Wayne Rooney ruined my blog

leslie compton

Hola. Hope you are well.

I was going to write a whole heap of stuff about Wayne Rooney and him wanting to move away from Man Utd. I was going to mock him, the fans that went round to his house and Ian Holloway. I’d written it up, and then I found out that the cheeky scamp had signed a new 5 year deal with Man Utd, making my very funny and witty comments redundant. Cheers for that Wayne. The one thing I will say is, this was either the most daring piece of contract negotiating in the history of contract negotiations or the biggest    U-turn since something big did a U-turn.

I’ve had to delete all the Rooney related material and instead I’ve decided to just keep the non Rooney stuff I was planning to do, meaning this will be a much shorter post than usual.

Ok, let’s start with Craig Levein’s decision to send Scotland out against the Czech Republic in a 4-6-0 formation. I have to say that in all my time watching football, I’ve never heard such a thing. Occasionally I’ve watched games where a team has played one up front and that player’s been so ineffective it’s looked like the team were playing with no one up front. But to actually send a team out with no strikers, that’s just wrong. It wasn’t as if it was even a success, as they got beat 1-0, but it does make me think, when they went a goal down, did he get a little more adventurous and maybe play 3-7-0???

Let’s move on to England their historic and heroic  0-0 draw at home to Montenegro. I feel I should congratulate Kevin Davies, who at the age of 33 became the oldest player since Leslie Compton aged 38 to make his England debut. This makes me ask the question, what the hell was Leslie Compton doing, that at the age of THIRTY EIGHT, and only then, the England manager thought he was good enough to make his International debut. He must have been overlooked at 18, when he was a sprightly youngster, and in his mid twenties, not even when he was 37 was he deemed good enough for his country, but when he turns 38, that’s the time to blood him.

And Finally… I got given a book voucher for my birthday, but something tells me I won’t be spending it on the book recently written by Roy Reyland. For those that don’t know who Roy Reyland is, he is the ex-Spurs kitman, and now Saracens (Rugby Union) kitman. He’s put pen to paper to tell us of his life as a kitman (see here). I think I might however keep hold of the voucher and save it for when the Arsenal tea lady decides to bring out her life story. That’ll be sure to be a great read.

Til next time, stay safe!

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2 Responses to “Wayne Rooney ruined my blog”

  1. Barack Says:

    Kevin Davies – another Roy Hodgson success story.

    • theviewfromthetrevor Says:

      Hello Barack, It’s good to have you on board.

      Yep Kevin Davies is just one of the many success stories in the managerial career of Roy Hodgson. Unfortunately Liverpool appears not to be one of them.



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