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A week’s a long time in politics

April 20, 2010

holly willoughby

Hola. Hope you are all well. 

They say a week’s a long time in politics but it’s also a long time in football, especially if you’re supposed to be blogging about it and haven’t been. 

Anyway, let me take  you back a couple of weekends ago, the world was a different place back then, planes were allowed to fly, Adrian Chiles  was a valued member of the BBC and no one really knew who Nick Clegg was. It was also the FA Cup Semi Final weekend and that is where I would like to start this blog. Firstly can we all SHUT UP about the Wembley pitch. I get it, some players slipped over, but the way the managers talked about it and the way the press have reported it, you’d think the players were asked to play the match on ice. To be fair that does sound like an ITV programme in the waiting, ‘The FA Cup on Ice’ hosted by Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and maybe a role for Adrian Chiles

One of the pre-match facts that came out of the Portsmouth/Tottenham semi and was somewhat overlooked  is that Avram Grant texts Harry Redknapp everyday. Is this kind of thing normal for two middle-aged men to do. The only person I text everyday is the other half, and often that’s just to say, “what do you want for dinner”? Who do you text each day that isn’t your loved one??? Feel free to let me know. 

Also that weekend I watched the Real Madrid vs Barcelona game             (El Clasico if you want to look as if you’re in the know), where Barcelona won the game quite easily 2-0. That made me think, if Real Madrid can’t compete with Barcelona despite spending £250m in the summer, who could give them a game? Then I thought I’d like to see how they’d fair on a wet Tues night taking on Stoke at the Britannia stadium in November. I bet they’ve never had to face anything like Rory Delap’s long throws. This then led me to think who is more influential to their side Lionel Messi for Barcelona or Rory Delap for Stoke City. So I thought I’d let you decide, so who is more influential Messi or Delap? 

Talking of influential players, if Wayne Rooney doesn’t win the Player of the Year, I’ll eat my proverbial hat. But I was surprised his team-mate ‘OG’ wasn’t shortlisted, it’s an effing disgrace, afterall he is the second top scorer at Old Trafford. 

And Finally… I know someone who had a birthday party with his football team-mates. By the end of the party it descended into chaos, with them taking off their tops and exposing their ‘privates’. This I must add was a       6 year old’s birthday party, which makes me think is this behaviour inherent in footballers or learnt behaviour ? 

Til next time, Stay safe!

Actions speak louder than words

April 9, 2010

kevin mcdonald

 Hola. I hope you are well.

So much seems to have happened since my last post, for example it was nice to see Mr Ferguson having something to celebrate this week, as the horse he co-owns ‘What a Friend’, won at a meet at Aintree (see here). I suppose after defeats this season at Anfield and Goodison, he was overdue a victory on Merseyside. It was also nice he could share his victory with his good pal and puppet Sam Allardyce. And who are Man Utd playing next in the title run-in, Blackburn Rovers, managed by a certain Sam Allardyce, ‘What a friend’ indeed.

Talking of  Big Sam , he’s apparently told Paul Robinson to ring Fabio Capello and ask him why he’s being ignored (see here). I can see a flaw in this plan, because if Fabio is truly ignoring Paul Robinson, he just won’t answer the call. I’ve known women like this. What Paul Robinson should do, if he’s reading this, is to ring Fabio from a friend’s phone and when Fabio picks up, he can announce himself, job done. If he’s short of friends willing to lend him their phone, apparently Ashley Cole has a spare.

There has been plenty of talk about the Champions League, what with Man Utd’s exit and Arsenal getting spanked by Barcelona and Messi. But I’d like to go back to the first leg game of Arsenal/Barcelona at the Emirates. At 2-0 to Barca, I switched over to watch the remainder of the match on my cursed TV (see previous blog ‘it was the curse of times’). Picture the scene, I’m sat on the sofa next to the other half, who is not that interested in football. Then Theo Walcott comes on as substitute, and because I have a bit of  a thing against Theo, I’m sat there slagging him off. At one point I said something along the lines of “he’s quick. but so is Usain Bolt and you don’t see him playing for Arsenal”. As I just finish this rant, who should pop and score, Theo ‘bloody’ Walcott, making me look a tit (more of a tit) in front of the missus. What makes it worse, is there’s not much she thinks I know about but football is one of those things, so thanks a lot Theo.

I suppose it could have been worse, last season I could have ridiculed a striker that missed a presentable chance by saying “my wife could have scored that”, only to see that exact same player score 2 goals against my team, leading to a 3-1 defeat. Hello cheeky cockney, Harry Redknapp, if you’re reading this.

And Finally… We all know actions speak louder than words, so congratulations to Kevin McDonald of Burnley who according to press reports went to the pub at half-time of the Man City game (see here). In his defence they were 5-0 down at the time and he did follow the game when he got to the pub. It must have worked as they drew the second half . Maybe just maybe, he’s stumbled across a master plan, take note Brian Laws.

Til Next Time, Stay Safe!