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You can stick Gareth Barry up your arse

January 27, 2012

Those cream suits

Hola. Hope you are well.

As the girlfriend is away, I thought I would do what any guy in my situation would do and get the laptop out and do my football blog.

I also thought I would get my blog in before the Liverpool vs Man Utd game (tomorrow), although I doubt there’ll be many talking points in this game. In all seriousness I do hope the Liverpool fans don’t let themselves down by targeting Patrice Evra. Ever since this draw took place,  people have speculated as to whether anything could be done to diffuse any potential aggro between both sets of fans. Maybe the Liverpool players can wear T-shirts with Evra’s picture on them, to counteract the ones they wore with Suarez face. It does seem, those T-shirts have been the most talked about item of clothing in football, since the Liverpool players wore ‘those’ cream suits.

Talking of which, since Liverpool went through to the Carling Cup Final on Wednesday night, media outlets keep mentioning how Liverpool have not been to Wembley since 1996. I’m not sure why they keep mentioning this as it is a little bit of a skewed fact, as they have been to domestic cup finals since then but played them at Cardiff’s Millennium stadium because WEMBLEY WAS SHUT! It was nice however to see the Liverpool fans a lot more happy at this home draw, than the ones against Norwich, Swansea, Stoke et al…

I watched the semi-final in my local pub and during the game, probably prompted by one of his many saves, a (cockney) Man Utd fan asked me if, “Hart was the England keeper”. They’re so knowledgeable those Man Utd fans.

Prior to the game, I read an article in which Gareth Barry said he was put off a move to Liverpool, because during a pre-season game he heard the Liverpool fans singing “You can stick Gareth Barry up your arse”. That’s good to know, because some cynics (not me of course) thought he moved to Man City, rather than Liverpool because they offered him a shed load more money.

That’s me done for this blog post, I can only take so much fun on a Friday night, plus I’ve got to go and see if I can open a trust fund for my dog.

Til next time. stay safe!

There are other insurance comparison websites

January 19, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

After all the talk of racism and racist abuse surrounding Liverpool FC, you’d think everyone connected to the club wouldn’t do anything that could be construed as racist behaviour. Cue the FA Cup game against Oldham, where someone in the Kop, allegedly shouted a racist slur against Tom Adeyemi, Oldham’s black right back. Under normal circumstances you’d be considered an idiot to do that, but after what has recently happened you’d have to be a proper idiot or a proper racist. Some would say the two are not mutually exclusive.

Away from racist abuse, and on to Spurs after Tottenham beat Everton, I kept hearing pundits asking, ‘Are Spurs now genuine title contenders’. There was also talk of how Spurs have got to the top the right way, i.e. without spending huge sums of money, unlike Man City, to be fair that was just from Harry Redknapp. So after almost a week of the media bigging up Spurs, I found it funny that their next game, at home to Wolves, ended in a …. draw.

I very rarely talk about Scotish football, mainly because I don’t know much about the minor leagues of Europe but I was watching BBC Breakfast Sports news and they mentioned how Hearts face being fined by the SPL for not paying their players on time for the last 4 months. I don’t know the ins and outs, and I do think you should pay people on time but I do think it a little odd, to fine an organisation if they are quite clearly struggling financially. That concept seems so wrong, it could almost be a Coalition policy. (a little bit of politics)

On to a good news story, well I think it is, the return to Arsenal of Thierry Henry, who made a scoring debut against Leeds. His deal came about after he was training at Arsenal during the MLS close season. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in recent times at Arsenal. Jens Lehmann re-signed for the club after he was doing some work towards his coaching badges at Arsenal and Sol Campbell re-signed after he was training with Arsenal after he left Notts County after his one game there. So expect to see Perry Groves at the Arsenal training ground, anytime soon.

There can’t be many players, if any, who are playing at a club where there is a statue of them outside the ground. I don’t think Michael Jackson was still playing at Fulham, when they erected the statue of him. Apparently Thierry’s move to Arsenal, took longer than expected due to a problem with insuring him. It made me imagine Arsene Wenger on, looking for the best deal available. (There are other insurance comparison websites)

With the whole Suarez saga, I didn’t get the chance to mention Joey Barton threatening to sue refs or players who play act to get an opposition player sent off, after his sending off against Norwich. My first thought on this, is that Joey more than most footballers must realise that the courts are for serious incidents not because one idiot footballer decides to put his head into another footballers head. And secondly, has too much Twitter use affected Joey’s memory, as he seems to have forgotten how he got Gervinho sent off in the opening game of the season, erm … play acting.

And Finally… Like Mr Barton, I’ve joined the Twitter revolution, you can follow me @anunknowncomic.

Til next time, stay safe!


Things are never black and white

January 7, 2012

Hola. Hope you are well.

So the whole Suarez case has moved on since my last blog post. Aided by the disclosure of the 115 page report. I have to admit I’ve not read it. I could say it’s because I haven’t the time as I lead such a Rock and Roll lifestyle but I’d be lying, it’s just that I reckon it might be a slow read. Plus, like most people I like to draw my opinions from the snippets of info I read in the papers and on phone-in shows.

For what it’s worth (probably not much) I kind of feel a line probably needs to be drawn on this issue. Suarez is going to serve his 8 match ban. He has said he’s not going to use the term ‘negro’ again on a football pitch in England (I’m not sure about in other countries) and he’s released an apology of sorts. If I were advising him (and I’m not) I would strongly suggest that he makes a personal apology to Evra, expressing the fact that he hadn’t wished to cause Evra such offence. After all Evra expressed to the commission that he didn’t believe Suarez was racist.

I’m not naive enough to believe that in the heat of a verbal exchange Suarez used negro in the colloquial/matey way he suggested. He apparently backed this up by telling the commission that his wife uses that term as a pet name for him at home. This might be true but I would suggest that his relationship with his wife is different to the one he has with Evra.

Nor however do I believe that he realised how using that word in this country would be so negatively perceived. Having read Evra’s account of the verbal exchange, it appears to me that Suarez was trying to wind up Evra, of which it would appear he was successful in doing, as at one point Evra, threatens to punch Suarez if he uses the word again.

I also feel that those people who are trying to link this incident with what happened with Stephen Lawrence are making too many leaps. I can see why people have done this, and that’s to do with timing, as it coincided with the sentencing of  Gary Dobson and David Norris for the murder of Stephen Lawrence. If this had happened six months ago, I doubt people would have linked the two incidents.

The problem I have with linking the two cases is that Stephen Lawrence was hunted down by a gang of 5 white youths, cornered, before being stabbed to death, for no other reason than the colour of his skin. And if this wasn’t bad enough the family had to suffer again at the hands of the police and then had to wait over 18 years to get some semblance of justice.

I’m hoping after this blog post, I can go back to poking fun at football and footballers, after all I’m a comedian (of sorts).

Til next time, stay safe!