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Snood wearing Prima Donnas

December 22, 2010


Hola. Hope you are well and gearing up for Christmas.

I’m not one to exaggerate but I think I’m writing this despite the onset of Swine Flu. Although as a trouper I will battle on without moaning.

It seems a lot of things have happened since my last blog post, mainly involving managers.

Firstly, Mike Ashley in his wisdom decided to sack Chris Hughton and replace him with Alan Pardew. I’ve still not found a man, woman, child, animal or alien who thinks this was a good idea. I heard a report saying Pardew’s first job was to convince the players he was the right man for the job. I would have thought his first job would have been to convince himself, he’s the right man for the job.

Having said that it’s funny how quickly things change in modern football, as illustrated by Pardew’s first game in charge against Liverpool. At the start of the game Roy Hodgson must have looked over to the opposition dug out and thought it’s nice to be facing a manager more hated by his own fans than he is. By the end of the game and Newcastle’s 3-1 victory, Alan Pardew must have looked over at Roy Hodgson and thought it’s nice to see a manager more hated by his own fans than me.

Another manager in the news was Sam Allardyce, who got the boot from Blackburn. I’m not a big fan of Big Sam, but I was surprised when he go the heave-ho. Some of Sam’s fans in the media and Mr Ferguson tried to make out that this decision shows the Indian chicken people running Blackburn don’t know anything about football or running a club. Maybe just maybe, if you’d just invested your hard earnt money in a football club then you wouldn’t want the brand of football Big Sam serves up.

Another manager I have sympathy with is Roberto Mancini. For starters, the view of Man City seems to change game by game. If they win, they are potential Premiership winners, if they lose, they are a bunch of snood wearing prima donnas, surely the truth is somewhere in between these two extremes. Another reason I feel sorry for Mancini is because he has to deal with snood wearing prima donnas, the likes of Tevez, Balotelli, Yaya Toure etc… Ive not seen as  many toys thrown out of the pram at Eastlands since I was last at a toy throwing out of a pram convention. City don’t need a manager, they need Supernanny. I for one would like to see Carlos Tevez on the naughty step.

The last manager I’d like to talk about is Rafa Benitez. I’m a big fan of Rafa, but I also realise he’s a little bonkers. With Inter struggling in the league, they go and win the World Club Championship. At this point, most managers would enjoy the victory, maybe use it to lift moral, Rafa on the other hand decides this is the perfect time to give his boss an ultimatum of back me or sack me. At the time of writing it looks like Inter president Massimo Moratti will choose the latter option.

And Finally….All that is left to say is, I hope you all have great Christmas and New Year and thanks for your support throughout the year!

Til next time, stay safe!

You can’t win them all

December 7, 2010

prince william, david cameron, david beckham

Hola. Hope you are well.

On my last post I mentioned, I was going to Italy (for a friend’s wedding). Well I’m back safe and well and I wasn’t racially abused (see last post), which I consider the minimum requirements of a holiday.

Also since the last post I’ve moved from Manchester to London. Don’t worry I’ve not been head-hunted, but my girlfriend has got a new job. The one good thing about the moving to London is that at last I’ll be free from Man Utd fans.

I’ve already found a pub that might become my football pub. It’s got a few screens, the beer is pretty cheap but it does seem to have an over reliance on rules. One of the signs they have says you have to drink at least 3 drinks during a televised match. I think that’s a little bit wrong, after all if I wanted to be dictated to about how much I drink, I would be married by now. So far I’ve only had 2 drinks on the two occasions I’ve been in there. One the second time I only got there for the second-half, thanks to hot-pot taking longer to cook than I expected. And on the other occasion I was watching a Europa cup game, which isn’t really a proper game, so I think I was justified in not following the rules. The ironic thing about the sign is that it’s next to a poster encouraging sensible drinking.

Now onto our bid to host the 2018 World Cup. If for some reason you’ve not heard, we didn’t get it. In fact we failed spectacularly, registering just 2 votes and going out in the first round. I imagine Fabio Capello took some pleasure in the fact that another England World cup bid did worse than the one he was involved in.

The question that has been asked frequently since the announcement was, where did our bid go wrong? I would have thought it might have had something to do with the fact that we told anyone and everyone who would listen that the organisation making the decision were corrupt. Panorama even put out a programme saying as much, a few days before the announcement. I didn’t watch it but I did hear the majority of the allegations stem back  to the 1990’s. To me that seems like a long time ago, in fact it’s such a long time ago that back then I was young and had hope. It does beg the question what is Panorama’s next programme about, who’s better Blur or Oasis? (oasis for me)

Another reason we were disappointed by the result of the bid was because we felt our team of David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham would sway the delegates to vote for us. We are led to believe that some of the delegates did say they would vote for our bid and then subsequently didn’t. It must be especially hard for David Cameron to deal with people who say one thing and then they do the complete opposite.

And Finally… One of the reasons we felt we had the best bid was because we already had the stadia and infrastructure. I heard many pundits say  ‘we could hold the World Cup tomorrow’, which was slightly ill-timed as at that point the whole country was at a stand still due to the snow. So maybe they should have clarified the situation and said we could hold the  World Cup as long as there’s no snow, when nothing gets done.

Til next week, stay safe!