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The Scottish Pele

October 5, 2011

Albert Einstein

Hola. Hope you are well.

So much has happened since I last posted and plenty of it surrounds Man City. Firstly Garry Cook had to resign from his £1:2m plus a year job as the clubs chief executive after mocking Nedum Onuoha’s mum and her cancer in an email. Call me old-fashioned but if you are a chief executive of a club don’t mock a player’s mum especially if  she is suffering with a serious illness. His post has yet to be filled, so if any of the decision makers from Man City are reading this, then I would like to throw my hat into the ring. I’m also prepared to do it for as little as £800 000 a year as I realise I don’t have as much experience as Garry but in my favour, I don’t email much and when I do I’m careful in what I say and who I say it to.

Carlos Tevez also made the news after he refused to come on as a substitute against Bayern Munich, you may have heard about this story. You’d think a man who is reportedly on £250 000 a week to do one thing, play football, would have the good grace to play football. He subsequently blamed the incident on a misunderstanding but if you are on the bench and the manager turns to you, he’s probably not wanting to know your views on the new research that may render Einstein‘s theory on the speed of light redundant.

Also in that game Edin Dzeko had a strop after being substituted. He’s not the first player to react in this way and I’m sure he won’t be the last. It does however show one of the differences between footballers and us lesser mortals, because if our boss tells us we can leave work early we are overjoyed. We don’t see it as a snub or an insult, to us it’s a bonus.

Moving from Man City and on to Rugby Union and in particularly the Rugby World Cup. I know this is a football blog but I only mention it because at last year’s football World Cup, one of the sticks people used to beat Fabio Capello with, was that he had to tight a reign on the players and didn’t leave them to their own devices. Well the England rugby squad have shown us what happens when highly charged players are left to their own devices and it seems to involve, dwarf throwing, women that aren’t your wife, bungee jumps and lewd comments to female hotel staff. Maybe in hindsight Fabio had the right idea.

One story that might have gone under the radar was Chelsea signing 16 year old Islam Feruz from Celtic. The transfer caused a bit of a stir as Celtic had previously fought to stop the boy and his family being deported back to Somalia, and because he has been nicknamed the ‘Scottish Wayne Rooney’. This did make me think, because Alex Ferguson recently described Wayne Rooney as the ‘White Pele’, which surely means Islam Feruz is in fact the ‘Scottish Pele’. I don’t know Islam’s career will go, but maybe one day in the future he will be advertising certain blue tablets, deep-fried in batter.

Sometimes in football things happen and without knowing all the facts you instinctively know something is wrong. I felt this way when I heard that Peter Reid had been sacked by Plymouth. This after he had put his hand in his pocket to help keep the club afloat, this after he’d sold some of his medals to raise money for the club, this after the players hadn’t been paid for months and this after he’d been forced to play 16 year olds due to having a thread bare squad. But worse still, the person doing the sacking was none other than Peter Risdale.

And Finally… I want to end this blog post on an apology because on my last blog post I implied that Tottenham wouldn’t get much out of Adebayor in the way of effort apart from against Arsenal. Already he has proven me wrong, scoring against Wolves and twice against Liverpool. In my defence I have to admit to making a miscalculation, I forgot to factor in the fact that he’s only on loan at Spurs, let’s so how he gets on after he secures a permanent contract.

Til next week, stay safe!