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A grand gesture

April 28, 2011

imogen thomas

Hola. Hope you are well.

Following on from my last blog post, I must mention that I’ve not heard from any cheerleaders, them’s the breaks. Although I won’t fully rule it out.

Quite a lot has happened in the world of football since my last blog post, including Mario Balotelli fast becoming one of my favourite current players. Not only for his ability to simultaneously wind up both the Man Utd fans and players at the final whistle of the FA Cup Semi by firstly kissing his badge towards the Utd fans and then winking at Rio Ferdinand, but because he is a genuine character.

Ok, I’m not too keen on him throwing darts at youth team players but most of the stories that surround him are pretty much legendary and there’s a somewhat child like innocence to him. For example, he’s previously drove his car into an Italian women’s prison and when the policed rightly asked him, “why?”, he said, “because he wanted to see what it was like inside”. Or when he was stopped in his car by the police and they found £7500 on him, on being asked, “why have you got so much money on you”, he replied “because I’m rich”, which in many ways is the perfect answer.

Anyway, his latest reported incident, apparently came after he went to a casino and won £25000. On leaving, he saw a homeless man he recognised and gave him £1000 of his winnings. I’ve no idea what the homeless man did with the money, I can only assume he used it wisely, but it has made me think I should dig out my tattiest clothes and head up to Man City’s training ground.

Someone else in football who could be described as being a bit different (but more malicious) is Joey Barton. He came out in a French football magazine and claimed to be the best English midfielder in the country. He also claimed that Gareth Barry is a ‘teacher’s pet with a good agent’. I’m not sure what that makes Joey Barton, maybe the kid who’s constantly getting excluded and heading for a stay at Her majesty’s pleasure. The strange thing about this story is that it appeared in a French magazine. I can’t imagine Joey Barton is a big draw in France. I can’t imagine having Joey Barton in their magazine in any way boosted their sales, although I may be wrong. If you are French and a big Joey Barton fan feel free to let me know, cheers.

In other things that have happened since my last blog post, Spurs got knocked out of the Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid. They were effectively out after losing the first leg away 4-0. They weren’t helped by the fact Peter Crouch got sent off after 15mins for 2 bookable offenses and Aaron Lennon had to pull out of the game just before kick off, with what was originally described as a sore throat. Firstly, what striker gets sent off after 15mins for 2 tackles? Gary Lineker went a whole career without getting booked, yet Crouch couldn’t get  to 16 mins before picking up two yellows. And what kind of weak excuse is a sore throat for pulling out of such an important game, that wouldn’t have even got me out of PE back in the day, nevermind an away leg at the Bernabeu.

Over at Arsenal, Stan Kroenke wants to buy the club outright. I was reading about how the share buy-out would work. Apparently Arsenal have a few major share holders including Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith. Seeing this written down, did make me think, could she have the poshest sounding name in football? Feel free to let me know of equally posh sounding names in the game.

And Finally… the big story that’s currently making the news in general and in football in particularly is the story surrounding Imogen Thomas and an unnamed Premier League footballer. If you believe the papers it would appear that if you are a Premiership footballer and you’ve not at some point attempted to acquire a super injunction, you are letting down your profession. Shame on you, pull your finger!

Til next time, stay safe!

100 words and counting

April 6, 2011

the crystals

Hola. Hope you are well.

So Wayne Rooney eh, what a f*cking c*ck. In my opinion there’s never any excuse for swearing.  In all seriousness it’s a shame that he decided to use his time in the spotlight to scream obscenities to the watching world. Surely he could have used his opportunity more productively, maybe commenting on the situation in Libya, or which voting system he prefers AV orfirst past the post. Perhaps he’s holding back his thoughts on these matters for the next time he scores a hat-trick.

Since my last blog post, England beat the mighty Wales. One person who must have been pleased by that game must have been Frank Lampard. Mainly because before the match, there was A LOT of speculation that he would be dropped for the game. With Gerrard already out of the game through injury, newspapers were even printing the last England team sheet that contained neither Gerrard and Lampard. In the end, Lampard started the game and scored the first goal, so all that speculation was rendered pointless.

Prior to the Wales game Fabio Capello was getting a fair bit of stick, as per usual, this time for his handling of the England captaincy. Personally, I’m not fussed who the England captain is, it’s not as if  whoever it is, is going to have to worry about lifting any major trophies, but the media seemed slightly obsessed by the whole topic.

Some people blamed Fabio’s poor grasp of English for the communication problems. He then added fuel to those flames by saying he only knows 100 English words and that is enough. A lot of the Fabio haters jumped on this, but I’m with Fabio on this one. I think 100 words is more than plenty for him to communicate his thoughts to his players. After all what things does he need to say to his players. There’s tactical stuff like, ‘ball’, ‘goal’, ‘score’ and then there’s the code of conduct, things like, ‘Drink less’, ‘Don’t bring a gun to training’ and ‘Don’t screw other player’s girlfriends’. Feel free to let me know what other English phrases Fabio needs, you can comment via the comments button.

I also think the media are focussing on Fabio’s lack of communication because a lot of them won’t rest until Harry Redknapp is the England manager. In this modern football world, where players from all around the world play in the same team, I imagine there’s plenty of language barriers. I can’t imagine Kenny Dalglish and Luis Suarez have long, intricate conversations, but this didn’t stop the latter being Liverpool’s best player in March.

And Finally…The big football story here in London, if you believe the Metro newspaper, is that the Cheerleaders of Crystal Palace, ‘The Crystals’ have come in for stick, not for their communication skills, but for being a negative influence. Some people have suggested that their presence is distracting the players. I for one. can’t believe highly professional players would get distracted by young women, wearing next to nothing. One of the things I found interesting in the article, was that it said these girls didn’t get paid for their work. This did make me wonder why you would parade around in next to nothing on in front of 15000 football fans, if you weren’t getting paid. Feel free to contact me if you’re a cheerleader and don’t get paid.

Til next time, stay safe!