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The premiership is back

August 26, 2011

Joey Barton and Gervinho

Hola. Hope you are well.

The Premiership is back and it’s almost like nothing has changed.

I’m going to start with Joey Barton, not because I am obsessed with him, although he has featured in the last 3 of my blog posts, but because he continues to be in the news. Firstly, he was all set to prove Fabio Capello that he could be trusted, after Capello had said earlier in August that he wouldn’t pick him for England because he thought he was “dangerous” and could get himself sent-off.¬† You’d think that Joey would keep his head down and just get on with playing football. Cut to Newcastle’s first game of the season, where he drags Gervinho up off the ground by his collars and then drops to the floor after being lightly slapped in the face. I’m sure Fabio was well impressed.

In other Joey Barton news he could be off to QPR which is a little surprising as his agent had said Champions League clubs were in for him. Unless I’m mistaken QPR are not a Champions League team. I know Fenerbache have been kicked out of the champions league but I’d not heard that they had been replaced by QPR.

Onto Robbie Keane who has moved to LA Galaxy, which begs the question, what has happened to Robbie Keane’s career that at the age of 31 he’s ended up playing in the MLS, isn’t that where you go when you’re 34/35? But according to him, he’s always wanted to play in the MLS. Really Robbie? When did this desire to join the MLS start? When he was a young lad growing up in Dublin, or was it when your agent told you how much LA Galaxy were willing to pay you?

Theo Walcott has a book coming out, I’m sure that will be a good read. In it he apparently criticises Fabio Capello’s managerial style. Call me old-fashioned but it’s probably not a great idea to criticise the England manager in print, when you still have aspirations to play for England. Especially when that manager has previously left you out of a World Cup squad.

Luka Modric was unable to play against Man Utd because his head wasn’t in the right place (mentally not literally). This from what I can see is because Spurs won’t sanction the deal for him to move to Chelsea. If he does get his move to Chelsea (probably 5mins before the transfer window closes knowing Daniel Levy) maybe he could have a word with John Obi Mikel, who continued playing for Chelsea, despite his dad being kidnapped.

I’m glad Arsenal got through the Champions League qualifiers, not so much for the club but for Arsene Wenger. Recently people have been talking about Arsene Wenger like you might about an elderly relative you are considering putting in a home and taking control of their affairs. It seems his biggest crime is not spending huge amounts of money on players. Money he may or may not have to spend. I do think some of the press coverage of Wenger has been pretty disrespectful after all he is one of the best managers we’ve seen in this country and definitely at Arsenal.

Talking of managers, Alex Ferguson has made up with the BBC after a 7 year self-imposed ban. This is sad news for me as it will mean I won’t get to hear Mike Phelan’s views of the game on Match of the Day. I’m not sure it will be worth watching anymore. Instead of the BBC asking Mr Ferguson questions relating to the latest match, I think they should start with the questions they wanted answering 7 years ago and slowly work their way back to the present day.

And Finally… congrats to Rangers who have somehow managed to get knocked out of both the Champions League and the Europa League and it’s not even Sept. That must be some kind of record.

Til next time, stay safe!

The road to DW stadium

August 12, 2011



Hope you are well.

Let me start this blog post by saying, I hope this is now the end of it all. I don’t mean the riots, I’m talking about Cesc Fabregas‘ move to Barcelona. This has to be the most boring transfer saga in the history of transfer sagas. It’s been literally been going on for over a year.

I do wonder why it’s taken so long to sort out, after all it’s now the eve of the start of the Premiership season and Arsenal are in danger of losing both Fabregas and Nasri. It reminds me of when I was a student and despite having months to do an assignment I’d more often than not be up into the early hours of the morning of the day of the deadline finishing it. Well Arsene Wenger may well be the footballing equivalent of me at Uni. All I can say if you are reading this Arsene, is that this strategy did me no good.

I mentioned the riots at the top of this blog, and as a result of them the England friendly against Holland was called off. Often when a crime is committed the police will look for a motive and I know that most if not all the Premiership managers were not happy about the timing of this friendly. In no way am I saying that any Premiership managers were involved in the riots but have any of them accounted for their whereabouts between Sunday and Tuesday?

One guy who must have been gutted about the match being called off must have been Tom Cleverley, who might have won his first full cap. He was a somewhat surprising call up, as when he was on loan at Wigan all last season he never got a sniff of a call up but having played a half¬† for Man Utd in the Community Shield he was right on Fabio’s radar. Maybe all this proves is that Fabio isn’t a fan of going to Wigan.

On to Joey Barton who I think is the first player to appear in 3 of my blog posts in a row. Between the last blog post and this he has managed to be transfer listed by Newcastle, on a free despite having a year left on his contract. Football clubs never refuse an opportunity to make some money, so for Newcastle not to ask for any money for him despite the fact they could quite conceivably get a couple of million for him is quite remarkable. It makes me think that Barton must be such a pain in the ass that they are willing to take a financial hit on him. It just goes to show, just because you can tweet quotes from George Orwell’s 1984, George Washington and Smiths lyrics, doesn’t stop you from being an idiot.

And Finally… I have worked out the final league table for the upcoming Premiership season. It’s as scientific as I could muster, without doing it on a computer, or knowing about logarithms. Swansea by virtue of being the last team to make it into the Premier League had 20 bits of paper in the fruit bowl, whereas Man Utd had 1 bit of paper in the fruit bowl, with all the other sides having the number of bits of paper corresponding to last years placings. Then I got an impartial adjudicator, my girlfriend, to pick out the teams, starting with the 20th place. So if you want to know the placings for the 2011-12 season, scroll down.




17 QPR

















Til next time, stay safe!