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The First Post

January 26, 2010

This is the first post of this new blog about fooball called ‘The View from the Trevor’. If you don’t know anything about me all you need to know is I’m the kinda guy who starts a football blog mid-season.

I hope you Enjoy.


In a world of constant change it’s nice to know one thing we can rely on… Gary Neville being a cock.  I don’t actually think Gary Neville is employed at Man Utd as a player anymore but just to annoy opposition fans and players. Having said that I have to admit it was quite funny seeing one professional footballer giving another professional footballer the finger. (see pic at top of page)

Talking of Carlos Tevez, what is going on with that bum wiggle celebration. I don’t want to see a short, squat, Argentinian man wiggling his ass. Not that I have a type of man I want to see wiggling his ass.

As we are on a Man City theme, I know someone who has been a Man City fan for 30+ yrs, and let’s face it, in that period he’s not had loads to celebrate. So what did he do when his side were playing the first leg of  a semi-final against Man Utd (albeit in the Carling Cup)? He went to watch a Japanese film at the cinema. Maybe he’s the opposite of a glory hunter, or he’s some kind of masochist who can’t handle the idea of success.

So Sol Campbell is back at Arsenal, call me old fashioned but I can’t see this being the signing that wins Arsenal the title. I find Sol one of the oddest footballers around. This is a man who left Tottenham to join their fiercest rivals Arsenal on a free transfer and seemed genuinly shocked that Tottenham fans were properly peeved. He also walked out of a match at half-time whilst at Arsenal. He then left Arsenal on a free, to go abroard and then turned up at Portsmouth, which on my map is on the coast but definitely not abroard. Then he pitched up at Notts County and lasted one game. And now he’s suing a club about to go out of business. I wonder how his second spell at Arsenal will end???

Talking of people leaving a club after a short time, Paul Hart lasted only 5 games as QPR boss. He’s the 6th manager to leave the club since 2007. There would appear to be more job security in being the host of Have I Got News For You.

And Finally… David Gold and David Sullivan have taken over at West Ham, they’ve already stated that the club is £110m in debt. It makes me think why do successful businessmen buy football clubs. If I was a multi millionaire (and i’m not) I wouldn’t pump my money into a football club. The main problem from what I can see is the massive players wage bill. I think Portsmouth have the got the right idea, just don’t bother paying the players.

                                     Til the next instalment, stay safe!

Hello world!

January 22, 2010

Pic by Darren Reynolds

Hello and welcome to my blog about football called ‘theviewfromthetrevor’. If you’re looking to find out football fixtures or team news, you’re better off trying the BBC. If you are interested in football gossip, then try the many forums that are on the web. If  however you want to know what an unknown comedian thinks about football, then you’ve clicked on the right place.

Feel free to comment on the things you’ve read, aslong as your comments aren’t to abuse me.

Cheers Julian