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Bridge troubled over JT

February 26, 2010


Mmmmm £1.2m

Hola . I hope you are well. 

This is a historic day, as  Portsmouth become the first Premiership club ever to go into administration.  But seriously how can a Premiership club go into administration, what with all that money sloshing around? That must take some proper mis-management. That’s why I thought it was odd that Peter Storrie the Portsmouth chief executive chose this week to try to defend his £1:2m a year salary.  Firstly. if I was him I would have kept a low profile and secondly I’m no business expert but I reckon I could have taken Portsmouth into administration for a mere  £600 000 a year

Also the John Terry situation has moved on, mainly because Wayne Bridge has come out and said he won’t play in the same England team as John Terry. I understand why Wayne Bridge has done this but it seems like a lose-lose situation for him, he’s not going to the World Cup and John Terry has still boffed the mother of his child. I think purely out of fairness, Toni Terry should take one for the team, where Wayne Bridge is concerned. 

The guy I feel sorry fo in all this is Fabio Capello, it wasn’t long ago that everything seemed to be going to plan for him and the team. A few months on, he has no left back, Rio Ferdinand has back problems, no one seems to know who is the best keeper is, Glen Johnson has been out with a knee problem and Joe Cole hardly plays for Chelsea. Things have got so bad, that some people are calling for Bobby Zamora to be given a chance. 

Talking of Italian managers, Roberto Mancini is coming under pressure at Man City. I don’t think he has to worry just yet, he should wait til he gets the ‘dreaded vote of confidence’ or he sees Craig Bellamy walking towards him with a golf club. 

And Finally…On last week’s blog I questioned why Ashley Cole would need 2 phones, including a pay-as-you-go phone, suggesting it could be for unscrupulous reasons. Well I think I may have done him a disservice, I’ve thought about it and maybe he needed the second phone so he could take advantage of Orange Wednesdays, where you get a  2-4-1 deals on films at the cinema on Wednesdays. Or maybe he needs it to text women pictures of himself in his pants. Who knows??? 

Til Next time, stay safe!

Football’s coming homophobic?

February 17, 2010

anyone like this man?

Hola. I hope you are all well.

It’s probably not the best admission for someone writing a football blog but I have missed a lot of football games recently. I didn’t watch the AC Milan vs Man Utd game, instead I stayed in and watched the Brits and had pancakes. I’d probably say the pancakes were better than the Brits. I also missed all the TV FA Cup games. Partly because they seemed to be on at random times. It was if someone pulled the ties out of one hat, the day the ties were to be played from another hat and the time they would be played from a third hat. It also didn’t help that the ties also fell on Valentine’s weekend. I know people talk about the romance of the cup, but Man City vs Stoke is no aphrodisiac. Even John Terry couldn’t be bothered to stick around for the FA cup so why should I? Not that I follow everything John Terry does.

There’s also been talk of having a play-off to see who should claim the fourth Champion League spot. If the authorities think they can tinker with the status quo, then I have a suggestion. That’s why I’m proposing Tottenham should not be allowe to enter the Champions League even if they finish in fourth spot at the end of this season. My reasoning being, no side that’s been beaten home and away by Wolves should be allowed to play in Europe’s top competition.

The question of whether football is homophobic cropped up last week, when a FA campaign to fight homophobia was scrapped before it started. I don’t think football is homophobic and I certainly hope it isn’t, I just think it’s a strange industry. It’s an industry where Greame Le Saux was viewed with suspicion because he read the Guardian. It’s also the only high profile industry that doesn’t employ an asian person at an high level. Even the police have black and asian members (albeit the highest ranking police officer did get sent to jail last week). But football isn’t homophobic and I can prove it, because after a goal has been scored, especially an important one, the players and the fans are openly hugging and kissing each other. And that is well gay.

And Finally… Isn’t Ashley Cole a wazzock and I choose those words carefully. Does anyone like Ashley Cole? Not think he’s a good player but actually like him. Don’t get me wrong I’m not overly fussed what he gets upto in his private life, it’s just the way he tries to wriggle out of it. For example, why does someone who earns around £100 000 a week need a pay-as-you-go phone? But then this is a guy who by his own admission said he almost crashed his car when Arsenal offered him £55 000 a week and not £60 000. He was also the guy who threatened to sue Google, who seriously takes on Google, except China. I maybe wrong (it has been known) so if you genuinely like Ashley Cole, feel free to let us know. Cheers

Til Next Time, Stay Safe!

A woman’s work is never done

February 10, 2010

Cheer up Avram

Hola. I hope you all are well.

Let’s start with John Terry, who since my last post has been removed as the England captain. I think Fabio Capello did it because he was tired of being followed by camera crews. They were at the airport at Switzerland after he had his knee op, where he refused to talk about the situation, they were at the airport when he landed in London. Did they think on the flight over he’d have changed his mind and decided to talk. If he wanted to be followed by camera crews, he would have married Jordan/Katie Price.

I do like the fact that the meeting with John Terry took, 12 mins. It seems quite a precise amount of time, which makes me think the FA have started employing someone to time such a scenario. If that had happened to me, the thing that would have annoyed me most about the shortness of the meeting is that I would  have had to get to Wembley, and then get back home again, all for 12mins. And I don’t drive so I would have had to take the tube or bus, which would have added to my annoyance. It’s probably a good job I’m not the England captain.

Talking of personal issues, crossing into the media, it was reported last week that Avram Grant was the Priemiership manager who visited a brothel. To me he doesn’t look the type, not that there is a type but I would have put money on Phil Brown (no disrespect Phil). Avram always seems to me to have that glum look, I don’t even think a woman playing with his penis would lift him out of his general gloom. (For legal reasons I must point out that in no way am I saying anyone has played with avram grant’s penis).

Congrats to Amy Fearne, who became the first woman to ref  a Championship match. She came on for the last 20mins of the Coventry v Nottingham Forest game after the original ref came off with a calf strain (pussy). I’ve heard a bit of sexist nonsense spoken about this (mainly on Talksport) but I think if she is good enough then I have no problem with her overseeing games. My only footnote is that her refereeing duties shouldn’t interfere with her duties as a wife/girlfriend, ie. the cooking, cleaning etc….

And Finally… New West Ham co-owner David Sullivan has come out and said he wants players, admin staff (and probably the tea ladies to take a 25% pay cut. I bet Mido is gutted, that would take his weekly pay packet to £750, if my GCSE Grade B maths is correct.                                    

Til next time, stay safe!

Nature vs Nurture

February 2, 2010


Hello and welcome to the second post of ‘The viewfromthetrevor’. On the last post I mentioned how I’m the kind of guy who starts a football blog mid-season. I’m also the kind of guy who starts a football blog mid-season and then a day later goes to Madrid, missing a fair bit of football. Talking of which, the only reason I realised Man Utd had got to the Carling Cup Final was because a Utd fan sent round a jokey email about viagra, semis and losing it in the last minute. I’ve noticed that it is only ever Man Utd fans that send me jokey/gloating texts about football, often when it has nothing to do with my team. It makes me think that this kinda behaviour is either learnt by years of watching the likes of Mr Ferguson, Gary Neville and Ronaldo, or is it in them at birth. I think this would make a good programme for Robert Winston to investigate.

Talking of texts, when I was at the airport coming back from Madrid, I got a text from a mate that read “Good old JT. Knob”. I had no idea what he was talking about and thought  maybe John Terry had scored an own goal, and in many ways he had. To be honest, I’m not that fussed about reading about  other people having sex, being a hypercrite I will still read about these scandals. To me John Terry is basically a cockney wideboy, who happens to also have the talent to headballs out of the area and block shot going towards the net. He’s not a role model to me or my children (not that I have children but if I did John Terry wouldn’t be their role model). The John Terry situation as I’m now calling it, is only a story because the woman involved was Wayne Bridge’s former girlfriend/mother of his child, but I imagine there’s alot of swappage that goes on in workplaces and between friends. Whilst you’re reading this your girlf/wife/partner/significant other, is probably boffing your friend or colleague (naturally I’m only joking).

Let’s move on from that image and onto the transfer window closing. It would appear the most sought after player during the window was Crystal Palace’s Victor Moses. He was linked with, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City but in the end went to Wigan for £2.5m. I wonder if he is in anyway disappointed? At least they do better pies in Wigan than Barcelona and it’s little things like this, that life is about. Also on the move was Robbie Keane, who moved to his boyhood club, not Liverpool, his other boyhood club Celtic, on loan. When Robbie left Liverpool after 6 months the press slated Rafa Benitez, but not much has been said about friend of the media Harry Redknapp allowing him to move on after a year. I wonder why this could be, answers on a postcard.

And Finally… Mido (pictured) moved to West Ham on the last day of the window and is reportedly taking wages of  only £1000 a week (I wouldn’t get out of bed for that). His history makes me think by March, West Ham fans will think he’s being overpaid.

                                                                                Til Next time, Stay Safe!