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King Judas

June 16, 2011

doncaster rovers mascot

Hola. Hope you are well.

Here’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever be writing but Midlands football could be about to get interesting. Well it will be if Alex McLeish joins Aston Villa having resigned from Birmingham City. If this does happen Alex McLeish would be up there with the biggest Judases in football. Not only would he be joining Birmingham’s biggest rivals but he’d be doing this after he has he just overseen the relegation of Birmingham. The odd thing about this for me is that the Aston Villa board want McLeish, after all he has taken Birmingham down twice in his short tenure at the club. Of course I should add that he did win the Carling Cup this season but I’m not sure how much sway that currently has with the Birmingham fans.

The other weird thing about this whole scenario is the fact that we learnt that Alex McLeish resigned by e-mail. That strikes me as being an odd way for a football manager to quit, for a start how did he know the owner had seen it. For all he knew it could still have been sat in Carson Yeung’s inbox. In my last post I mentioned how Tony Fernandes, announced he’d bid for control of West Ham on Twitter and now this, it would appear that football has fully embraced modern communication methods. What next, players putting in transfer requests via audioboo?

Now on to Liverpool, and having paid over the odds for Andy Carroll in January, they’ve now gone and spent close to £20m on Jordan Henderson, yes that is TWENTY MILLION POUNDS. It would appear that Liverpool are on a one club mission to regenerate the North East.

Talking of that region and I was a little surprised that Kevin Nolan has left Newcastle for West Ham. Surely the lure of working with Sam Allardyce again isn’t sufficient enough for him to want to drop out of the Premiership. So it begs the question, why else would he make this move? Answer’s on a postcard .

And Finally… you can tell it’s the close season as there is not a lot of stories around, this can be emphasised by the fact that the following story made all the papers. Basically the Doncaster Rovers mascot was sacked for posing in a ‘raunchy’ photo shoot. The  most surprising thing about this story is that she is a woman. I thought running around in a stupid costume, for the amusement of others, was the preserve of men, but I suppose that just shows just how far women have come.

Til next time, stay safe!

Champions League, I’m having a laugh

June 4, 2011

barcelona fc

Hola. Hope you are well.

First things first, let me just say how much I enjoyed the Champions League Final. I just hope Barcelona aren’t too shy to send Man Utd an invoice for the football lesson.

Of course Man Utd fans will say they are the best side in this country by virtue of winning the league, so fans of other clubs can shut it with their glee. However I reckon it’s a bit like seeing your school bully getting beaten up by a harder child from a nearby school. The bully may still beat you up in the future but you’ll somehow never see that bully in the same light again. 

I did feel Berbatov was harshly treated, in that he didn’t even get a place on the bench for the final. His place going to part-time horse trainer, part-time footballer Michael Owen. Berbatov after all was Utd’s top scorer in the league last season. Mr Ferguson obviously likes Owen as he’s just given him a new 1 year contract. He also said Owen will see more time on the pitch next season, so that’s good news, for all those clubs chasing Man Utd.  

And the last thing to say about the final is that I almost didn’t get to watch the game as my girlfriend wanted to go and watch the film Casablanca on a big screen in a local park. She said it would be romantic. I’m not sure how it would have been romantic when one of us would have been trying to listen to the game on their Walkman. I think it’s immoral that people would put on an event like this, that clashes with a big football match. It’s irresponsible as it’s always going to lead to clashes between couples. Luckily for me my brother needed us to baby sit so I had a good excuse not to see the film, plus he has a lucky TV. So Barcalona can thank me, my brother, my nephew and the lucky tv for their victory.

In other news, Sam Allardyce has become the new West Ham manager, it would be easy at this stage to say there goes their footballing traditions, but I won’t. But I did find it interesting that there was take over talk on his first day at West Ham, with Tony Fernandes, the boss of F1 team Lotus announcing on his Twitter page that he had put in a bid for the club. I’ve never put in a bid to buy a football club so I’m not over qualified on the etiquette but is Twitter the best way to announce this? Is this seen as good business practice these days? It can’t have been good news for ‘Big Sam’ who’s traditionally not done well at the hands of new owners. He was sacked a few months after Mike Ashley took over at Newcastle and then he got sacked a few weeks after the Venkys took  over at Blackburn. If I was Sam (and I’m not) I’d probably rent  a property rather than buy, just to be safe!

And Finally…. There has been accusations of corruption at FIFA, who would have thought??? One of the allegations, is that delegates were bribed with money to vote for Qatar’s World Cup bid. Call me old-fashioned but I think bribery is such an ugly word. If any money did change hands and I’m not saying any did, I’d prefer to see it as oiling the wheels. To be honest, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t have to grease a few palms to get the World Cup. It is the World Cup after all.

Ps. Congrats to Sepp Blatter, who against all the odds won the vote to become FIFA’s President for another 4 years.

Til next time, stay safe!