a national newspaper reaffirming this belief, which is effectively what he did by putting it on Twitter.

If any footballers are reading this, I would recommend that they invest in a notepad, you can get good ones from Poundland (other discount stores are available) and when they are about to post something controversial they should stop and use the notepad instead. In the long run it will work out cheaper than all the fines they would otherwise accrue due to an unwise tweet.

Anyway, in honour of Ashley Cole have you, or do you know anyone who has been caught slagging off your/their bosses? Feel free to let me know via the comments button.

Til next time, stay safe!