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September 28, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m going to start by talking about John Terry (have we not been here before). First things being first I’m not here to call John Terry a racist as I don’t know him and I don’t know his intentions but if you’re a professional footballer and the phrase F*cking black c*** comes out of your mouth during a match, there’s a good chance the FA will investigate.

There’ll be plenty of people who will think he got off lightly with a 4 game ban, especially when you consider you get 3 games for a straight red card plus Luis Suarez got an 8 match ban and his case was complicated by cultural and linguistic issues.

The one thing I’ve learnt over time is that what ever John Terry does he always lands on his feet. That’s why I say, once this all dies down he will somehow emerge as the new England manager. When it happens remember where you read it first.

On to Being:Liverpool, the behind the scenes documentary on channel 5. I watched the first episode last week and couldn’t help thinking it had the feel of a comedy, in the vain of The Office, with Brendan Rodgers as the David Brent figure. I also feel it suffers from Being:Recorded, for example, you see Brendan Rodgers doing a rousing speech before the opening game of the season, knowing they got beat 3-0. He also talks about how Andy Carroll can fit into his system and he would only be allowed to leave the club if the deal was right for the club. I’m not sure loaning out your club’s record signing for £1m can be construed as being the ‘right deal’. I’ll still be tuning in tonight for episode 2.

If anyone at Fox is reading this (that’s a long shot) I think the perfect club for the Being experience would be Blackburn Rovers. Just the other week Steve Kean admitted signing players despite never actually seeing them play. Then this week there were rumours that Steve Kean had been sacked but refused to accept it and turned up to take training the next day. And now, as I’ve been writing this Steve Kean has been sacked/forced to resign. What a club.

Talking of managers I was a little surprised to see Alan Pardew getting a new 8 yr contract. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t think this is going to end in tears? Having said that, Alan Pardew has already exceeded my expectations at Newcastle but still, 8 yrs.

Now to Kelvin Mackenzie. I recently emailed the BBC to see if they would still be using his services on their shows, especially after the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel and his role in The Sun’s coverage at the time. They couldn’t say if they would or would not be using him in the future but did direct me to this page, should I want to lodge a complaint. So should anyone else not want to see Kelvin’s face on the BBC, feel free to submit a complaint. In the BBC’s defence, I contacted a few broadcasters and they have been the only one’s to respond.

And Finally… If you believe the papers, Roberto Mancini is annoyed that Mario Balotelli smokes. So in honour of Mario, who are the other smoking footballers/sports people of the past or present. Feel free to contact me via the comments button.

Til next time, stay safe.

A monumental cover up

September 23, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve been in two minds whether to write about the  findings from the Hillsborough report but considering what was disclosed it feels wrong for me not to comment on it.

I was only 14 when Hillsborough happened and yet knew it wasn’t the fault of the Liverpool fans. I knew this from the moment the police put a statement out saying the Liverpool fans forced the gate open and then had to backtrack on this, when it was proved that the gate was opened by the police, without having anyone there to direct the Liverpool fans to the empty parts of the ground. If I could see the Liverpool fans weren’t to blame, when I was 14, why didn’t the authorities?

Why in a country that prides itself on fair play has it taken 23 years for the truth to come out, not justice, just the truth. I can’t imagine that in any other walk of life that 96 people can die and it takes 23 years for the truth to come out. I’m no expert on the legal system but how has this been allowed to happen? If the files were there to be viewed, why has it been left so long for them to be disclosed? Why have successive governments come and gone and they’ve not demanded the files be released?

The police come out of the report shockingly. What most surprised me was to what lengths they went to in an attempt to discredit the dead fans, by running criminal checks, and the coroner running tests to establish alcohol blood levels on all the deceased including Jon-Paul Gilhooley, who was only 10 years old. Not forgetting the fact that 116 of the 164 statements police officers made were doctored. I’m of the opinion that if you’ve mucked up, don’t make things worse by trying to cover your own back and shift the blame onto the victims.

The police  (with the help of  at least one Tory MP) also fed the press untruths, which leads me to Kelvin Mackenzie and The Sun newspaper and that front page headline.Instinctively, as a human you would probably question whether during a tragedy such as this, would you be robbing from the dying and/or urinating on the police. If you were the editor of a national newspaper,you’d think before giving the go ahead for such an explosive and hurtful piece, you’d make sure you had evidence to back up what you were saying. There were after all TV cameras there, so he could have looked through the tapes. Which makes me think, Kelvin Mackenzie was either grossly incompetent or guilty of maliciously spreading untruths against the dead.

There are of course other newspapers who ran similar headlines but it was only The Sun, who tried to pass these unfounded allegations as fact. Plus the other editors have had the good grace to disappear unlike Kelvin, who regularly appears on This Morning, Sky’s Press Preview and various BBC programmes.

If I were to end on a positive, I would say that the spirit of the families and the supporters for the justice campaigns has been unbelievable. I’m not sure if I’d been wronged by the system I’d have the energy to keep going for 23 years. I’d also say the response from other clubs and their fans, including historical rivals like Everton and Man Utd, shows that despite the team you support, we as football people know right from wrong, which is more than can be said about those that sought to cover up the truth.

Til next time, stay safe!

What’s going on at Liverpool?

September 4, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m taking time out of my busy September to look at what is going on at Liverpool.

Let’s start by looking at the loaning out of current England International striker Andy Carroll for £1m and then not replacing him, leaving yourself with just two strikers. Even if you don’t fancy a player, it makes sense that if you can’t get someone better in keep them and if you can’t get anyone in then definitely keep them.

Having said that I’m not blaming Brendan Rodgers, (although I would have given Carroll more  of a chance) he probably thought having brought in £5m for Charlie Adam and got Andy Carroll of the wage bill, it would clear the path for the arrival of Clint Dempsey. Yet Liverpool somehow managed to miss out on a player, who had stated he wanted to come to the club. Apparently a senior board member didn’t want to spend £6m on a 29 yr old. That’s a 29 year old who scored 23 goals last season. Maybe that board member could have made this known before the club loaned out Andy Carroll.

It does seem odd that Liverpool seemed reluctant/unable to pay £6m on a player they chased all summer, when a few days earlier Blackburn paid £8m for Jordan Rhodes. What is odder is that Blackburn are spending heavily now they are in The Championship, rather than last season when they were in the Premiership.

Anyway enough of Blackburn and back to Liverpool and having seen them struggle home and away against Hearts, it made me wonder if Liverpool would win the SPL. I mentioned this to my LFC supporting friends, and one said we’d definitely finish top 3. So, feel free to let me know where Liverpool would finish in the SPL. (you can contact me via the comments button)

Til next time, stay safe!