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Teflon John

July 19, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

I thought I might do something a bit different and just write about one subject. The subject in question being John Terry and more specifically his racial abuse case.

I’ve said it before on this blog, that whether John Terry was found guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand or not, it wouldn’t make any difference to how I view him. I can’t imagine what he would have to do, before I thought less of him.

As it happens we now know that when he uttered the words, “F***ing black c**t” towards Anton Ferdinand he was merely asking the question, “Did you think I called you a f***ing black c**t?” or he was being sarcastic. Or as the magistrate put it, “It is impossible to be sure what the Chelsea captain said and it may not have been intended as an insult”.

At this point I feel I should say, I will view it as an insult if you use the phrase, “F**king black c**t” towards me, even if you are enquiring as to whether you thought I thought you had called me a, “F**king black c**t”.

I do think it was interesting that in this case, the judge was unable to determine conclusively what John Terry’s intentions were in using this phrase, yet the Independent commission that ruled on the Suarez case were able to do just this, despite the case been made more complicated by language and cultural differences. I know that there were different burdens of proof at work, with the prosecution in the John Terry case having to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ and Suarez judged by ‘the balance of probabilities’. With this in mind it will be interesting to see if the FA will pursue this matter further.

I’ve heard some people say that, John Terry should get the England captaincy back, now that he’s been found not guilty. If this was to happen and I don’t think it will, then in the spirit of fairness Fabio Capello would have to be restored as the manager.

What I didn’t like about the case was that there appeared to be a witch hunt against the Ferdinands. I think what needs to be made clear is that Anton Ferdinand wasn’t on trail. He was the one the words were directed at, not the perpetrator. He wasn’t even the one who reported the incident and it wasn’t him who decided this should go to court, that was down to the CPS. Not that they can be blamed, if someone uses the phrase, “F**king black c**t” on a football pitch it is probably going to be investigated.

As for the whole choc-ice furore, that was a little embarrassing, with some people trying to say that by referring to Ashley Cole as a ‘choc ice’ Rio Ferdinand was being racist and therefore he can’t really complain about what John Terry said. I don’t want to shatter anyone’s illusions but referring someone as ‘choc ice’ and someone as being a ‘f**king black c**t’ is hardly comparing like for like.

One thing I did find out from the case is that Anton and Rio’s dad is called Julian, like me. I might never have known this, if it wasn’t for this case, so if for nothing else I’m glad the case happened.

Til next time, stay safe!

If you want to get ahead, become an Alan

July 14, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

Here is my last blog post for Euro 2012, a mere two weeks after the final.

Should anyone not know, Spain won the tournament after beating Italy 4-0  in the final. In fairness to Spain, if you are going to have your best game of the tournament, it probably makes good sense to do it in the final. And despite playing most of the tournament without a striker, Spain also had the Golden Boot winner in Fernando Torres, by virtue of him playing less mins than Mario Gomez who also scored 3 goals. But mainly because Torres played against the Republic of Ireland’s defence and Gomez didn’t.

Talking of Spain playing six midfielders and no recognisable strikers, I am now wondering what Spain’s next trick will be. Maybe they could play Cesc Fabregas in goal, he would after all be good at starting off attacks.

Now on to the pundits during Euros. Firstly, it would appear if you want to get on at the BBC, it helps if you are called Alan, as well as the regulars Hansen and Shearer, they were also joined for some games by Alan Pardew. My favourite pundit however, came from ITV in the form of Roy Keane. He says it as he sees it and doesn’t seem to care who he upsets, including former teammates. At one point, Robbie Keane was described as being a ‘Great player’, Roy Keane leant back in his chair and said, “he’s not a great player, a good player, but not great”, brilliant. Roy Keane strikes me as a man who if you were his child, wouldn’t put the picture you drew at nursery on the fridge, if he didn’t feel it truly deserved it. (apologies Roy if this isn’t true)

And Finally… having watched many games during the tournament, one thing struck me, if footballers didn’t exist, then neither would tattoo parlours because not only do footballers like a tattoo, they appear to be repeat visitors, many times over.

Til next time, stay safe!