which pr*ck scheduled a game for a friday

sony walkman


Hola. Hope you are well. 

I’m going to start with a couple of apologies. Firstly in my last post I may have suggested that Monica Mint, the prostitute allegedly linked with Peter Crouch was Spanish, when in fact she is actually Algerian. I sincerely hope I haven’t ruined her reputation. 

My second apology is for taking ages to do a new post, I’m not sure where time goes. I’ve been busy (for me) and then I did some shows at the Edinburgh Festival (see here) and then I had to catch up after going to the Edinburgh festival. 

So this is the first post since the start of the Premiership season, which gives me the chance to look at how my Premiership predictions (as first mentioned in the previous post) are getting on. The first thing to note is that, I think we all felt it would be a massive effort for Stoke to finish the season as Champions, but it will be even more incredible after the start they’ve made. But I still have hope that they can do it, especially as they managed to sign Jermaine Pennant and re-sign Salif Diao just before deadline day. These two could be the signings that are going to propel Stoke to Premiership glory, or not. Wigan on the other hand started off as if they were trying to finish in19th place. It’s bad enough losing to Blackpool 4-0 on the opening day, but when you make Marlon Harewood look like Lionel Messi, you know it might be a long hard season. (Yep, I know Wigan just beat Spurs 1-0 at White Hart Lane, it’s things like this, why I should post more regularly) 

Probably the most intriguing transfer that took place in the Summer window was Craig Bellamy going on a season long loan to Cardiff. On the face of it, it did seem a little unfair to the other Championship teams, as Man City are still paying the majority of his wages. Meaning Cardiff get a Premiership quality player for next to no outlay. I think in the spirit of fairness, Man City should have been made to send all their fringe players out to championship clubs. I could just see Robinho being more than happy to turn out for Scunthorpe

One other player on the move in this window was Javier Mascherano from Liverpool to Barcelona. One of his last acts as a Liverpool player was to pull out of the game against Man City. It’s claimed that he didn’t want to play because he wasn’t in the ‘right mental state’. I think the next time you pull a sickie you should use that as your excuse, feel free to let us know how that goes. Let’s face it, if it were law that we had to be in the right mental state (and physical state) before we could work, I imagine half the British workforce would be off every day. 

And Finally…. which pr*ck has scheduled the Euro qualifier between Eng and Bulgaria for a Friday? One thing we know abt football is that it is played on a Saturday and Wednesday. And on a Sunday. And Monday and a Tuesday. And sometimes on a Thurs, if you’re lucky enough to be in the Europa League. But never on a Friday. This is why when asked a couple of weeks ago, could I make a meeting this Friday, I said Yes. Only to discover this clashes with the game. But not to worry as I have a cunning plan, I will take my cassette/radio Walkman and keep in touch with the game that way. And before you ask, yes I do have a Walkman, and yes I do know it’s not 1984. Just get over it, you Ipod loving …. 

Til next time, stay safe!


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