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The Golden Generation

November 19, 2011

A Llama

Hola. Hope you are well.

So much seems to have happened since my last post. So where to start??? Sepp Blatter me thinks. There’s not loads I can add to what has been said about his comments about racist remarks on the football pitch. He’s obviously got it wrong, to suggest that players should settle issues of racist abuse with a handshake is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous when you consider players get a yellow card for removing their shirts after scoring a goal. So in Blatter’s world you are better off racially abusing someone than removing your top. It’s even more ridiculous when you consider that these words should leave the lips of arguably the most powerful man in world football. The poppy row now seems to be a distant memory, if that was his intention then he’s some kind of genius, if not he’s just a buffoon.

Now on to England’s victory against Spain, surely making them the best team in the world and the unofficial World Champions. May I be the first person to suggest this crop of new players, including Phil Jones, Kyle Walker and Bobby Zamora are ‘The Golden Generation’. May I also suggest, should Fabio be reading this, that having beaten the reigning World and European champions this might be a good time to ask the FA for a pay rise.

It’s not been such a good time for the Harry Redknapp for England manager campaign. Not only has Fabio’s England had two victories, but Harry has been hospitalised and now has a date for his court case for financial wrong doings.

In addition to the Blatter furore, one of the other talking points was the Wigan player Alcaraz spitting at a Wolves player. Despite admitting it was wrong, Wigan manager Roberto Martinez did offer as a defence for his player, that spitting it is a cultural thing and though in this country we find it disgusting to spit at someone, in some cultures it’s more acceptable. Which cultures are these, the Llama culture?

And Finally… on my last blog, I mentioned how things were going well with Newcastle but being Newcastle there was a good chance things would implode and quickly. Mike Ashley must have been reading this because not long afterwards it was announced that Newcastle’s ground would be now known as the Sports Direct Arena. Named after the budget sports company owned by … Mike Ashley. To be fair if I were Mike Ashley, I would have gone the whole hog and called it the Mike Ashley Stadium. Live the dream Mike!

Til next time, stay safe!

Why always me?

November 2, 2011

Derren Brown

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m going to start this blog post by talking about the race row surrounding John Terry who is currently under investigation for allegedly calling Anton Ferdinand, “A  black c**t. My understanding of the situation is that John Terry doesn’t deny saying it but only said it to deny that he said it. Here’s a piece of advice for anyone out there should you ever be accused of saying something offensive, if you want to point out a misunderstanding, don’t repeat that offensive word/phrase in your denial.

I don’t think the Chelsea fans that sung, “You know what you are” to/about Anton Ferdinand helped the situation. I think we all know what he is, the alleged victim of  a racial abuse. The problem with these cases is that, it is always hard to know the true intentions of a person, what the authorities probably need is Darren Brown to get inside the mind of John Terry. If he were able to retrospectively mind read I would suggest that he not only go back to the incident with Anton Ferdinand but the game at the weekend, when Florent Malouda’s wayward back pass and Terry’s slip, allowed Robin van Persie to give Arsenal a 4-3 lead. With Malouda being French and Black, if Terry has any racist traits, I think this would be the time they would surface.

In other news Mario Ballotelli, has had another busy few weeks, it included, setting fire to his house, scoring two goals in the Manchester derby and being sent out for an iron by his mum and coming back with a truck full of toys but no iron. For anyone else bar Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, this would be an unusual couple of weeks but you kind of think for Balotelli this is just par for the course.Long may it continue.

The one thing that I feel is a shame with Balotelli, is that someone who brings so much joy with his antics, doesn’t allow himself to celebrate after scoring a goal. He’s gone on record as saying he doesn’t celebrate because scoring goals is just part of his job. I can’t help thinking that because he’s said this he now feels he has to stick to it(I think we’ve all been there). Surely not showing emotion after scoring a goal must take great self-control, something ironically he struggles with in other aspects of his life.

There’s also been talk that some of the owners of Premiership clubs would like to introduce a rule whereby there would no longer be any relegation from the Premiership. Surely if you’re not going to have relegation, then if you follow it to its logical conclusion then you shouldn’t have champions. And if you’re not going to have relegation or champions, then you may as well not bother counting the goals in the matches or recording the scores. This is such a ridiculous idea, that it makes the proposed 39th game, seem like the work of genius.

And Finally… congrats to Newcastle for the start to the season they’ve made. I think a lot of people me included didn’t think much of the appointment of Alan Pardew, especially as the way they treated Chris Hughton seemed harsh, but fair play to him, he seems to have got them playing well. However, I think special praise should go to Mike Ashley. I know he comes in for a lot of stick, mainly from the Newcastle fans, but essentially his biggest crime seems to be trying to run a football club like a proper business, i.e. getting rid of the players on over inflated wages and replacing them with younger, hungrier and cheaper models. Of course this being Newcastle, we know this good form won’t last, so expect Pardew to be out of a job by March Newcastle to be relegated,  and Ashley to be made unwelcome at St James Park. But until then the Geordies should enjoy themselves.

Til next time stay safe!