What kind of name is Paul for an octopus?

De jong kung fu tackle


Hola. Hope you are all well. 

So Spain are champions of the World. In a final that was a tad dirty, it seems the general consensus was the blame for this lay at the door of the Dutch. I’d however like to blame the Spanish. If they insist on taking this novel approach to football, i.e. passing consistently to a team-mate, they must expect to get nobbled. What they should do is stick a big man up front, boot the ball to him in the hope he can flick the ball onto a smaller more skillful striker. This may not result in them winning tournaments (or matches) but they won’t get fouled as much. 

Our media did seem to take an extra special interest in the officiating of the Final, I don’t know if this had anything to do with the officials being English. Normally I don’t take much interest in who the referee is, but even I have to admit that the game was a hard one to handle. You’d have to have a heavy heart not to feel some sympathy for Howard Webb (not because he’s from Doncaster). It must have been a career ambition to referee the World Cup Final only for it to turn into a nightmare. It must be like fancying a girl who’s out of your league but you still chase after her and then after ages of pursuing her, probably due to feeling vulnerable or drunk (or both), she agrees to go out with you. Only for you to realise after a few dates that she is ‘high maitenance’. At least you have the memories. 

I do think that it is a little bit sad that we had to cling to the fact that the referee of the Final was English. Having said that we did seem to take quite a lot of delight that Paul the Octopus was born in English waters. (although this has been subsequently questioned). My first observation about Paul the octopus, is that Paul is no name for an octopus. I was also been told that if you had put £10 at the bookies on the first of Paul’s predictions and then re-invested those winnings and kept doing this with the rest of his predictions, by the end of the tournament you’d end up winning more than £1000. I don’t know if that is factual, but it does seem easy to say this after the event. I mean, which idiot would have initially put £10 on the result of a game, on the say so of an unknown octopus? Although I did put money on the horse that came second in this year’s Grand National on the say so of a parrot and a gold-fish (see here). But in my defence that’s two animals, so that’s almost scientific. 

Talking of naming things (as in Paul the Octopus) I was interested to see the Boateng brothers not only played for different countries, Germany and Ghana, at the World Cup but they have a different type of name. You have Jerome, quite a sensible name and then you have Kevin Prince, quite a showy name. This makes me think, Kevin either added the ‘Prince’ part or he is clearly the parent’s favourite. 

Talking of parents Christiano Ronaldo became a dad whilst the tournament was on (all a bit weird). He is going to have sole custody of the child and of  all the names he had to choose from, he has gone for….Christiano. How original. He’s just been at the World Cup in South Africa you might have thought that would inspire him when it came to names. For example, Vuvuzela Ronaldo, after the horn, or Jabulani Ronaldo after the ball, Apartheid Ronaldo after… (don’t mention Apartheid). 

And Finally….. The fallout from England’s disastrous tournament continues. Firstly Emile Heskey announced his retirement from International Football, in a very gracious statement. People often knock Emile but I was once told, quality players can replicate their club performances in the International arena and few can argue Emile did that. 

And the Capello Index reared its head again as the scores of the players who took part in the World Cup were announced on the website including the England players. People have said this is embarrassing what with Capello being the England manager. What I would say is, if the players didn’t want such poor ratings, they should have played better! 

Til next time, stay safe!

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2 Responses to “What kind of name is Paul for an octopus?”

  1. blue moon over stretford Says:

    trevor (or whatever your name is), good blog, interesting re spain that keeping the ball for such long periods has been highlighted as a negative tactic as the oppo cant get possession. Re the octopus last I heard it (or its owners) had received several hundred ‘job offers’ plus a russian wanted to pay $100,000 for it. Given that octopus’ only live a few years and paul will be lucky to see brazil 2014 the aquarium should cash in now in keeping with fifa’s ethos – for the good of the $$$$

    • theviewfromthetrevor Says:

      Cheers for your comments. It would appear Paul the Octopus is more sought after than James Milner. In fact I think City should buy him instead of Milner, I could see him in the City midfield. Plus he would count as a home grown player, so everyone wins, except maybe James Milner.


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