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Rooney and JFK

February 18, 2011

sally bercow on the evening standard

Hola. Hope you are well.

I thought I would start this blog post by talking about that ‘Rooney goal’, his overhead kick against Man City or the ‘shinner’ as I like to call it. I heard it described by Hawksbee & Jacobs, on Talksport, as our JFK moment, as in you know where you were when it happened. I know where I was, on a Virgin train from Manchester to London, the glamour.

On my last blog post, I mentioned the whole Andy Gray and Richard Keys furore. Well they are back in work, almost inevitably at Talksport. Their first show was on Valentines day, which maybe considered a little ironic considering it’s a day for women and more particularly when you consider the reason they are no longer employed by Sky. I suppose it could have been worse, they could have waited a month and launched the show during International Women’s week.

Also since the last blog post, Gary Neville announced his retirement from football with immediate effect. I’ve got to admit I’m not a massive fan of Gary Neville, in many ways I think he’s a twonk, (I’ve deliberately watered down my language). I started thinking about why I’ve never warmed to him and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s got nothing to with the club he’s played for. The reason I know this, is because I don’t mind the players who were his peers at Man Utd, Scholes, Giggs, Beckham etc.. I don’t even mind his brother Phil, or his sister Tracey or his dad Neville, although I have no views about his mum. Anyway I was vocalising my dislike of Gary Neville to my Man Utd friend (Adam), probably not the wisest of moves, and he didn’t seem to agree with my standpoint on Gary. That’s fair enough, I can understand Utd fans liking Gary Neville as he’s one of them (a twonk) but it has made me think do fans of clubs that aren’t Man Utd, like Gary Neville. So if you are a supporter of a club that isn’t Man Utd, feel free to use the comments button to share your views of Gary Neville.

As a footnote Robbie Savage also announced he would retire at the end of the season. I don’t require your thoughts on him, thanks.

And Finally… Since I’ve moved to London, I’ve noticed just how the London based media are so entrenched in everything London. An example of this was when the London Evening Standard put on their front cover a pic of the Speaker’s wife, Sally Bercow, wrapped in nothing but a bed sheet, yet left the troubles in Egypt to page 18. Anyway I digress, the reason I mention this, is because the big football issue here for the last few weeks, has been about who should move into the Olympic stadium, West Ham or Tottenham. Maybe it’s my Northern roots, but I do wonder if anyone outside of London cares about this, in fact does anyone outside of West Ham and Spurs fans (and maybe Leyton Orient fans) care about this. Feel free to let me know if this is just a London thing.

Til next time, stay safe!

Dark Forces at Work

February 2, 2011

Julia Keys

Hola. Hope you are all well.

It’s all gone mad since my last post. Firstly, let’s start with the last day of the January transfer window, where Chelsea bought Fernando Torres for a British record £50m and Liverpool went straight out and paid £35m for Andy Carroll.

Since these transfers people have speculated as to who got the better deal. It’s hard to say, I don’t think there’s a person on this planet including Andy Carroll that thinks he’s worth £35m but at the same time he seems happy to be at Liverpool, which is more than you could say about Torres. It’s probably easier to say who’s the loser out of these transfers? That’s quite clearly Newcastle. They might have £35m in the bank, but they’ve lost their best striker and only have Ameobi, Lovenkrands, Best (Leon) and Ranger to replace him. (No disrespect to Ameobi, Lovenkrants, Best (Leon) and Ranger).

One player that seems to have been overlooked with Carroll moving to Liverpool despite costing £23m is Luis Suarez. There are a couple of reasons why I think he will be a good signing for Liverpool. Firstly, he will make a more than capable understudy should anything happen to Pepe Reina, as proved in the World Cup. And secondly, his surname Suarez scans with Torres, so Liverpool fans needn’t change their songs too much.

I think the most surprising bit of news from the last day of the window, was that Man Utd’s Gabriel Obertan put in a transfer request. Firstly, I’m sure if Utd received a half decent bid for him he would be off, so there’d be no need for him to force Utd’s hand with a transfer request. And secondly, if you are going to put in a transfer request don’t leave it to the last day of the window, you had the whole month to engineer a move. Out of fairness I must say that Obertan’s agent denies a transfer request was made, but I say don’t let fact get in the way of having a go at a Utd player.

Talking of expensive strikers as we were at the start of the blog, let’s move on to Darren Bent who scored on his Aston Villa debut, not long after I questioned his price tag on my previous blog post. To be fair it was almost inevitable that he would score on his debut, the only guaranteed way he wouldn’t have scored is if I had put money on him to score.

And Finally… the other big story to come out since my last blog post was the one involving Andy Gray, Richard Keys and Sian Massey, you may have heard about it. I’m not going to go over it all again as I’m actually tired of reading about it but I did think it was telling that no one has come out at Sky to support Andy Gray and Richard Keys. I don’t even think Sky released a statement complimenting them on their 20 years of service. In fact the only person who seems to have come out and supported them is Richard Key’s wife (see pic at top of blog). I for one think, when your wife and/or mum are the only people to back you up, you know you are f*cked.

Til next time, stay safe!