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The sins of our father

May 31, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

So the new Liverpool manager is Brendan Rodgers. I can’t help thinking this appointment will be seen as either inspired when he’s amassed a hat full of trophies or if it doesn’t work out people will say ‘it was inevitable’ and ‘what did you expect appointing the Swansea manager with one years experience in the Premier League.

I find it quite interesting that after an extensive and intensive search for a new manager, FSG whittled it down to Brendan Rodgers or Roberto Martinez. Is this really a true indication of where Liverpool currently find themselves? I can’t help thinking they could have looked at managers with a bit more pedigree, but what do I know?

With Martinez, supposedly turning down the Liverpool job, Dave Whelan must be a happy man. He’s so happy that he’s “agreed to (Martinez’s) request to up his spending on youth development and training facilities”. That’s something for the Wigan fans to look forward to.

Moving away from Liverpool and on to grudges. I like holding grudges as much as the next man, unless that next man is Roy Keane (just ask Alf Inge Haaland) but I think West Ham fans may have gone too far. During their play-off victory against Blackpool, they booed Thomas Ince, not because he scored against them but because 23 years previous his dad was pictured in a Manchester Utd shirt before he’d officially signed for them. Just to put this in context, 23 years ago Thomas Ince wasn’t even born. How can you boo someone for something they didn’t do and more importantly didn’t exist when the incident happened.??

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Why Roy Hodgson should be sacked

May 17, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

So has anything happened since I last blogged??? Only Kenny Dalglish being sacked by Liverpool, Roy Hodgson announcing his Euro 2012 squad and Man City winning the league in the most dramatic of circumstances.

Let’s start with Kenny’s departure from Liverpool. In hindsight the writing was probably on the wall as it’s not a good sign for a manager when they get summoned by their bosses, like a naughty school boy, in order to explain why they finished 8th in the league. To me Kenny is still a legend, he answered the call when the club needed him and won a trophy in the process. Liverpool are now in a novel position of currently having no Manager, no Director of Football, no Chief Executive and no Director of Communications (Head of PR to you and me). But one thing the sacking did mean is that Kenny Dalglish once again overshadowed Roy Hodgson.

Which brings me on to England’s Euro 2012 squad. To me the squad is a mixture of players who have consistently not performed in major tournaments (the Golden Generation) or players who in the past were deemed not good enough to go to World Cups and Euros, Parker and Defoe, for example. The fact that there was talk of Paul Scholes, a man who started the season retired, being in the squad shows exactly where England are.

As well as the 23 players picked to go to the Euros Hodgson also picked 5 back up players including Jordan Henderson for this act alone the FA should terminate his contract. And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse in terms of England, Gary Neville was brought into the coaching set up. At least this will mean he won’t be on Sky as a pundit, you might think, but oh no, he’s being allowed to do the two roles. Isn’t there a conflict of interest? After all he’s going to be commenting on players in and around the England squad. Do the FA not remember the Capello Index?

And Finally… on to the game that saw Man City clinch the league title. I had the pleasure of watching the game behind some idiot Everton fans, who during the game were singing for QPR, cheered and chanted Joey Barton’s name after he was sent off, shouted “go home” when Mancini came on the screen. And then after all that, when Aguero scored the winner, they cheered along with the rest of the pub. How odd!

One question that did cross my mind after Aguero scored and then swung his shirt above his head, was whether the ref booked him for removing his shirt. I can’t help thinking it would have been pretty funny, if after all the drama, emotion, and the celebrations, the ref had taken Aguero to one side and yellow carded him.

Til next time, stay safe!

I applaud you Steve Kean

May 9, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

I have to start by stating my admiration for Steve Kean. Even now after overseeing Blackburn’s relegation he’s still saying he wants to stay on as manager and guide them back up next season. For that level of stubbornness and bloody mindedness I applaud you Steve Kean.

The Blackburn fans’ anger has always been directed towards Steve Kean and Venky’s. With the biggest accusation against the latter is that they don’t know anything about running a football club, nor did they have the finances to make a success of running a Premiership club. So my argument is why aren’t the Blackburn fans not more annoyed at the people who sold their club to the Venky’s, after all they were footballing people.

Now on to the new England manager. When the Liverpool fans sung “Hodgson for England”, I assumed they were being sarcastic but now I’m thinking they might be psychic. I’m not going to go on about Roy Hodgson being the England manager because it would appear everyone involved in football has got there before me, but when your rallying cry on your first day in charge is “Give me a chance”, you probably know you’re facing an uphill battle.

The question now is who is going to take over from Roy Hodgson at West Brom. I think it should be Alex McLeish. In the spirit of fairness he should be allowed to sprinkle his ‘magic’ over as many Midlands clubs as possible. In years to come I would like Midlanders to associate destruction with Alex McLeish. Maybe in the future youngster will be scared into doing chores by parents with the threat that if they don’t this Alex McLeish figure will come and get them and maybe make them watch, dull, defensive, uninspiring football for a season or two.

And Finally… I recently watched a video and thought it was pretty amazing. It’s of a Belgium footballer, Anthony Van Loo, who due to a heart condition plays with a defibrillator built into his heart. In the clip, you see him collapse to the ground after having a cardiac arrest and then as the defibrillator kicks in, you see his body jolt and then soon after he’s sat upright. To view the clip, click here. It’s amazing to see what modern medicine can do.

Til next time, stay safe!