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I salute you Carlos

July 30, 2011

angelina and child

Hola. Hope you are well.

It seems to me that it has been a quiet summer transfer wise, there’s been a few big money transfers including Aguero to Man City and Downing to Liverpool and Young to Man Utd but nothing too exciting. The Aguero transfer should be big news but it isn’t as it seems Man City are replacing one good, squat Argentinian, with another good, squat Argentinian, that’s if you believe Carlos Tevez will be leaving City.

Tevez has said he wants to move because he wants to live in a place that his wife and young daughters can settle. I just wonder if in the future he will regret putting his family before his football career. After all give it a f,ew years and his daughters won’t appreciate that he made these sacrifices. When they are answering him back because they want to go to a house party and he won’t let them, then he might just think he should have stayed at City.  One thing that I am impressed with, is that despite being in this country for over 5 years he hardly speaks a word of English. I think that is quite an achievement, it must be pretty difficult to stay in a country that long and not pick up some of the language. For that I salute you Carlos.

One transfer that has happened was Jonathan Woodgate’s move to Stoke, he’s on a pay-as-you-play deal. With his recent injury record, I expect him to be signing on by December. I think that is a bona fide joke.

Last season when Steven Pienaar chose to join Spurs ahead of Chelsea, there were some people in the media who tried to use this as evidence that the shift of power had moved from Chelsea to Spurs. I’m not sure how these people view Luka Modric (arguably Spurs best player) wanting to move to Chelsea.

On my last blog post, I mentioned how Joey Barton met Morrissey, well he features again on this post (Barton not Morrissey) as he was unable to go on Newcastle’s tour of America as he wasn’t able to get a visa due to his previous troubles with the law. He said of this, “All I can do is continue to improve as a person” let’s face it, he was starting from a low base. I also think it’s typical of Newcastle to have part of their pre-season in a country where 3 of their players, including Barton and Nile Ranger couldn’t get into.

Also on my last blog, I mentioned I was going to be playing 11-a-side, well it proved to be quite eventful. I cleared one-off the line and won a penalty. I say won a penalty, some would say ‘dived’ and they’d probably be right. In my defence the referee gave it and who am I to disagree with the ref, also the other team were way ahead with only minutes left, and thirdly and most importantly the challenge was made by my mate, so that made it alright.

The oddest thing about the match was one player was wearing a Liverpool top,  nothing odd with that per se, but after the match we learnt that he is a Man Utd fan. I’ve never heard such a thing. Maybe it’s like guys that are so sure of their heterosexuality, that it allows them to have relations with men and still remain heterosexual. Anyway feel free to let me under what circumstances you’ve worn a rivals’ shirt.

And Finally… I was reading that one of Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt’s children is a Liverpool fan, after she was pictured with a Liverpool bag (see top of the blog). What struck me however, was how much Angelina looked like Michael Jackson in the  picture.

Til next time, stay safe!

Every loser wins

July 9, 2011

Hola. Hope you are well.

So much has happened since my last post, so I’m just  going to run through some of them.

On my last post, Alex McLeish was on the verge of becoming the new Aston Villa boss, well we obviously now know that it actually happened.  What I didn’t like was all these pundits, ex players and even Alex Ferguson telling Villa fans that they should give McLeish a chance. The way I see it, if Aston Villa fans are peeved about the appointment I think it’s well within their rights. Afterall I’ve never seen Mr Ferguson on  the Holte End. What does seem odd, is the fact that the Villa board chose not to appoint Steve McClaren because they were aware the fans were against it but instead chose the manager of their bitterest rivals, the manager who had just been relegated with their bitterest rivals, cos in no way would the Villa fans object to that.

Michael Owen’s horse Brown Panther won a race at Ascot (see here) and afterwards Michael shed a few tears on TV, ironically making him look like a loser. If the horse’s career should in any way follow Michael’s it will have a bright start, maybe become a national hero and then end up as a bit part in Alex Ferguson’s collection of horses.

Liverpool missed out on long-term target Sylvian Marveaux, who ended up moving to Newcastle on a free, after allegedly failing a medical at Liverpool. But Liverpool fans needn’t worry, the way things are going at Anfield I’m sure in 12 months time they will have secured his services for a cut price £30m.

England’s under 21’s crashed out of the Euro Championships, after a dire tournament, where they failed to get out of the group, or win a game, or have any coherent game plan. If Stuart Pearce’s job is to prepare the u-21 players for life in the full England team then he is doing a fantastic job. That must be why the FA were so happy to reward him with a new two-year contract.

I’ve never been to  Glastonbury and probably never will as I’m not sure all that camping and mud is my sort of thing but this year’s Glastonbury did lead to an unlikely meeting, that of Morrissey and Joey Barton. I asked my friend (and writer) HP Tinker, who knows more about these things, “What have they got in common?” He said, “They both love Morrissey”, which probably accurately sums up their relationship.

Apparently Barcelona are 450m Euros in debt, but they needn’t worry as their President Sandro Rosell has a solution. He’s basically going to scrap bodyguards and to only photocopy things in black and white and not colour. I’m no financial expert but that should do the trick. Having said that they are still linked with £30m plus moves for Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. I suspect that’s a lot of black and white photocopies.

I ended up playing 11-a-side football a couple of weeks ago. I can’t remember the previous time I played 11-a-side and afterwards I realised why I hadn’t played for so long, as it was hard work. I ended up feeling stiff for days after. It was my own fault as my cool down involved sitting around talking about how difficult it was before going to a pub for a pint. Normally when something is so difficult my natural instinct is to avoid doing that thing again. So it might surprise you, because it certainly surprises me, that I will be back playing 11-a-side later today.

And Finally… Emmanuel Adebayor is not happy about having to train with the Man City reserves. On his reported £175 000 a week wages, I’d be happy training with the refuge collectors. (No disrespect to the refuge collectors at Carrington).

Til next time, stay safe!