From St. Ives to South Africa

a vuvuzela

Hola, Hope you are well and enjoying the World Cup.

It’s been an odd World Cup for a number of reasons, mainly because the big talking points have been about inanimate objects, the Vuvuzela and the ball.

Firstly, I want to say I’ve no problem with the Vuvuzela. Some of the people who have complained about them, have said that it has spoilt their enjoyment of the game. I’d say some of the football has spoilt the enjoyment of the game.

Secondly, I think that the Africans have pulled a fast one with the Vuvuzela. It’s said that they are part of African tradition but I reckon they’ve said this so they can  use them to annoy the sensibilities of their European cousins.

Other people have said the Vuvuzela is distracting for the players, this might be true but I reckon this is more distracting for the players.

Some journalists have speculated as to whether the Vuvuzela will catch on in this country. I don’t think we have to worry about that. It’s one thing seeing and hearing them at the World Cup in South Africa, it’s another on a wet Tues night at Barnsley in December. (it’s always a wet Tues night in Barnsley).

Now onto the ball. I can’t believe the amount of fuss that has been spoken about the ball. It’s just a ball! Anyone would think that the players have been asked to play with a rugby ball. The way the commentators have been speaking about the ball, you’d think that before this ball, no footballer had ever hit the ball over the bar, or ever over hit a pass.   Having said all that, I do think it is odd that before every major tournament the powers that be introduce a new ball. Surely the World Cup isn’t the best place to make changes, it’d be like before an important exam you deciding you will write with your weaker hand.

On a personal point of view I’ve had an odd start to the World Cup. I started it on holiday in St. Ives (nice place). For the opening game Sth Africa vs Mexico, I was at the Minack Theatre, an open-air theatre, watching the Kafka play Metamorphosis. If you had told me a week before the World Cup had started that this would be how I’d be spending the opening match, I would have thought you were mad.

I did however get to see the Eng vs USA game, but I did miss the Gerrard goal, not because I was watching on ITV HD but because  I was washing some cups. That is probably the lamest reasons for not seeing a goal. If you can beat that feel free to let me know via the comments button.

One of the things I noticed about the coverage of the Eng/US game was the amount of camera shots there was of David Beckham, in the dug out, wearing his Eng blazer. There must have been as many shots of him as there was of Fabio Capello. This made me wonder if David Beckham, in his head, pretended he was the England manager.

And Finally… Does anyone else think the ITV World Cup theme has elements of  the Bucks Fizz song ‘Making your mind up’? I think it’s that song, I’m not a Bucks Fizz aficionado, honest.

Til next time, stay safe!

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