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Never let fact get in the way of a good headline

November 19, 2010

fabio capello

Hola. Hope you are all well.

Let’s start with the Eng/France friendly. Did anyone reading this actually care about this game? I watched the first-half whilst reading ‘Frankie Boyles’ autobiography, My sh!t Life so far’. I didn’t really bother with the second half as it clashed with The Apprentice.

Some parts of the media did seem to take the game seriously, a couple of the tabloids described Fabio Capello as ‘The Prat in the Hat’ even though he was actually wearing a cap. Although every journalist knows you should never let fact get in the way of a good headline. After we had ‘The Wally with the Brolly’ with Steve McClaren, I think England managers need to learn not to attach themselves with any objects that can easily be rhymed with derogatory terms. Let’s hope for his sake that Fabio doesn’t injure his leg before the next England game, requiring him to use a (walking) stick.

My final thought about the game is Steven Gerrard’s injury. Liverpool’s fitness coach Darren Burgess went ballistic after Gerrard suffered a hamstring pull in the 85th min. He blamed Capello for playing Gerrard for so long. I however don’t blame Capello, I blame Steven Gerrard. He should have done what most senior players do before a friendly and that’s pull out with an ‘injury’. Or even if he did turn up and start the game, he could have gone off at half-time with a ‘slight strain’. What he shouldn’t have done under any circumstance in a friendly, is to chase back 20 yards and make a desperate sliding tackle in the 85th minute.

Onto the Panorama programme, that is set to be broadcast four days before the World Cup committee decide who will stage the 2018 World Cup. The programme is thought to show FIFA in a bad light. This is why people think it will ruin our chances of winning the bid. I think the FA and our media should have just kept quiet and we would have got away with it, after all who  watches Panorama?

And Finally… I was interested to learn that Man City’s black Italian striker Mario Balotelli was racially abused during the Italy v Romania game, by his OWN FANS! One banner even read, ‘No to a multi-ethnic national team’. Guess where I’m going next week…. that’s right Italy. Wish me luck!            

Til next time, stay safe!  

Football and Showbiz

November 12, 2010

james quinn

Hola. Hope you are well.

This will be a quick fire post of some of my thoughts I’ve had about football in the past week.

Firstly Liverpool owner John W Henry’s young wife Linda Pizzuti has caused a ripple of excitement at Anfield, having been seen at the Napoli and Chelsea home games, although I’m not sure if she managed to make it to the Wigan away game on Wednesday. One question it did make me consider and that is, how does a billionaire businessman manage to attract such a young and glamorous wife?

Talking of the Liverpool v Chelsea game, and John Barnes has come in for a bit of stick, mainly from chicks, because he missed the birth of his 7th child as he was a pundit for the game. In Barnes’ defence it was his 7th child and he had been at the birth of the previous 6. I imagine by child number 7 you really can’t be arsed. If that was my 7th child I doubt I’d have the enthusiasm to even bother name it.

On to a present day left winger and Gareth Bale. I’ve been wondering if the Gareth Bale is the best player in the world bandwagon is now over. It seemed all the hype was based around his two performances against Inter Milan. After that he was linked with a £50m move away from Spurs. £50m! Seriously? When Wayne Rooney was leaving Man Utd (for that one day) his price tag was £50m and he’s been performing at the top-level for a number of years. We mustn’t forget that it wasn’t that long ago that Gareth Bale was seen as the jinx of the Spurs team and they were going to burn him on a stake. Maybe after Bolton stopped him from playing his value will have decreased somewhat.

I went to watch 6 short plays last Fri, one of them was written by James Quinn (he’s an actor, who’s appeared in Early Doors, Coronation St. and Hollyoaks). After the plays a few of us including James watched the last 20mins of the FA Cup match between Rochdale and FC Utd. I think this is the nearest I’ve come to watching a match with someone famous, although I once watched a champions league semi-final in a pub with a woman who may have been Carla from Coronation st. Feel free to let me know if you have watched a football match with a famous person.

The only thing I will say about the game, is that the late winner FC Utd got, shouldn’t have been allowed as the ball was quite clearly in the Rochdale keeper’s hand before the FC Utd player kicked it out. Which goes to show that although FC Utd are only an off shoot of Man Utd, it would appear that late controversial winners must still be in their DNA.

Now moving on to England. There’s been growing speculation that Andy Carroll will be called up to the full squad, to play France. Some people have suggested he shouldn’t be called up because of his off field issues. I’d ignore his off field problems (although I definitely wouldn’t house share with him) and question whether he’s done enough in the Premier League to merit a call up. Having said that, Jay Bothroyd, the Cardiff striker has been linked with a call up to the England squad. So on that basis Andy Carroll not only deserves his place in the squad but he should be a starter and captain the side.

And Finally…. Ending a relationship is never easy whether it be personal or professional but I reckon you should do it with sensitivity. Or you could do what Chelsea did to Ray Wilkins and sack him at half-time of a reserve team match. It just goes to show, money can’t buy you class. I wonder if Ray stuck around for the second half?

Til next time, stay safe!

Hello Barack Obama

November 4, 2010

naniHola. Hope you are well.

I’m going to start this post by saying something that is a bit out there. I have some sympathy with Wayne Rooney, some not total sympathy. The reason being the way his pay rise has been reported. If you were to believe some sections of the media you would think Wayne Rooney was the poster boy for the Spending Review. Whether you think £250 000 a week is excessive for a footballer (it is), it’s not actually his fault the country finds itself in such a financial mess. Rooney is neither George Osbourne, nor is he an investment banker (insert your own jokes). Admittedly his pay rise didn’t come at the best of times, what with him being out of form, what with him now injured, also on the back of a bad World Cup, and on the back of alleged infidelity and on the back of the biggest crime of all eating Chicken Nuggets whilst holidaying with Coleen in Dubai.

Talking of Wayne and Coleen’s trip, it was reported that whilst out there Wayne didn’t watch the Stoke v Man Utd game. He got criticised in some quarters, but I think there are not many things us fans can relate to with top Premier League footballers, but on this we can. Because we know how hard it is when on holiday with the missus to sneak off to watch the football and that’s without the allegations of prostitutes hanging over us.

Not to make this all about Man Utd, but I feel I have to mention the Nani goal against Spurs. So for what it’s worth, this is make take on it. Nani dives in the box and then deliberately handles the ball but the ref Mark Clattenburg, for some reason chooses to ignore both these things. As Spurs are in possession he plays advantage, Gomes then puts the ball down as he thinks a free-kick must have been awarded only for Nani to tap into an open net. Maybe, I have an skewered view of what playing advantage is, but surely the opposition scoring against you isn’t much of an advantage. For me the worst part of the incident was Nani’s goal celebration, it was mainly the sticking out of his tongue that did it for me. If I had been a Spurs player it would have taken great restraint not to have knocked him out.

Moving away from Man Utd and on to me. I got given a Liverpool FC bin for my recent birthday. This did make me question whether it’s wise for club products to be so closely associated with rubbish. And before anyone says it, I know Liverpool have been rubbish this season. It did make me think of how I once bought a box of discounted England football condoms, I’m not sure what made them specifically linked to the England football team. I could make a joke about only getting so far before leaving you disappointed but I won’t. Feel free to let me know of any unlikely football merchandise you’ve got. (comment via the comments button, cheers)

Some sad news now, Paul the Octopus is dead. Obviously after his successful World Cup the fame must have gone to his head, he burnt the candle at both ends (if you can do that under water), he probably fell in with the wrong crowd, maybe hanging out with loose lady octopuses, that or he died of natural causes as Octopuses don’t live very long. You decide!

And Finally… It was nice to see Barack Obama is a reader of this blog, and he even commented on the previous blog post. It’s kind of him to take time out and do this, especially as I imagine he has more pressing things to deal with. And who could’ve known he’s taken such a keen interest in Kevin Davies’ career. There can’t be many like him out there.

Til next time, stay safe!